Insurance Sales Success Tip – List Your Wants!

IPS Coaches Corner... Insurance Sales Success Tip - List Your Wants!

11/4/2022… Not everything you do to have success in insurance sales has to be difficult. Here is a simple message and insurance sales success tip from Don Pooley, CLU, CFP, CHFC, “The Advisor’s Advisor”! And then we follow it with insurance sales success tip from the legendary Earl Nightingale!

Insurance Sales Success Tip – List Your Wants!

If you’re like me, you make lists fairly often. You probably have a to-do list, and another list of what you must buy at the grocery store, the drug store, and so on.

But, do you have a list of what you want?

Think about it. Lists are effective tools for helping you to remember things you intend to do or buy. If they work well there, why not use them for stuff you want as well?

For example, we all want closing interviews, so put that on your list, but make it as specific as you would for an item you have on your shopping list. Specify the number and kind of closing interviews you want, and when you want them.

“I want ten successful closing interviews in the next month” is a specific want.

Will it work? I don’t know if it will work for you, but if I write down a specific ‘want’ it usually comes to pass.

Why does it work? Probably because it focuses my thinking on what I really want instead of trivia. And, like a to-do list, whenever I forget what it is, I just read my list.

And, the beauty of this insurance sales success tip is that it costs nothing!

Don Pooley, CLU, CFP, CHFC, “The Advisor’s Advisor”, is the editor and publisher of TIP, and provides other websites with insurance sales success tips to help financial advisors.

Insurance Sales Success Tip… Uncover Your Primary Goal!

If you are like so many millions who don’t know what it is you want sufficiently to name as your primary goal, I recommend you make out a want list. Take a notepad, go off by yourself, and write down the things you’d really like to have or do very much. One might be a beautiful new home or a trip around the world, or a visit to some special country or place. It might be a yearning for a sailboat or motor yacht, or if you’re an avid fisherman, you might want to go salmon fishing in Alaska or trout fishing in New Zealand.

It might be a business of your own or a particular position with your company. Or, it might be a certain income that will permit you to live the way you’d like to live. Or, a certain amount of money in good investments or in a savings account. How about a special make of car? Or an addition to your present home? Just write down everything you can think of that you would really like to see come about in your life. Then when you’ve exhausted your wants, go over the list again and number the items in the order of their importance, and make number one your present goal.

Success Is The Progressive Realization of a Worthy Goal! Earl Nightingale

To understand the subject and the importance of goal setting, we have to realize that it’s the very basis of any success in life and insurance sales. It is in fact the definition of success. The best definition of success I’ve ever found goes like this, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. Or in some cases the pursuit of a worthy ideal. If you’ll give these definitions some thought, I think you’ll agree with me, success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. It’s a beautiful definition of success. It means that anyone who’s on a course toward the fulfillment of a goal is successful.

Inspirational Quotes And Insurance Sales Success Tips From Earl Nightingale:

“Any person with a dream in his mind and heart which he has established as a worthy goal is successful.”  Earl Nightingale

“Unless you can say in one concise, well-defined sentence what your goal happens to be, the chances are good that you have never really clearly defined your goal.”  Earl Nightingale

“The captain of a ship cannot see his destination for fully 99% of his journey. But he knows what it is, where it is, and that he’ll reach it if he keeps doing certain things a certain way every day.”  Earl Nightingale

“Progressing successfully through a lifetime should be a matter of progressively setting and achieving goals, one after another, each a little better than the former.”  Earl Nightingale

“In 99 times out of 100, our goal can be accomplished in the work in which we are now engaged.”  Earl Nightingale

“Once we know where we’re going, we know why we get out of bed in the morning. We know why we’re working and why it’s important to do the very best work of which we’re capable.”  Earl Nightingale

Insurance Sales Success Tip 

Our question to you is “Have you decided what you want out of your insurance sales career”? Success is different for everyone. So what is it that will make YOU feel that you are a success in insurance sales?

A vague description of your success… “find a job that pays me well and leaves me satisfied” is going to be hard to achieve. But defining exactly what you want will give you a clear picture to follow… “open a business, make $100,000 profit a year for me, get married, have a family of four, and vacation in Florida two weeks a year in the winter.”

The more specific you can be, the easier it will be to find the path to your success in life and in insurance sales. That doesn’t mean following the success path will be easy. But knowing the roads you want to follow will make it simpler.

The first step to your success in insurance sales is to decide what you want! And then put it in writing! So you can look at it every day!

Once you decide what success is for you, then you have to decide what you are willing to do to be successful! Success in life and in insurance sales won’t just happen!

When will decide to get the training, support, and tips you need to make your dreams and your success in insurance sales come true?

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