Insurance Sales Tip… Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!

Coaches Corner... Insurance Sales Tips - Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

I’m too old to learn something new… I’m too stubborn to change my ways… Excuse after excuse… The fact is you are NEVER too old to make a change. We all have bad habits, and we all have received bad training. It’s never too late to learn something new. Best Insurance Sales Tip – You Are Never Too Old To Learn Something New Every Day.

See, we are all just inches (one sales tip) away from a lot more success selling insurance! We all just need to find that one nugget, one strategy, one insurance sales tip that will change us and change our business. When you think that you are never going to do it, you’re right. Lew has always told me… ‘if you believe you can or believe you can’t you’re right! I am pretty sure that was originally a Zig quote, but whoever it was, they are 100% right.

No matter what market you’re working in… Final Expense, Med Supps., Health, Disability, Life, Retirement, AUM…. it doesn’t matter. Never stop learning! Never stop looking for a tip that will make your life and insurance sales career just a little bit better.

Insurance Sales Tip – Learn Something New Every Day!

Just one little insurance sales tip can make the biggest difference.

“That sales appointment with _______ turned from a small sale of less than $1,000 in commissions, into almost $17,000. You’re right, the fact-finds and the two-call close, are the way to go.” “This is my biggest sale ever.” Mike P.

“I just started your system less than one month ago. People are constantly calling from the ______ Senior Center to get my free booklet. I’ve made three appointments and I just closed my first case for over $4,500 of commissions.” “The system works great.” Stacy T.

The bottom line is when you stop learning, you stop growing… Then you and your business will be DEAD!  Stop thinking that I can’t do it! And start believing you can! Become the OLD DOG That Learns A NEW Trick!

You don’t have to invest a ton of money into learning something new every day! But you do have to invest a little of your time to learn one insurance sales tip today!

When will you learn your next insurance sales tip?

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Start Here To Get The Best Insurance Sales Tips…Insurance Sales Tips - Old Dogs Learn New Tricks

Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change.

We can’t make you do it. You have to decide to… do it yourself!

When will you decide to get the best insurance sales tips to learn something new every day?

Coach Jeremy Nason, RFC

When Will You Invest In The Best Insurance Sales Tips – To Learn Something New Every Day?

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