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How To Generate Unique Life Insurance Leads With Your Website and Social Media!

05/26/2020… Dear Friends; Today, there is no reason for you to spend a lot of your money to buy leads… when you can generate the best life insurance leads yourself with your website and social media! And you can do it a lot cheaper! Plus, when you do it right, you will get a much higher-quality life insurance lead! And they will be unique life insurance leads just for you!

For example… Type “find a financial advisor” into a search engine. Most of the results you will get are lead generation companies that just collect the names and telephone numbers from people… So that they can sell their information to you as a unique life insurance sales lead!

Generate Unique Life Insurance Leads Using Your Website!

However, you can do the same thing and generate your unique life insurance leads using your website! You can create a website that you can get ranked highly for that search term… just by you providing valuable information to people. Then once visitors go to your site, some of them will reach out to you for more information. They could request your free booklet or report. Or they might call you for more information. Then you can follow up with a phone call.

And for those people that don’t want to meet with you right now, you can send them your monthly client newsletter. Then you can invite them to your educational workshop!

Your website will generate unique life insurance sales leads for you 24/7. It is the PERFECT EMPLOYEE. Because it never gets sick, it never gets tired, and it does whatever you tell it to do. When people visit your website for information, they will see you as a source of advice. Which is exactly what you want. And, if you give them good advice… and then you follow up… what is the chance that they will listen to you and want to meet with you? Using your website to generate your unique life insurance leads is A LOT cheaper and better than you buying leads.

You should generate your own unique life insurance leads using your website! Because now you can put all your contact information out there! So that people will see it and can contact you directly.

Plus, when you build your website as a unique life insurance lead marketing machine… then you will have a website that will generate insurance leads for the long term.

Generate Unique Life Insurance Leads Using Social Media!

Another way you can generate unique life insurance leads for yourself is to use social media (LinkedIn or Facebook). When you do it yourself with social media, then you will get better quality life insurance leads. Because you can see your prospect’s location, education, background, etc.!

Let’s say you want to work specifically with tradespeople. With social media (LinkedIn and Facebook), you can see whether or not someone is a plumber, electrician, etc.!

However, when you buy leads, you are playing the lottery. You don’t know who you are talking to! Or, if they are truly interested in your services. And when you buy leads, they have no idea who you are when you contact them.

Isn’t it better to spend your valuable time and money… to build your business in a way that is sustainable and repeatable!

You can do everything that life insurance lead generation companies will do. So, you can cut out the middleman! And you will have the marketing machine that will work just for you… to generate unique life insurance leads… that are much more cost-effective and of higher quality!

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