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Today’s insurance marketplace mandates that you have a network of experts, mentors, and partners. People that you can rely on for the latest and best insurance marketing and sales advice! But also for wise counsel. Our Advisory Board of experts guarantees that your partnership with us will offer you an ongoing stream of powerful practice-building ideas, opportunities, strategies, and tools. So, that we can help you to achieve even greater success for many years to come.

Sandy Schussel - Advisory Board Member... Insurance Pro ShopSandy Schussel
IPS Advisory Board member… Over Twenty years ago, Sandy started coaching individuals who wanted to get more out of their careers and their lives. He called this part of his business “Brass Ring Coaching”. Because as a little boy, he had watched the older kids hop on the carousel near his home. Then as it spun around, they would reach for the rings located just outside and above the carousel. While nine out of ten of the rings were black… If you were lucky enough to clutch the Brass Ring, then you’d win a prize! Usually a free ride. So, to him, the Brass Ring represented adventure, passion, and joy; both challenge and fulfillment.

When you work with Sandy, you’ll reach your goals quickly! Be held accountable to achieve results. Plus, push through your fears to change your relationship with your business.

Sandy works with a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients. Most are people who might be seen by others as already successful. But who has personally reached a point… Where they do not have something in their lives that they really want, such as:

  • more or better clients…
  • plus more income…
  • and more time to spend with their families…
  • the ability to step away from their businesses without worry…
  • better [work] relationships…
  • a sense of their own success…

Sandy’s private coaching programs are customized for individuals. Who are committed to dramatically increasing their results in life… Both personally and professionally.

Edwin P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, Former Chairman & CEO of IARFCEdwin P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, Former Chairman & CEO of IARFC
IPS Advisory Board member… Ed Morrow entered financial services in 1963. And in 1969, he founded Financial Planning Consultants to provide comprehensive planning services to business owners and executives. He has been involved in nearly all of the professional organizations in the financial industry.

Morrow started using computers in his practice in 1970. And he lectured across the U.S. on the use of computers in financial services during the seventies and eighties. He is the author of “How to Computerize Your Financial Planning Practice!” Which was published by the College for Financial Planning in 1990. And the Author of seven software programs. He is also a consultant to financial advisors, insurance companies, and brokers/dealers in the areas of practice management and computerization. He developed the Practice Builder Financial a client relationship management program used by 3,000 planning firms. In addition to Client Builder Financial, a presentation system for financial advisors.

Mr. Morrow has lectured on financial planning, practice management, and marketing in Britain, Canada, and Australia. In addition to  Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, India, Greece, Trinidad, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Hence he has been responsible for getting the many financial planning courses established in Asian countries.

Ed is a frequent speaker and writer on practice management and technology… For such organizations as the FPA, MDRT, NAIFA, SFSP, IARFC, and the Insurance Pro Shop. In addition, he has published over 1000 professional articles, 20 practice management manuals, and three books… Computerizing your Financial Planning Practice, The Complete Millennium Preparation Guide and Personal Coaching for Financial Advisors.

Jeffery Reeves, Co - Advisory Board Members... Insurance Pro ShopJeffery Reeves, MA
IPS Advisory Board member… Jeffrey is the founder of Eurekonomics and the author of ‘Money for Life. He has 40 years of experience as an insurance and financial advisor to individuals, businesses, and professionals. He has owned and operated his own insurance and financial services agency since 1976.

Jeffrey has also performed consulting assignments for Fortune 500 companies and managed practices that served businesses as diverse as coal mining operations and professional sports teams. While his agency served over 100 small business clients: dentists, doctors, accountants, and attorneys. Along with servicing manufacturers, real estate agents, distributors, engineers, and many others.

‘Money For Life!’ How to Thrive in the 21st Century! In 2004, Jeffrey recognized that the principles, practices, and tools that made so many of his former clients successful… Were not only misunderstood but were also ignored and even maligned by the purveyors of the “Debt Paradigm”.

He rededicated himself to the practice of helping individuals break the bonds of the “Debt Paradigm”! So, they could re-discover the treasures that have become obscured by the cacophony of claims… By the faux financial fops who foist fallacious foolery on us all. (He loves alliteration).

Dan Vinal - Advisory Board Members... Insurance Pro ShopDan Vinal
IPS Advisory Board member… Dan was a financial sales professional for twenty years before he sold his business in 1997. During those years, he sold both life and health insurance, as well as fixed and variable annuities. While he primarily worked with small business owners and professional practitioners like attorneys and accountants.

Dan is an advocate and proponent of permanent “cash value” life insurance and well-designed indexed annuities. Moreover, he contends that everyone should own these products, and not just the most affluent. Consequently, his objective is to provide insurance agents and financial sales professionals with video presentations. That quickly and easily explains the value of insurance and the advantage of annuities to the average “middle-class” American! As well as to the most successful business owners, executives, and professionals.

Dan co-founded WebPrez Videos… 5 minutes videos that help agents and brokers “sell the need” for insurance and annuities. In addition to being the company’s president, Dan is personally responsible for the development of the proprietary WebPrez composition method, featuring the practical application of “neuro” and “psycho” linguistics, as well as the content of every video produced.

The Contributions From These Advisory Board Members Still Goes On!

Mehdi FakharzadehMehdi Fakharzadeh
IPS Advisory Board member… Mister Medhi is the famous and beloved MetLife super-achiever, and MDRT role model. And he is also a life and qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table; has Qualified for Chair Council 34 times, President’s Conference 41 times, and Leader’s Conference 44 times. Mehdi is also the recipient of many National & Golden Awards and Trophies.

Mehdi has been featured in numerous financial magazines including the Financial Services Advisor and the IARFC Register. His personal story, dedication, and contributions to this industry… have been an inspiration for generations of agents and advisors. In an industry that is in desperate need of real heroes! Mehdi stands out far above all others for his superior sales achievements. He has spoken in over 40 countries. And presently makes over 50 platform presentations to financial groups each year. Including presentations at the Insurance Pro Shop. He is the author of; “Nothing Is Impossible and Everything Is Possible” and “Mehdi’s Fast Track Success System.”

Mehdi Fakharzadeh died in 2019, but his contributions to our industry live on!

Forrest (Wally) Cato, RFMA, CRR, CPC, RFC, CFLAForrest (Wally) Cato, RFMA, CRR, CPC, RFC, CFLA
IPS Advisory Board member… Wally was an internationally renowned speaker and Legendary Publicist in the Financial Services Industry. And he helped his clients to get $100,000 of free publicity that would make them famous. So you can continuously attract the right prospects to you!

Forrest Wallace Cato was one of the very few true ‘Legends’ in any profession. From ‘Ghost Writing’ books that have made The New York Times Top 10 Best Seller List. To get his clients on the front cover of magazines, 60 Minutes, 20/20, etc… he has done it all for professionals!

He also interviewed five U.S. Presidents, three Prime Ministers, and one King. And such notables as the Dalai Lama, Ted Turner, and Bill Gates. Plus, he has written speeches, articles, and screenplays. He was featured on the front cover of the IARFC Register Magazine…

Forrest (Wally) Cato, died on 11/2015, but his contributions to our industry live on!

Loren DuntonLoren Dunton
IPS Advisory Board member… In 1969, a man with a dream built an organization of highly trained, skilled, and dedicated advisors who would… “help average people to learn how to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence.” That man of vision was Loren Dunton. After many years of hard work and sacrifice… In 1982, Loren realized the first part of his dream with the creation of the “Certified Financial Planner” designation! And, then a short time later the International Association for Financial Planning (IAFP) was born.

In 1987 the ICFE/NCFE, founded by Mr. Dunton, was awarded a Presidential Citation for Private Sector Initiatives from President Reagan. Loren Dunton, his wife Marta, and Paul Richard were guests at a White House luncheon hosted by Gary Bauer, President Reagan’s domestic policy advisor. Furthermore, Loren Dunton wrote thirteen books on financial services that were published in seven languages.

Loren E. Dunton died in 1997, but his contributions to our industry live on!

Judge Us By The Company We Keep – Our Advisory Board Members!

IPS Advisory Board member Jeffery Reeves
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