Announcing… A New Insurance Marketing Training Course That Makes Your Prospecting A Lot Easier And Profitable!

Announcing… A New Insurance Marketing Training Course That Makes Your Prospecting A Lot Easier And Profitable!

Announcing... A New Insurance Marketing Training Course That Makes Your Prospecting A Lot Easier.

5/22/2023… Do you want to make your insurance prospecting a lot easier? Then learn how to… Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond!  There is a simple truth to your success in insurance sales. The more people know about you and how you help people. The easier it will be to find your best insurance prospects, set your best appointments, and close sales. Do you want to make your insurance prospecting easier and less expensive? Then you will want to study our new insurance marketing training course!

How much easier and cost-efficient is it for you to get known in your local community… Versus trying to get known in an entire city, county, or state. Consider, the legendary Ben Feldman, who did ALL of his insurance marketing, prospecting, and sales in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio (Population 15,000). Ben’s Insider’s Secret Insurance Marketing And Prospecting Tips were that everyone knew about him and how he helped his clients! He was recognized as the respected and Trusted Advisor in his community!

Your primary goal, if you want to make your insurance prospecting much easier… Is to get known as the most respected and Trusted Advisor in your local community. That is why we created our new insurance marketing training course for our IPS members.

Here Is An Outline Of What’s In Our New Insurance Marketing Training Course

When will you get the best insurance marketing training course to get known in your local community? When will make your insurance prospecting easier and more cost-efficient?


Discover the strategies and tactics to effectively position yourself and your company as unique in a crowded insurance market. Gain insights into building a strong personal brand. So you will make it easy for the right people to connect with you and understand your work. Explore essential insurance marketing basics and proven prospecting strategies to make your sales career more manageable and lucrative. With these insurance marketing and prospecting techniques, you will ensure your long-term success in the industry

Our New Insurance Marketing Training Course… Overview And Philosophy

In order for you to succeed short-term, and then keep your business going long-term… You need to have a strong foundation to build your business! Having a strong insurance marketing foundation from the beginning will make building your business easier and quicker!  Remember, there is a reason why 90% of the people who enter this business struggle and fail.

Where Do I Start? The reason most agents are struggling and failing today is that most of the lead generation techniques being offered today are based on a quick-fix mentality.  They offer only temporary, short-term solutions.  Long-term, lasting results only happen when you get ‘Back to the Basics’! You also need the ‘insider Secrets’ the leading producers use to consistently attract the ‘RIGHT’ high-quality insurance prospects to you.

Finding Your Insurance Prospecting Magic Genie – Important Information for Experienced and New Advisors!

Our New Insurance Marketing Training Course… Insurance Marketing 101 –“Give Yourself A Competitive Advantage”

In case you haven’t noticed, there are literally hundreds of people in your immediate area that are offering the same products and services you offer.

Step 1 Learn How To Win The Game First and most important, Insurance Marketing and Prospecting are not the same things.  They are two distinct functions.  Get It!

Step 2 10 Commandments Of Power Positioning Magical Insurance Marketing Strategies for Creating an Endless Stream of New, Repeat, and Referral Business… By Michel Fortin, Ph.D

Step 3 ‘Six Little Secrets’ to ‘Unlimited’ Lead Generation Success These ‘Six Little Secrets’ are about how to position yourself as the ‘Financial Specialist’! The ‘Ultimate Expert’ for the people in your local community. It’s learning how to keep your name in front of these people… So that ‘year in and year out’ you will have a steady stream of the RIGHT ‘High Quality’, Qualified Insurance Prospects contacting you.

Step 4 How to Attract And Sell Your Perfect Insurance Prospects What the Leading Producers know, that you don’t, is most people today are looking for real help with their finances! People want to believe and know they can take back control of their money. They want to know they can have a secure financial future. And, the best producers know that people will buy based on their set of beliefs, their energy, and their enthusiasm.

Step 5 Advisor’s Guide To REAL Financial Planning” Helping average people to learn how to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence.”

Step 6 Unique Selling Proposition Competition, Oh, dear! Unfortunately, this aggravating obstacle keeps getting in the way of our first million. Or perhaps, in your case your second. But, with so many people selling almost identical products, it’s often difficult to tell the difference.

Step 7 Stop Missing The Easy Sales Have you ever called a friend, neighbor, or client and have them tell you; “I just bought a $100,000 annuity” or “I just bought a $1,000,000 life policy” from the agency down the street? “I didn’t know you …”

Step 8 Get People to Call You The Easy Way While we might agree, that almost everyone needs our products and services. We should recognize, that not everyone wants or can afford them. How much more effective would your insurance prospecting be… If we only contacted the people who actually needed, wanted, and could afford what we’re offering… our best insurance prospects?

Step 9 Put Yourself In Front Of Your Ideal Insurance Prospects For A Fraction Of The Cost Making more money in your insurance business doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be frustrating. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, either. And it won’t, once you’ve discovered the magic of using a marketing system to get high-quality, qualified insurance prospects to call you.

Step 10 Your Insurance Business Plan Just Like every other business out there, you will not get far without a written plan.  However, we have good news, we did most of the work for you! Follow this guide to complete yours.

Step 11 Your Insurance Marketing Plan Now that you have your business plan complete.  You are ready to start your insurance marketing plan.  Follow this step-by-step Marketing Plan to ensure your insurance prospecting success!

Insurance Marketing & Sales Resource Center - Free Live Insurance Agent Training

How To Make Your Insurance Prospecting Easier And Less Expensive!

When will you decide to get the best insurance marketing training course? Do you want to make your insurance prospecting easier and less expensive?

Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center™
Only $29.95 per month for the life of your membership – immediate access! 

Are you a seasoned advisor, a new agent, Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center™ Only $29.95 per month for the life of your membership - immediate access!  Life Insurance Marketing and Sales Systems, Tools, And Training For Agents and Advisors To Help Families!or a P&C agent? Then you need to learn these critical and fundamental insurance marketing and prospecting, and sales strategies right now! They are not an option if you want to be a Trusted Advisor and be ultra-successful in insurance sales. It is how you will get your message out about how you help middle-income families to have a secure future! This will make it much easier for you to find and then attract your best insurance prospect! So, you will set your best Insurance appointments! And then you will close more and larger sales! This is just the start of the life insurance marketing strategies, sales programs, training, courses, and tools you will also get… When you become an elite member of our IPS private life insurance marketing and sales training website.

INCLUDES 4 Live Hour Coaching Webinars each month – Live Group Coaching – Case Design Classes – with Insurance Marketing and Prospecting Strategies and Training courses!

INCLUDES… Immediate access to all of our Past Insurance Coaching Webinars and Agent Success Training Programs! Finally, you will learn how to attract your best insurance sales leads and set your best sales appointments. And then how you can help middle-income families. So that you will close more and larger insurance sales right now and be their Trusted Advisor

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30-Day ‘Risk-Free’ Trial, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Do you want an easy way to check out our insurance agent marketing training course and sales training programs to help families?

When Will Invest In The Best Insurance Marketing And Sales Training And Courses You Need To Make Prospecting Much Easier?

Neal Merems – CA (34 years in the business)“After just reading the first page of Insurance Pro Shop Marketing 101. I learned that I need a new business card, a new tagline, and a new phone line. That’s just from page 1. Then I asked Jeremy about Final Expense and he said stay away from it. He gave me the reasons why. He also told me never to buy leads. I learned more from him in 3 short 2-minute questions that I learned in the last six years. He has a very calming personality and helps you in any way he can.

I am blessed to have come upon Insurance Pro Shop. Jeremy is a delight and never gets irritated in the slightest and always calls you back. I am very fortunate to have met him at this junction in my life and career. Thank you for giving me the direction and patience I need now.” Neal Merems – CA (34 years in the business)

Melanie Roger - Ontario Canada (3 years in the business)“I’m so excited and have been gaining a lot of value already in our business through your membership site my husband has joined. We have been searching for over 3 years now for the right stuff to help us grow, it is clear you offer what we have been looking for. Thank you so much. We are also looking forward to the coaching!” Melanie Roger – Ontario, Canada (3 years in the business)

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When Will You Get The Best Insurance Marketing And Sales Training And Courses You Need To Make Prospecting Much Easier?

To Agents Who Want To Get Off To A Fast Selling Insurance — But Don’t Know How To Get Started!

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