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Use These Simple Annuity Sales Presentations… To Close More And Larger Annuity Sales… To Really Help Seniors!

Help Retirees To Have An Income They Can't Outlive!Dear Friends, Do you want to learn the best annuity sales presentations? So that you will close more and larger annuity sales? Then you need to help seniors to see, in simple terms how much better off they will be when they follow your advice. However, seniors are not looking for the greatest, hot new annuity products or investments. What seniors want to know is how you will help them to have a guaranteed income they can not outlive. They also want to know how they can have the income they need… with safety and guarantees!

The truth is… for most seniors, it is not about how much money they will have when they retire. It is about how much income they can take, without the risk of them outliving their money!

You will need a simple annuity sales presentation… that will help them understand the power of indexing compared to investing in the stock market.

Then you will need a simple annuity sales presentation… That will explain why the actual stock market return they will get after fees and expenses… is a lot less than the average return they were told!

You will also need a quick annuity sales presentation… That will show them how they will have a lot more money to spend with an immediate income annuity. Because of the tax savings!

These are just a few of the “5-minute annuity presentations” you will want to learn to close more and larger annuity sales. You need to keep it simple for people to understand. Because if they get confused, then you will hear those dreaded words… “Let me think about it!”

The final annuity sales presentation you need is to find a way for you to compare what they do now… to what you recommend they do! You want to show seniors in simple terms just how much better off they will be… when they decide to follow your advice! So you will close more and larger annuity sales starting today!

5 Questions with Ryan B and Ray K

Annuity Sales Presentations Summary

Closing sales with seniors is a lot more complicated than just selling them your hot new income annuity. And showing them an annuity illustration.

Do you really want to help seniors? Do you want to close more and larger annuity sales? Then you will need to review their whole situation. So that you can figure out the best ways for you to help them. What combination of fixed, index, and immediate annuities will give seniors the most spendable income… with safety and guarantees? While you make sure they will have an income they cannot outlive?

Are You Over-Complicating Your Annuity Sales Presentations?

What Every Advisor Ought To Know Right Now About Helping Seniors!
So You Close More And Larger Annuity Sales In The Next 30 Days Guaranteed!

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Annuity Sales Excellence - Use These Simple Annuity Sales Presentations To Close More And Larger Annuity Sales... To Really Help Seniors!

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First, we will show you how to find your best annuity leads so you set great appointments. Then we will show you how to help your clients identify and want to solve their problems. We will also show you how you can help seniors to find the money. So that they can take action right now!

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When Will You Learn How To Help Seniors? Learn The Best Annuity Presentations To Close More Sales!

Annuity Presentation Nuggets – Sales Skills Agent Training Videos

Annuity Sales Presentation Nuggets ...Sales Skills Video TrainingStarting today, you can learn four “Keep it Simple” 5 Minute Visual Annuity Sales Presentations that will answer your clients’ objections before they happen. But, the truly amazing part is these annuity sales presentations will help you bring your explanations down to your prospects’ level. So they will quickly understand… “What’s In It For Me!”

Now, do you want a sales presentation to help your prospects quickly see the value of using an annuity? So you can immediately improve your annuity sales closing ratios? Then you must have these 60-minute annuity and insurance marketing and sales training presentation videos of a live agent training and coaching session. It’s truly one of the best investments you’ll ever make to learn how to close more annuity sales!!! Immediate Download

So Now Learn The ‘Simple’ Annuity Sales Presentation To Quickly Explain:

  • The Annuity Split Funding Concept with Laddering…
  • Then Why Seniors Should Not Be In the Stock Market…
  • Next Is The Value Of Equity Indexing… (Indexed Annuities)
  • And Finally The Incredible Power of Tax Deferral… the Rule of 72 & 115!

Do you want to help seniors understand the value of your products, so you will close more annuity sales? Then you need this annuity sales presentation training.

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Persistence Asking Your Insurance Clients Enough Questions, To Set The Best Sales Appointments, To Close More Sales. Agent Success Selling Life Insurance

Are You Asking Your Clients Enough Insurance Sales Questions? Only $39.95
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One of the recurring topics we write about each week… and talk about every day is asking your insurance clients the right sales questions. And then ask your insurance clients enough sales questions! That is because asking your clients questions is one of, if not the biggest key to your success in insurance sales. Accordingly, agents have been asking us for a complete list of probing sales questions to use with their insurance clients! As a result, we have compiled a list of all of our favorite insurance sales questions. And we put them all into our limited edition e-book… Are You Asking Enough Insurance Sales Questions?  In this 24-page guide, you will find our goldmine of sales questions that you should be asking your insurance and annuity clients to set appointments and close sales.  More Details! Immediate Download…  Order Now!

A huge key to setting better appointments, closing sales, increasing your income, and being a success selling life insurance and annuities is and always will be getting the agent training to ask enough questions!

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Important Question… Are you in this life insurance business just to close sales? Or are you really interested in helping families? Who do you think your life insurance prospects want to set a sales appointment with? Do they want to meet with a life insurance salesperson – or a Trusted Advisor who is doing their best to help them? When will you decide to get the insurance agent sales training and coaching to make a real difference in people’s lives? The more you learn to help families the more you will learn to help yourself and your family! Nothing will change until you decide to take action to make it change!

It Is Up To You To Learn How To Help Seniors… Use The Best Annuity Presentations To Close More Sales!

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