22 Success Habits For Life And Business… Jack Gargan

Coaches Corner... JACK GARGAN’S RULES - SUCCESS HABITS For Financial Independence!

JACK GARGAN’S RULES – SUCCESS HABITS For Financial Independence!

Nine years ago my father and I had the great privilege to meet and spend a day with Jack Gargan the founder, and past President and CEO of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants. He wanted to meet with us because we follow and teach many of the original principles of the IARFC – About how to help middle-income families achieve financial independence!

We spent the whole day with Mr. Jack Gargan talking about why he started the IARFC and the lack of real training and support needed to help families.  We also talked at length about what advisors and families need to do if they want to succeed today in business and life. A few weeks later he sent us this article with his 22 Success Habits. We put it in our newsletter back then. But I think that his advice for you and your clients is even more important today if you want to achieve financial independence!!

The Founder of the IARFC Jack Gargan Offers These 22 Success Habits for Financial Independence!

Jack Gargan & Lew Nason - JACK GARGAN’S RULES - SUCCESS HABITS For Financial Independence!

While ‘the golden rule’ and ‘the ten commandments will always be the main rules of my life and work… There are also twenty-two success habits (rules) that I follow. And I think they will benefit you and your clients.

These rules I offer to you are in addition to the other rules that you may follow.  Some of these rules may be different from the ones that you use.

The following rules are why I was able to retire at age thirty as a millionaire! These are the same rules that helped to accomplish my many goals over the years. These twenty-two rules (success habits) will also work for you and your clients to reach financial independence.

One  Always save 10% of everything you earn or receive from other sources.  The sooner you start, then the better your results will be.

Two Save your 10% first. Then you can spend whatever is left.  You can do this!

Three Wherever possible, use tax-sheltered or tax-favored investments.

Four Never fail to say thank you or give recognition or credit to people.

Five Once started, never break the chain of compound interest.  It’s OK for you to switch investments.  Just be sure to roll over the entire value of the investment to the (presumably) new and better investment(s).

Six:  Spend only your earnings. Never spend your capital!

Seven:  Don’t place all your investment eggs into one basket.  This is a cliché that you already know, but I could not help but include this rule.

Eight Praise another person once in a while.  You can do this too.

Nine Make notes to remind you of your objectives, your action plan, and your timetables for reaching your defined goals.  Then place these notes where they will be constant reminders to keep you moving on schedule.

Ten Your pennies add up to dollars.  Never look down at an opportunity to save money because… ‘it’s only a drop in the bucket.’  Remember, the bucket is made up entirely of various drops!

More Success Habits For Financial Independence

Eleven Use this as your mantra:  Except for buying your primary residence, if you can’t afford to pay cash for it, then you can’t afford it.

Twelve  As long as governments keep printing money, then keep buying gold and silver.  You can do this.

Thirteen Don’t be afraid to take investment risks.  Just be sure your risk-reward factor is in your favor.  Also, be certain that your investment decision is based on very sound information.  Never gamble or play hunches with your money.

Fourteen Find the courage to invest more in yourself.  Ask yourself why you are not making a real effort to learn and do more to increase your sales.  More in… means more out.  There is a simple reason why so many people turn to the Insurance Pro Shop to increase their sales.  The same factor is why so many people become super sales achievers.  But first, all these people had to find the courage to make a decision… And then act.

Fifteen Always ride only upward medium and long-term trends with your investments.  If the trend turns down, then switch it to one that is going up.

Sixteen Buying ‘cheap’ is rarely buying wisely. Neither is buying ‘expensive’ always the best.  Buy for value based on comparison shopping and product knowledge.

Seventeen Don’t let your pride or your vanity get in the way of purchasing quality merchandise such as major articles of clothing, suitcases, tools, etc., from the Salvation Army and Goodwill Thrift Stores – also garage sales, flea markets, and second-hand shops. I have bought top-quality ‘name’ label suits, blazers, jackets, topcoats, and raincoats that were new (or cannot-tell-from-new) for 1/20th of the regular price I would have had to pay at regular retail!  Unless I told people, no one knew I got these from the Salvation Army store rather than Brooks Brothers or Armani’s.  This is also a great way for you to buy a house or office furniture, appliances, and other items.  And the best part is that you are helping to employ some very deserving people.

Eighteen Find a well-used bookstore and start reading more.  Ask yourself if you would be ashamed for folks to know how little you read.

Nineteen New cars are nice.  But very low-mileage used cars are by far your best buy. Remember, the moment you drive that new car off the dealer’s lot, it is a used car!  You should buy cars for transportation… Not for ego trips!

Twenty For God’s sake give something back by contributing to professional associations.  Participate.  Don’t just take, and take, and take, and take, and gripe.  Know what is really going on.  Ask yourself if you have really ever supported anything.  Or do you always leave that to others?

Twenty-One Once you have achieved financial comfort, share your good fortune with others that are less fortunate.  And, remember, charity begins at home.  Loren Dunton, the founder of financial planning, used to add:  “This too is a cliche! But this cliche has proven to be good for your soul.”

Twenty-Two Fight the habit of expecting immediate spectacular results.  How many years will it take for you to finally accept what Confucius said many years ago:  The longest journey begins with little steps.  Little ‘things’ make large ‘things” happen.  Little efforts add up to big results.  Small efforts enable major advances.  To expect or to demand immediate major success is to ignore reality.  All success that appears to be instant – even what is reported to be quick and easy – is actually preceded by many-many small but ongoing efforts.

Follow these twenty-two success habits and I absolutely and positively, guarantee your success!  You can accomplish all of these rules.  I got a late start in my life due to serving in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and not graduating from college until I was twenty-six.  By the age of forty, I was able to get up each morning and do whatever I chose to do that day.  Of course, being a financial advisor and loving my work, I chose to work most of the day or at least half of the time.  Not bragging, just proving that the above success habits will really work for you. Do you want financial independence?

by Jack GarganCLU, RFC… a prolific author, financial advisor, and later an independent politician. Founder of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC)

Summary of Success Habits for Financial Independence!

When Jack Gargan started the IARFC in 1984, his mission was to help middle-income families to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence!

We believe strongly in that mission. And all of the training and support that we provide is focused on helping forgotten middle-income families. They are the people that need the most help, especially right now. And serving middle-income families is also where you can and will make the most money. We believe in the adage… “If you serve the classes then you will live with the masses. However when you serve the masses, then you will live with the classes.” And if you doubt that, all you have to do is look at the largest companies in the world… Walmart, McDonald’s, Apple, Amazon, CVS, etc.! They all serve the masses… middle-income families.

If you really want to succeed, then help families to find the money to save 10% of their income each month. Help them to put that money into a tax-favored savings vehicle. Where they will earn compound interest… with little or no investment risk. Use cash value life insurance, so that they will protect their family and achieve financial independence.

Mr. Jack Gargan’s twenty-two success habits, when followed, will bring you everything that you will ever want in your life and your business.

Let us help you to make your dreams of financial independence come true for you and your family.

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When Will You To Follow Jack Gargan’s Success Habits For Financial Independence?

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When Will You Help Families To Form Jack Gargan’s Success Habits For Financial Independence?

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