The Key To More Life Insurance Sales Success: Caring About People!

IPS Weekly Sales Success Tips - The Key To More Life Insurance Sales Success: Caring About People!

8/31/2022 – Dear Agent and Advisors: Most people in sales don’t get what sales are all about. Even most of the sales trainers out there don’t get it. They think that sales are about convincing people to buy your product. The key to your success in any type of sales – and in life insurance sales is Caring About People! 

The Key To More Life Insurance Sales Success: Caring About People!

Caring About People – Showing kindness and concern for others. It’s a term not often heard in the insurance sales process. In fact, for most agents and advisors, insurance sales are just a means to an end. A way to get a prospect to buy your products and services to make money.

Dale Carnegie said it best: “The only way on earth to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it”

Honestly caring about people is the key to your success in life insurance sales. Do you want to increase your life insurance sales? Here are a few ideas that can help to win the hearts of your prospects and clients:

Stop Pushing Yourself, Your Great Products, and Your Companies!

People don’t care what you know until they know that you care. It is true in life and in sales. Before you try to persuade your prospects and clients to buy your product or service… they need to first know that you truly care about helping people to solve their problems. Showing your prospects and clients that you care about people is not just about being friendly and concerned. It’s about you being genuine and authentic at every step of the life insurance sales process and being a great listener.

That means asking questions with a sense of curiosity! And truly looking for ways to provide valuable solutions to your prospect’s problems.

Listen without an agenda, it’s not about your needs.

Do what you say.

When a new prospect meets you the first thing that goes through their mind is can I TRUST you? Trust between you and your prospects only happens when you deliver on the promises that you have made. It is one of the golden rules of sales – Do what you say you were going to do. That means to follow up when you said you would. Prospects become repeat clients when they can depend on your word.

There is nothing worse in sales than when you promise something and don’t deliver. It is a surefire way to show people that you care more about making the life insurance sale than keeping your word.

Think about promises you need to keep with your clients and work hard to keep them every day.

Serve others by asking questions that will assist them in making a wise buying decision.

Understand your impact on others.

When it comes to caring about people, don’t forget what is required to make a great client experience happen.

Sales don’t happen in a vacuum. It involves relationships. That means your client and you are the keys to your success in making a life insurance sale. So with every life insurance sale, you close… are you working with the right client? Or are you force-fitting a solution into the wrong situation?

Just focusing on the sale and not on the client’s needs and wants, will cause a huge problem in your ability to keep a happy client long-term… for repeat sales and referrals!

Showing care for everyone involved in the life insurance sales process will go a long way to helping you find and keep the right kind of clients and will deliver a better client experience.

Don’t try to talk someone into something, listen to what they want… if you want more success in life insurance sales.

Care about people beyond the sales process.

Being a person that cares about people will make a lasting impression. Show that you care about people in general and not just those who are interested in your products. Look for ways to make an impact within your community by sponsoring non-profits when you can. Or even by offering your support during area disasters or tragedies.

For example, if a youth sports team needs funding, be willing to offer what you can. And if a major storm leaves many people struggling, offer to donate food and bottled water. The more active you are in your community, the higher your reputation of being a caring person will build with your prospects and customers.

Summary Of The Key To More Life Insurance Sales Success!

Your key to success in life insurance sales is not just about closing more life insurance sales. It’s about demonstrating that you care about people. You care about the needs and wants of your prospects and clients. Authentically caring about people is your key to more success in life insurance sales!

Practice the Golden Rule in all your interactions with others. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Think about yourself as a client. How would you like to be treated?

Learn How To Take Care Of People!

The key to your success in any type of sales – and in life insurance sales is Caring About People! The more you show people how much you care about them, the more money you will make in life insurance sales! 

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It Is Up To You To Learn And Practice the Keys to Success In Life Insurance Sales… Show People You Care!

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