How To Get Started Selling Life Insurance? Best Life Insurance Marketing & Sales Training & Support For New Agents!

IPS Success Tips... How Do I Get Started Selling Life Insurance After I Get My License? Best Life Insurance Marketing & Sales Training & Support For New Agents!

The big question after you get your life insurance license is… How do I get started selling life insurance? Selling life insurance is one of the most lucrative and stable careers. Not only is the demand for life insurance agents high…  But the average life insurance agent generally makes enough money to provide nicely for themself and their families. How much you will make as an agent selling life insurance will depend on several different factors. But making the right choices for your specific situation could lead to you making over a six-figure income. What marketing and sales training do new agents need to succeed in selling life insurance? Who has the best marketing and sales training for a new agent just starting to sell life insurance? Who provides the best coaching and ongoing support for new agents just starting to sell life insurance?

Decide What Company You Want To Work With…

The hard part is finding the people who will spend the time to train a new agent on how to succeed in selling life insurance! There are a lot of insurance companies, Insurance Marketing Companies, (IMOs), and Field Marketing Organizations, (FMOs) that will want to recruit you to sell their life insurance and annuity products. Some of them are captive life insurance companies that will only let you sell products from their company. They generally offer a little more life insurance marketing and sales training, benefits, etc. for new agents. Others are independent and will let you contract with any company you want. Who you go with is up to you.

Selling life insurance is a great sales career for people who are just starting their working lives. And Selling life insurance is also a great 2nd or 3rd sales career for people who want to find something better. Then with the right life insurance marketing and sales training, coaching, and support… A new agent can make a lot of money selling life insurance.

There Is A Big Problem…

However, no matter who you decide to go with there is a 90% failure rate in the first four years for new agents who get started selling life insurance.

Then according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a life insurance agent makes an average of $50,600 per year as of 2018. The income can vary drastically, with the lowest 10% of agents earning less than $27,500, and the highest 10% earning more than $125,610.

Also, contrary to what they will tell you… the vast majority of insurance companies, IMOs, and FMOs will NOT spend a lot of their time and money to train, coach, and support new agents on life insurance marketing and sales! Because their main focus is to recruit as many new life insurance agents as they can and then train them on their life insurance products. It is not their job to make you a superstar in selling life insurance. Their job is to provide you with the best products. And then teach you how they work.

So do you want to succeed with selling life insurance to make the big money? Then it is up to get the right life insurance marketing and sales training, with real coaching and sales support new agents need right from the start to succeed in selling life insurance.

How To Get Started Selling Life Insurance and Succeed!

Do you really want to succeed in selling life insurance? Then it is up to you to get the best new agent life insurance marketing, sales knowledge, skills, tools, sales training, and coaching! Plus, learn all of the tips and insider secrets from the life insurance Legends in our industry.

Let me tell you a quick story, my family and I have been training and coaching new life insurance agents and advisors to help families find the money to take action for over 38 years. For example, as a branch manager for Met Life, from 1989 to 1994, Lew hired 23 new agents to sell life insurance. Then over 10 years later, 18 of those agents were still selling life insurance… which is a proven 80% Success Rate… versus the typical 90% failure rate. And all 18 of them were earning well over $100,000 per year. That is more than double what the average insurance agent earns selling life insurance!

In addition, those life insurance agents work 40 hours or less per week and they sell all their life insurance within 5-10 miles of their home or office.

How We Will Help You To Start And Succeed Selling Life Insurance?

With our New Agents Fast Start Program, you can finally do the same! When you learn how to help families to find the money to buy cash-value life insurance!

We have also created the Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center. Because there was no one place a new agent could go to get ALL of the life insurance marketing and sales knowledge, training, and insider secrets from the real Legends in our industry. So you can get off to a quick start and succeed selling life insurance and annuities!

Since 2000, we have helped thousands of life insurance agents to go from earning $30,000-$50,000 per year… so, that they now earn $150,000-$350,000 per year selling life insurance!

Whether you are just getting started selling life insurance… or you just want to learn more about how to grow your life insurance sales… we have everything you need!

The Fastest And Best Way To Get Started Selling Life Insurance!

With our New Agents Fast Start Program, you will get off to a fast start selling cash-value life insurance… Because will you learn how to help families to find the money to protect their family and pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early? As a result, you will sell dramatically larger sales and close everyone you meet with!

“Jeremy has truly made my 1st year in the insurance world more exciting and helped me to start my career great out the gate. I was super lucky to find a group that helps me not only understand the business but to cultivates it in a way that is both enjoyable and fun. I feel the knowledge he has passed on to me is great for newbies and veterans. And, I haven’t found any aspect of their mentorship that isn’t spot on. Great guidance, always calls me back, always listens, and makes recommendations that help my clients, which helps me to be a better agent. Thank you so much, Jeremy.” Fred Ruggles, Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation – LA (1 year in the business)

“Jeremy, thank you for increasing my income and helping me to protect the families in my local market. I had been working with company X, because of a friend. The commission was at 50%, leads were expensive, and 9 other reps had already been to their house. Imagine that! Fortunately, I found the IPS Website when looking for a Lead source. Lew Nason, friendly and wise, solved my case in 5 minutes. I purchased the Mortgage Tool Kit and followed Jeremy’s coaching. Picked up 3 potential leads and made presentations, one had the means and cared about the family. Here’s the money… It happened to be a difficult case with several accounts all over the map, so I sent the Confidential Needs Analyst to Jeremy. He worked hard on it and put together 2 scenarios, using an easy to read and follow 2 page presentation. 

It is so helpful to do business like that, very simple. There was $68,000 to be placed in 3 annuities, and 6k to start an annual IUL… $11,200 in total commissions. Jeremy took the time and walked me through the program. Thank you for all your coaching, advice and support.” Scott Nelson – CA (1 year in the business)

“I am new to the financial services industry and after a very intense search decided to go independent only to find myself confused, disappointed, and with seemingly nowhere to turn. Then I discovered the Insurance Pro Shop and things have been different ever since. Lew teaches the “slow but sure” approach to victory in this business by applying the golden principles of wisdom that have accompanied great achievers over the years. These principles can be summed up in two words: Love and Humility. Lew teaches these principles both in word and deed. Lew has a vast knowledge of insurance and financial services, has the know how to apply that knowledge with the art of a master, and brings a very positive attitude to the table.

If you are in need of training and whether or not you are a novice or a seasoned veteran I highly recommend Lew Nason and the Insurance Pro Shop training. Why settle for anything less than the best training available today? Lew, and family, via the Insurance Pro Shop are making a real impact on the financial services industry. Thank you Lew!” Mark Duncan  TN (1 year in the business)

Specialized Mortgage Insurance Marketing, Leads, And Sales System!
With 90 Days Of Personal Training, And Sales Support For Agents Starting To Sell Life Insurance!

New Agents Fast Start Program!

New Agent Fast Start ProgramOur New Agents Fast Start Program (Life insurance marketing and sales system) is about you helping homeowners to find the money to get all the cash-value life insurance they need to protect their families. While you help them to pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early! (Using cash value life insurance!)

Check out our New Agents Fast Start Program™! Because you will get 90 days of personal insurance agent training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support! All from a team that has been training new agents and advisors for over 40 years to sell life insurance. So they successfully sell mortgage protection life insurance. And so they will earn $100k or more in their first year selling mortgage life insurance!

We will show you how to find your best mortgage insurance leads/prospects. So you set great sales appointments.

Then we will show you how to do a good fact-find. So you can help homeowners to identify and want to solve their problems.

We will also show you how you can help homeowners to find the money so that they can take action right now! Then we will show you the best ways for you to present your ideas to your clients… To close 9 out of 10 life insurance sales. So that you will earn $100K or more in your first year selling mortgage life insurance!

It is the simplest and best mortgage life insurance marketing and sales system and training for new insurance agents and advisors to help homeowners buy mortgage insurance!

Includes Our Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Sales Tool Kit™ (mortgage Life insurance marketing and sales selling system),
With Our How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Sales – Sales Training System And Videos,
With Membership to Our Private Site at $29.95 per month after the first month,
And 90 Days of Personal Agent Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Back-end Sales Support Worth $2,097!

When will you get the marketing and sales training, tools, coaching, and support new agents need to get started selling life insurance? So, you will get off to a fast start to earn a six-figure income this year selling mortgage life insurance. While you guarantee you succeed long-term selling life insurance!

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Get The Best Marketing And Sales Training And Support For New Agents To Start Selling Life Insurance!

Can You Help Families Live The American Dream?

Free Consult - Best Training For Helping 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors To Double And Triple Their Sales And Income In 60 Day Or Less!

Recommended By The Members Of The IARFC - How Do I Get Started Selling Life Insurance After I Get My License? Best Life Insurance Marketing & Sales Training & Support For New Agents!

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