7 Steps to Improve Your Insurance Prospecting – By Paul M. Mallett

IPS Weekly Sales Success Tips - 7 Steps to Improve Your Insurance Prospecting

7/27/2022 – What steps have you taken to improve your insurance prospecting? How are you finding your insurance prospects? Are you buying leads, using direct mail, etc.? Are you missing out on the best and easiest way to improve your insurance prospecting… to find your best prospects

7 Steps to Improve Your Insurance Prospecting – By Paul M. Mallett

7 Steps to Improve Your Insurance Prospecting - By Paul M. Mallett

I’ve found that agents who struggle with prospecting often fall into one of two categories: Those who try too hard and those who don’t really try very hard at all.
When I first started selling insurance, I was in the first category. My wife cringed when we attended social gatherings because she knew I would pester everyone about my business. And she was right! I tried so hard that I drove people away. But I learned from that. I learned to tone down my approach. I learned to get a lot better at asking the right questions to get my prospects talking about themselves and their unique concerns.
Agents in the second category hesitate to talk to anyone because they are afraid they will drive people off… as I did. They don’t want to be that pushy salesperson everyone avoids like the plague. Consciously or subconsciously, they avoid talking about business altogether and leave thousands of dollars of business on the table for someone else to gobble up. And in many cases, they lose sales from their most qualified insurance prospects.

Here Are My Seven Steps – Tips To Improve Your Insurance Prospecting In Social Settings:

  1. Be aware of your personal air time. Use the 80/20 rule. Make your goal to speak only 20 percent of the time, and let your insurance prospect have the floor for the other 80 percent. If you’re like me, you will never actually stay below 20 percent. But you will do better at generating a dialog as opposed to a monologue.
  2. Ask great open-ended questions. Open-ended questions often start with what, how, and why. They also encourage your insurance prospect to tell their story rather than answer with a simple yes or no. Have you ever tried talking with someone that just gives one-word answers? It’s torture!
  3. Be yourself. Keep things conversational. Relax and speak like you are talking with an old friend, even if that’s not the case. As soon as it begins feeling like an interview to them, it’s over.
  4. Let them provide the wind. Treat your conversation a little like a sailboat. You guide the conversation with your “rudder” questions, and let your insurance prospect provide the “wind” to keep the boat moving forward with their responses.
  5. Know when to let it go. Almost everyone is a potential prospect, but not everyone is a good insurance prospect. Know your qualification criteria, and when it becomes obvious the person doesn’t meet your criteria, gently transition to another topic. There’s nothing worse for your long-term success than the stench of desperation.
  6. Find a coach. There’s no better way to fast-track your success than to learn from someone who has already been there. Whether you opt for a paid coach or an unpaid mentor, just be sure they know what they’re talking about. Choose someone that has had real success in your specific niche. (I learned from Dennis Postema, who learned from the very best… Lew Nason)
  7. Practice. Role-playing is a really good way to perfect your steps to improve your insurance prospect… if you have someone to work with. Personally, I prefer to just dive in and practice under live fire. It doesn’t take long to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it’s real.

We are all looking for great insurance prospects. The irony is your best insurance prospects are all around us. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and then take action. Your best step to improve your insurance prospecting is your first step.

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Summary Of Steps To Improve Your Insurance Prospecting

As Paul Mallet says your best insurance prospects are all around you. They are the people you see all the time. If you want to improve your insurance prospecting, then the first step is to learn how to ask questions to the people you know and meet.

Learn to ask questions to get your insurance prospects to talk about their problems and concerns. Listen to them and ask more questions. Eventually, ask if they would like help!

The interesting part is these people will be much better insurance prospects. You will end up with more and larger insurance sales. And you will get a lot more referrals (insurance prospects) because you are helping people…  instead of selling people!

And as Paul Mallet will tell you… When you take these steps to improve your insurance prospecting you can eventually stop buying leads, using direct mail, etc.!

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