6 Tips For Building Relationships With Your Clients – To Increase Your Insurance Sales and Success!

Weekly Marketing and Sales Tips - 6 Tips For Building Relationships With Your Clients - To Increase Your Insurance Sales and Success!

9/26/2022 – If you think about it you are in the client relationship-building business. The stronger the relationships you build with the people around you – will help you to increase your insurance sales – to have a lot more success. Building strong professional and personal relationships with your clients is now the norm. For many, this may be a time-consuming process, but its benefits are easy to see.

How To Build Relationships With Your Clients!

To help you increase your insurance sales, and to have more success we’ve compiled a list of 6 tips that will help you build strong relationships with your clients.

1. Start a Conversation With Your Clients!

When selling insurance, our first instinct is to talk about the product. According to trust-based selling expert Ari Galper, the wrong approach to starting a sales call is a mini-presentation of your company and what it has to offer.

Instead, begin your talk with a conversation around something social and then learn about the problem(s) your client is facing. This way you’ll build rapport and a relationship with your client first. And it’ll be about them, not you. They’ll really appreciate it. Eventually, you can step in with a solution: your product, but not at the start. You aren’t selling anything; you’re helping them to solve their problem.

Talking with current clients about why they bought your product will help you understand what makes your product useful. Using this information, finding new clients to increase your insurance sales becomes far easier. And so does your success in insurance sales!

2. Routinely Reach Out To Your Clients!

Reaching out to your clients routinely has become more important than ever in the time of social distancing. By staying in contact and asking the right questions, you’ll build stronger client relationships and increase your insurance sales.

Marketing expert Elizabeth Harr recommends pinpointing your best, most valuable clients, and focusing your efforts. Show interest in their family or business and express your willingness to help them. Make sure you’re not always selling your product and that you reach out on a regular basis.

Keep track of all your client relationships. Maintain consistent contact with clients. By making sure you don’t lose touch. you can build and maintain a strong client relationship after each sale. And increase your success in insurance sales.

3. Build Trust and Confidence With Your Clients!

Trust is the cornerstone of any sales transaction; your clients have to trust you, your company, and your product. Knowing this, where should you start and how can you build trust and strong relationships with your clients and increase insurance sales?

Samantha Harrington, a writer, and journalist highlight two key ways to build trust and a relationship with new and existing clients. The first and easiest way is to connect with your clients via mutual connections. We are far more likely to try a product or service our trusted friend or acquaintance recommends and has done business with. Introduce your prospects to your clients too.

For those lacking connections, showing that you are an expert in your business is another great way to establish trust. Guiding your client reliably to a viable solution and away from costly mistakes will demonstrate your expertise and that you have their best interests in mind.

4. Personalize Your Client’s Relationship!

Building trust and having conversations with your clients are great ways to grow your relationships, as mentioned above. But going beyond that by building a personal client relationship is priceless for forging long-term connections.

Marketing strategist Alp Mimaroglu highlights Paul Teshima’s personalization hierarchy: shared interests, current employment, and work history. Connecting with your client on these three levels will add a personal touch to building your professional relationships. By building strong personal relationships with your clients, they’ll be more likely to work with you again and even recommend you to their peers. Which is one of the best ways to increase your insurance sales.

5. Prioritize The Client’s Issues!

Finding new clients is a big key to you increasing your insurance sales. But maintaining a loyal client base is the key to long-term success in insurance sales.

Andy Bailey, an author, and business coach recommends reaching out to clients to let them know you are here to help. If any issues arise, they should come before any other concerns. Most importantly, never sell additional products or services when dealing with these issues.

By addressing issues swiftly and effectively, you are building the client’s trust and confidence in you. Building strong client relationships from the beginning and maintaining the best service can turn them into long-term loyal clients. And guarantee your success in insurance sales.

6. Make it About Your Clients!

Throughout your relationship with a client, you should be learning about them and understanding what they need and want. Neil Wainwright recommends using this knowledge to do things that help them succeed.

This doesn’t have to be limited to selling your product to solve their problems. Instead, introducing them to people in your network can open up plenty of opportunities for them and shows that you’re putting their needs above yours.

Now, more than ever before, building relationships with clients has become a central part of sales. With inflation and the recession having huge effects on our professional and personal lives, retaining clients has become key for continued success in insurance sales. Using these 6 tips, you can build a strong network of client relationships and increase your insurance sales success in the process.

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. It Is Up To You To Build Client Relationships To Increase Your Insurance Sales Success!

Why you need to be better at asking insurance sales questions and fact-finding to help your clients!

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