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1/3/2022 – Do you want to sell more life insurance and annuities? Then “think like a doctor” and decide to make the change to a Trusted Advisor. Here is an article from an advisor who made the change to a Trusted Advisor! And now he focuses on serving his clients. So he can help them to plan for a secure financial future. Instead of just selling them his life insurance and annuity products.

Here Are His Thoughts About Being A Trusted Advisor!

I went to the eye doctor a while back for an exam, and to get my glasses adjusted. I am always astonished to see how many people are lined up to see him. And even more amazed at how many people buy new glasses or frames.

As I sat in the waiting room several thoughts came to mind. My first thought was about how nice it is now to have people seek me out for my financial planning advice. Several years ago I shifted from the typical life insurance agent to the Trusted Advisor approach. Now my office works just like a doctor’s office helping people to find the best remedies for their situations.

I also wondered if any of these people spending hundreds of dollars were upset about the doctor being paid by an insurance company. Every one of these people buying high-priced glasses and frames had either health insurance or a government-subsidized program that paid most or all the costs.

As my mind wandered down this path, I couldn’t help but think of how many agents and advisors are viewed as evil salespeople. When we do the exact same thing. We examine the overall financial well-being of the client. We diagnose their problems. Then we prescribe what we think will help them to accomplish their financial planning goals… by selling life insurance annuities and investments.

As A Trusted Advisor

Instead of charging the individual a fee for helping with their financial planning, we accept what the insurance company will pay us. We choose the company we decide to place the business with. Just like the doctor decides which insurance company he accepts to pay for his services.

Can someone please help me see what the difference is? I also noticed the same thing when I went to the dentist’s office, and when my primary care physician orders certain tests. The insurance company always makes sure they get paid for helping me.

Why is it considered so wrong for me to get paid by an insurance company for selling life insurance, annuities, and investment? But the doctor is viewed as the hero because I only had to pay him a co-pay. Heck, I don’t even charge a co-pay for an office visit!

I know. You fee-based planners, don’t get your panties all in a wad. Over the years there have been countless agents who have abused the system. They actually sell life insurance and annuities based on what has the best commission. Instead of what was best for the client.

Can’t we really blame the companies for this and not the agents? Haven’t companies encouraged this behavior by teaching agents how to sell their life insurance and annuity products, instead of how to best serve their clients?

Get The Training And Mentoring To Be A Trusted Advisor 

I encourage every licensed life insurance agent to visit the Insurance Pro Shop website and join the few Trusted Advisors who are turning our industry around. Become a Primary Care Trusted Advisor for your community, just like your family doctor is a primary care physician.

Learning from people like Lew and Jeremy Nason at the Insurance Pro Shop. Using professional marketing and sales tools can help you take your insurance career to a whole new level. Implementing these life insurance and annuity marketing and sales strategies and their services can help you earn more money than you could ever imagine selling life insurance and annuities.

We have to stop being bullied by the organizations that want all of us to have a certain professional designation to be considered “viable” in the industry. There are organizations that accept us for what we are and help us become who we want to be. The Insurance Pro Shop, for example.

Insurance Pro Shop doesn’t require a 4-year degree before you can earn your CTA designation. (Certified Trusted Advisor) They don’t cause you to focus on any one aspect of financial planning, like selling mutual funds. They actually help you be the best you can be in the particular area of serving clients. But, if you want to become a specialist, they have programs to help you do that too.

Folks, let’s stop feeling like the bad guys here. Let’s realize that we, as Trusted Advisors, have tools that are perfectly suited for the foundation of every person’s financial plan. Let’s be empowered to tell people what we actually do. And be proud of what we can help them accomplish.

It is time to start sharing with people what they can achieve when they work with a Trusted Advisor. Let’s start sharing how much better they will feel when they have access to and control over their money.

Let’s proudly be a… Trusted Advisor!

Use this as the turning point in your practice and be a Trusted Advisor. Become an IPS member and watch as your waiting room starts to fill up as people begin to seek you out for your financial advice for their plans. Watch how your practice expands. Because people now see you as a Trusted Advisor. Watch as you make more money serving your clients than you could ever have made just selling life insurance and annuities!

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