How To Fill Your Annuity Sales Seminars With Your Best Annuity Prospects!

Fill Your Annuity Seminars With Your Best Annuity Sales Prospects!

Dear Friends, We get calls every week from agents and advisors who tell us that attendance to their annuity sales seminars has dipped sharply! So, they have tried working with other marketing groups; used different direct mail houses; changed their invitations, and tried using postcards! But nothing seems to be working to attract more annuity seminar prospects. So, now they want to know if the people who are using our Annuity seminar sales systems… are having the same problems… Filling Their Sales Seminars With The Best Annuity Prospects!

The answer we give them is… “The people we work with are still getting extraordinary results with annuity sales seminars!”

So, what are the agents and advisors we work with doing that are different from everyone else to attract annuity seminar prospects?

It might surprise you to know that they are not doing anything different. They have just learned a few little ‘insider secrets’ that make them just a little bit better and much more successful in attracting prospects with their annuity sales seminars!

10 Reasons Why You Struggle With Attracting Annuity Seminar Prospects!

While we are not about to give you all of our annuity seminar prospecting strategies for free… with all of our little secrets! So that you can fill your sales seminars with your best annuity prospects. We will however give you ten of the main reasons why you have trouble getting more prospects to your annuity seminars and setting sales appointments!

  • First Reason… Most advisors are looking for quick results!
    Most advisors are unwilling to put in the extra effort they need… to establish a complete annuity marketing plan! So they will generate long-term, consistent annuity sales results. As a result, the only way they are getting prospects to attend their annuity sales seminars is by running newspaper ads; sending out postcards, or sending ‘wedding style’ invitations. Which is the most expensive way for you to get annuity seminar prospects. It’s one-dimensional… because you never know who’s going to show up. So you do not know whether you will attract your best annuity seminar prospects! And you also do not know if someone else is using the same mailing list! And if they are inviting these same people (prospects) to their annuity sales seminar?
  • Second Reason… Most advisors have not identified who the best sales prospects are for their annuity products and services!
    Who do YOU have the best chance of selling? As an example: Are your products, services, and personal skills better suited for retirees with CDs… Or for retirees who have their money invested in the market? Whom do YOU work best with?
  • Third Reason… Most advisors are trying to attract annuity prospects to their seminars… By promoting the latest hot new annuity sales idea!
    So in all of their correspondence and at their annuity sales seminars, they are talking about Roth IRA Conversions, Transferring Wealth, Annuity Owner Mistakes, Safe Money Concepts, Advanced Tax Planning, Understanding Living Trusts, A Guide to Asset Allocation, Advance Care Planning, Asset Protection For Seniors, Strategies For Preserving Wealth, and Financial Strategies For Uncertain Times. If you want to attract a lot more of your best annuity prospects to your sales seminar, then you must help people see, understand, and solve an immediate problem THEY have… Like Outliving Their Money! Providing a lifetime income you can’t outlive!  And, then you must consistently deliver that special sales message to all of your best annuity seminar prospects!
  • Fourth Reason… Most of these annuity seminar prospects have never heard of the agent or advisor!
    Most advisors are doing very little if anything, so they become the most recognized, trusted, and sought-after financial experts… in their local community. With all the bad publicity about annuity sales seminars, do most prospects trust and want to work with a stranger?
  • Fifth Reason… Most advisors don’t know how to separate themselves from the competition!
    Aren’t you in direct competition with the banks, accountants, attorneys, and brokerage houses? If you want to attract more of the right prospects to your annuity sales seminar, then you must find a way to stand out from all of your competition! Why should a prospect attend your annuity sales seminar, versus the one your competition is offering? What is in it for them?
  • Sixth Reason… Most advisors are promoting and selling a specific hot, new product during their annuity sales seminars!
    You need to stop selling products for the highest commission possible… And instead, think about what would be in the best interest of your prospect. In an era of recession/depression, retirees want guarantees. Retirees don’t care about your products! Retirees want to know you understand their problems… And you can provide them with real help with their finances.
  • Seventh Reason… Most advisors have not earned the right to receive referrals!
    If all you are doing is pushing annuities and providing the latest hot new products, then aren’t you the same as everyone else in their eyes? So, why should these people refer anyone to you? Our Referral System!
  • Eighth Reason… Most advisors are not conducting client annual reviews!
    If once you make a sale, and your client never hears from you again… Then why should they buy more from you… Or refer people to you?
  • Ninth Reason… Most advisors are not staying in touch with their friends, family, prospects, referrals, and existing annuity clients!
    People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you’re ready to sell!  So, if you are not constantly in front of them, and inviting them to your annuity sales seminars, then they’ll end up buying from your competition who is!
  • Tenth Reason… Most advisors don’t know how to establish a true Joint Venture Relationship!
    They may be able to set up a passive system that gets other professionals and businesses to refer a few people to them… If those professionals happen to think about them… Or if the client asks for a referral! However, they don’t know how to set up an active system that gets those professionals… To invite all of their best clients to your annuity sales seminars.

Annuity Sales Seminars are still one of the best ways to find and attract your best prospects! So that you can set lots of annuity sales appointments! And so you can collect ONE Million or more of Annuity Premiums every month! But only if you will learn and then apply these 10 secrets!

One of the main reasons why agents and advisors are so successful when they use our annuity sales seminar, prospecting systems, and programs... is that you get 90 days of personal insurance training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support. We show you how to help your clients. When will you get the mentoring and the sales support you need to attract your best annuity seminar prospects? So you successfully sell annuities?

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Stop following what everyone else is doing with annuity sales seminars that are not working. You don’t need to spend $5,000 or more mailing annuity seminar sales invitations to prospects. You don’t need to spend $2,000 or more on dinners to attract annuity seminar prospects! Do you want the best annuity seminar and workshop system, presentation, tools, and sales training? So you learn how you can attract the best annuity prospects to fill your sales seminars… And then the training so you can set annuity sales appointments with 80%-90% of your prospects… right at the seminar(No $5,000 to send annuity seminar sales invitations to prospects – And No $2,000 for dinners!) When will you get training and coaching from people who have done it themselves? People who have been training and coaching agents and advisors for over 40 years to attract their best prospects for annuity sales seminars.

Annuity Sales Excellence - Fill Your Annuity Seminars With Your Best Annuity Sales Prospects!Our Annuity Marketing System, Seminar, and Sales Training System, with a 90-day Personal Training, Coaching, and Sales Support Program – Features all we have learned, tested, and refined over the past 40 years working with the Top Agents and Annuity Sales Legends in our industry. So, you will quickly have a lot more success selling annuities, to double and triple your sales in just a few weeks from now!

And it is because you will learn the best ways for you to deliver your special marketing message about how you help retirees maximize their spendable income. While you help them to have a safe, guaranteed income they cannot outlive. With our personal annuity sales training program, you will learn how to help retirees find the money, so they can afford to get the long-term care and life insurance they need and want. So now it will be a lot easier for you to find and attract your best annuity prospects to your sales seminars. And you can do it using your current companies! (we are not recruiters)

There are a lot more and better ways for you to help retirees with annuities, than what is taught out there right now. The truth is that the way most agents are taught to use annuities can make too much of the retiree’s income taxable! It may also put a lot of the retiree’s money and income at risk! One Quick example; If you put $100,000 to $500,000 into one annuity, it may not all be protected by the State Guaranty Association. Another example is that agents are not taught how to use the income tax advantages (exclusion ratio) of annuity split funding to provide retirees with more spendable income with their non-qualified money… while reducing or eliminating the tax on their social security. When will you learn the best and right way to sell annuities to really help retirees?

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"Peter“Following the advice of your competitors, for my first (annuity) seminar I spent $16,000 and made $22,000. Then for second seminar I spent $6,000 and made $1300. Then a few weeks ago I found you. For my third seminar I spent $2800, and so far I’ve made $55,000. (in commissions) I’ll give you credit for 90% of the success I’ve had with this seminar. I just followed the advice in your Annuity Sales Excellence system, for my seminar, the initial interview and closing appointment. And I’m making serious money. In just one month I’ve made over half of what I made in previous years! So, I’m certainly glad I found you. Thanks,” Peter Orange – WA (10 years in business)

David Hodgkins Highly Recommends Fill Your Seminars... With Your Best Annuity Seminar <p style=“…my (annuity seminar appointments) results exploded to 90% for the next and 75% for the 3rd seminar!”
“Over the last two weeks I have been holding seminars. Appointment results from the first in my series were lower than normal in the past… at just 25%. (I normally will get 40% to 60%) After speaking with you and then implementing some of your tips. My results exploded to 90% for the next. Then 75% for the 3rd seminar! I am amazed that using the same annuity seminar presentation. And then only asking a few simple questions could transform my appointment request ratio so much. I can’t wait to get out and try these strategies on the appointments. Thanks for your help!” David Hodgkins – NH (MetLife)

Rick Wallace Highly Recommends Our Life Insurance and Annuity Agent Training Programs, Our Sales Skills and Advanced Fact-finding Training and Our specialized Insurance Marketing and Sales Systems“I have sold more life insurance in one month than I use to sell in one year and the annuity sales have been unbelievable.”
“I am having my best month ever with annuity seminars, appointments, and closes. And, I am sure that a lot of it has to do with the coaching sessions. Plus becoming more aware of my own actions during the seminar presentation and the opening appointments. I have sold more life insurance in one month than I use to sell in one year. Plus, the annuity sales have been unbelievable. Not only a higher percentage of closes but much larger sales.”  Rick Wallace – ND  (19 years in business)

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It Is Up To You To Learn How To Fill Your Sales Seminars With Your Best Annuity Prospects!

We Want To Help You Get The Life Insurance and Annuity Sales Training You Need To Take Your Financial Sales Career To The Top Of The Industry!

How To Fill Your Annuity Seminars With Your Best Annuity Sales Prospects!