The 6 Psychology Secrets of Insurance Sales Success!

Success Tip... The psychology of Insurance sales success!

3/15/2023… Sometimes, knowledge and integrity alone are not enough for success as an agent in life insurance sales. When it comes to building your business for increasing your life insurance sales success… There are a few important psychological qualities that every agent and advisor should work toward strengthening:

Life Insurance Sales Success… Confidence

People rarely follow those that don’t exhibit some degree of confidence. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, why should anyone else? This is especially true in the world of sales. Without confidence in yourself as a salesperson, you are likely to fail.

But, how do you show your customers an air of confidence without being cocky?

Body language is an excellent place to start. If you aren’t seeing the life insurance sales success results you expect… There is a very good chance your body language is conveying things to your clients that you don’t want them to know. If you want to be a success in life insurance sales… You need to learn how to use your body language to exude confidence in yourself and your products.

Here are a few simple suggestions:

Stand tall. Slouching and swaying may signal weakness.

Keep your head straight and tall. But once in a while, tilt it slightly to engage the customer and appear friendlier.

Maintain good eye contact (without seeming creepy)

Don’t fidget with paperwork or products. This makes you appear self-conscious.

Relax your mouth. Pursed lips make you appear disapproving. But keep in mind that lips that are too relaxed may signal sadness or depression.

Keep your arms open and inviting. Never cross your arms in front of your body or tense them while speaking to a customer. This creates an adversarial mood.

Use a firm (but not too strong) handshake

Stand straight. Don’t slouch, and be sure to lean in toward the client and make direct eye contact. This will communicate confidence to those around you.

When you display confidence in helping your clients… you will have a lot more life insurance sales success!

Life Insurance Sales Success… Enthusiasm

When you are truly excited about your career, meeting with clients, and the products you are offering. Your clients sense it and are more likely to give you a chance to convince them to buy. One warning here, though: Don’t try to fake enthusiasm. People will see right through that. Instead, become truly enthusiastic about your products and your job if you want more success in life insurance sales.

If you’re not feeling authentic enthusiasm, figure out why. Your feelings — positive or negative — will come across to your clients and prospects. No matter how difficult the job at hand is, always appear to clients as if making the life insurance sale is easy and you love what you are doing.

Enthusiasm is contagious. If you exude enthusiasm for your product line, others will follow your lead and be interested enough to give it a try (or at least learn more about it).

When you are enthusiastic about helping your clients – you will have a lot more life insurance sales success!

Life Insurance Sales Success… Quick thinking

The world is in constant change, and so are your prospects’ wants and needs. Stay alert to changes in their attitudes and remarks. Even a mundane comment could provide valuable insight into what they are thinking.

Prepare yourself to handle any situation that arises. Figure out what to say in every reasonable circumstance. So it will appear you can think fast on your feet. Not stumbling for the right comeback is essential to convincing clients you know what you are talking about. And making them more willing to believe what you say.

When you are prepared and can quickly answer the client’s questions – you will have a lot more life insurance sales success!

Life Insurance Sales Success… Resourcefulness

As an advisor, your ability to come up with original ideas shows prospects that you bring value to the table. Being reliable and creative also helps to induce secondary buys, which can greatly impact your bottom line. The ability to see problems and show customers how to overcome them is essential to closing big cases. Train yourself to be innovative when necessary.

When you are resourceful and can help your clients to solve their problems – you will have a lot more life insurance sales success!

Life Insurance Sales Success… Being observant

Good advisors watch the world around them. They see trends in the making and are eager to jump on board before others even notice. But that’s not all. A great advisor also observes his or her clients more closely and finds ways to integrate new strategies and trends into the client’s palette of options in order to generate more life insurance sales.

When you are observant and listen to your clients – you will have a lot more life insurance sales success!

Life Insurance Sales Success… Initiative

Advisors can’t be pushed into life insurance sales success. They either have a thirst for learning more and doing better, or they don’t. Sure, someone can teach you the skills for life insurance sales success. But only you can decide whether to take what you have learned and use that knowledge in the real world. Without an inner urge to get to work, even the friendliest and most outgoing advisor will struggle to survive.

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Do you have the initiative to take on new challenges and find a way around them? If not, figure out why and make the changes necessary for you to be a success in life insurance sales!

Do you want to succeed in life insurance sales?

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