Simple Ideas For More Insurance Referrals! Learn To Help Families!

IPS Weekly Sales Success Tips - Simple Ideas For More Insurance Referrals! Learn To Help Families!

The 5 Best Simples Ideas For More Insurance Referrals… By Paul M Mallett

6/6/2022 – My favorite type of insurance prospect is a referral. No big surprise, right? But I’ve learned a few simple ideas about how to get more insurance referrals by helping families that you may not hear about anywhere else. Most sales trainers will tell you things like:

  • Just get over your hesitation and ask.
  • Make yourself referable with outstanding service.
  • Build the “ask” into your sales process when your client is at the greatest point of satisfaction.

These are all great ideas for more insurance referrals, and they do work! But those things alone don’t generate the number of insurance referrals I’m after. The truth is most people don’t provide me with insurance referrals just because I ask. They provide me with insurance referrals because a friend asked for one or shared a problem with them.

As loveable as I am, they don’t do it for me. They do it for their friend!

People Want To Help Their Friends 

So what does that mean? The people are most likely to give me an insurance referral…

  • Know someone in need of a specific service I provide.
  • Think highly enough of my service and expertise to refer me.
  • Remember me at the very moment the opportunity presents itself.
  • Find it really easy to refer me.

Simple Ideas For More Insurance Referrals

So knowing all of that, here are a few simple ideas you can use to get more of your own insurance referrals:

  1. Network (build a relationship) with those insurance clients or referral partners most likely to know people with the kinds of problems you help families to solve.
  2. Take every opportunity to teach your clients and referral partners specifically what you do, your services, and how you help families. And who is your ideal insurance prospect? How you are different from your competition.
  3. Deliver your special message of how you are helping families in everything you do. You need to keep your name in front of your insurance clients and referral partners, so they remember you when the opportunity knocks.
  4. Use insurance newsletters, information booklets, value-packed emails, and social media to make it easy for others to refer you by simply liking or forwarding your special message to their friends.
  5. Create a habit of providing referrals to others. Seriously. This is critical. Use your website and social media to promote your referral partners at least once per month. Make it automatic.

Use these five simple ideas in your referral plan and watch what happens!

The Bottom line is the more you help families, then the more they will refer their friends and family to you.

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