Revealed... 101 life Insurance Marketing Tips And Tools For Agents and Advisors

101 Of The Best Life Insurance Marketing Tips, Tools, And Secrets That Produce Amazing Results!

Help Other To SucceedDo you want to take advantage of the incredible income opportunity in life insurance sales? Then learning to market your insurance services in your local community is not optional! These 101 Life Insurance Marketing Tips and Tools are highly effective lead generation and prospecting ideas… We have used them for over 40 years to help thousands of agents and advisors earn net incomes of $250,000, $500,000, and much more annually! Included are all the little insider marketing secrets, you need to make our life insurance marketing and prospecting tips and tools work for you. The first insider insurance marketing secret tip is to focus on learning how to help middle-income families!!! 

Important Question… Are you in this insurance business just to make sales? Or are you really interested in helping families? Who do you think your life insurance leads/prospects want to set a sales appointment with? Do they want to meet with an insurance salesperson – or a Trusted Advisor who does their best to help them? When will you decide to get the life insurance agent marketing and sales training to make a real difference in people’s lives? The more you learn to help families the more you will learn to help yourself and your family! Nothing will change until you decide to take action to make it change!

We are strictly life insurance marketing and sales trainers, coaches, and mentors… NOT Recruiters!

Spencer Childs - NV  (31 years in the business)“I have been in the financial industry since 1988. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on training, motivation and coaching. The total over the last three decades maybe into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have been a client of IPS for over 3 years. I have never seen the breadth and depth of material that IPS has. They have the right recipe for success. All you have to do is follow it.

If you are going to invest in your career, then I know of no better investment in yourself, than establishing a relationship with IPS. Do yourself a favor, develop the courage to change, and grow. IPS has incredible information available, but more importantly, they care. They will emotionally invest in you and your career. Most importantly they are good people! All The Best.” Spencer Childs – NV  (31 years in the business)

First Master These 24 Critical Life Insurance Marketing Tips, And Tools – With Insider Secrets…

These 24 of the best and most critical life insurance marketing tips and tools are what you and every agent and advisor must learn and master today… To have long-term success selling life insurance. These 24 life insurance marketing tips and tools with insider secrets are what you need if you want to find and then attract your best life insurance prospects. And you want to set more sales appointments and close more life insurance sales!

But the best part, there is ‘little to no expense’ to you… When you follow the 24 best life insurance marketing tips and secrets, and use the best tools.

Tip 1.  To begin with, you must create a life insurance marketing plan! Because your success (or lack of success) in selling life insurance and your services is totally dependent on you developing a ‘cost-effective’ insurance marketing plan! However, that assumes, you want to find and attract a consistent flow of your best life insurance prospects. Your life insurance marketing plan must consist of multiple proven tips and tools. Such as, how to use Joint VenturesBooklets, Free Reports; Referred Leads; Social Media; Client Newsletters; Annual Reviews; and so much more! Then you will want to offer special events such as Educational Workshops and Seminars, web classes, and other educational formats!

The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to build a relationship with your ‘IDEAL‘ life insurance prospects now and over time. So that you always work with the people that need and want what you offer! People buy from people that they know, like, and trust! The more they know about you, and how you help people, the easier it will be for you to set a sales appointment and make the sale.

Note: As a member of our Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center you will have immediate access to templates and sample life insurance marketing plans and tools… ready for you to use.

Tip 2.  Next, Be A Big Fish In A Small Pond! Accordingly, your primary goal is to become known as the most respected and trusted insurance advisor in the local community. How much easier and cost-efficient is it for you to get known in your local community… versus trying to get known in an entire city, county, or state? Consider, the legendary Ben Feldman, who did ALL of his insurance sales in the small town of East Liverpool, Ohio (Population 15,000). Ben’s Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip was everyone knew about him and how he helped his clients!

Want to know more…

14 Lead Generation Strategies you should be using to find your best life insurance prospects!

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Tip 3.  Create a bio sheet! One of the very best and simplest life insurance marketing tips and tools is a ‘Bio Sheet‘ with a professional photo! Then share both your professional resume and personal information. What makes you unique within the financial services industry? Then identify the problems you help solve for your clients. Your bio sheet should highlight how you help people and why they should work with you. The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip lets people know how you help people NOT about the life insurance products you sell!

Sample Bio Sheet

Tip 4.  One of the Best and most Critical life insurance marketing tips, tools, and secrets is to let all your friends, family, and neighbors know what you do… Your Specialty! Not that you sell life insurance or you are a financial advisor, etc.! But, how you help people!  For Example, “How you help people save for a tax-free retirement;” or “How you can help them pay off their mortgage 10 to 15 years early… without them spending any additional money or changing their current lifestyle.” The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to let everyone know what you do to help people! So that they will think of you when they need and want help!

Sample Intro Letter

If You Want To Succeed In Insurance Sales, Then Stop Selling Products! Instead Help People To Find A Solution To Their Problems!” Lew Nason...

Tip 5.  Ask Your Friends and Family For Their Help! Additionally, one of the ‘Quickest’ and lowest cost life insurance marketing tips, for you to get started in life insurance sales… is to find and attract your best life insurance prospects. Ask the people you already know for their help. Consider, do your Friends and Family have the same problems as everyone else? Also, consider, that you need to rehearse your approach, fact-finding, and sales presentation in front of real people. And, the best place to do that is in front of your acquaintances, family, and friends!

Consequently, you will want to ask them if they will allow you to practice with them! Because it is a non-threatening way for them to hear your ideas. And then how you help people! Without them feeling obligated to buy anything from you!

As a result, if you do a good job, many of them will ask if you can help them! Then, you can ask them for referrals. Remember, they have the same problems as everyone else… so they are looking for help, just like everyone out there!!!

The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to practice with the people you know. Before you go out and work with people that you don’t know! Because they already, know, like, and trust you!

Note: The more you practice your questioning, fact-finding, and sales presentations, the easier it will be to set sales appointments! As a result, you will have a higher closing ratio… and you will need fewer life insurance prospects. Learn More…

14 Lead Generation Strategies you should be using to find your best life insurance prospects!

Free Report Reveals...

"How To Attract And Sell Your Ideal Life Insurance Prospects!" 


- What the Top 1% Of Producers are doing today to earn a net income of $150,000, $300,000, or much more every year! 

- Critical 'Insider Secrets' that most agents and advisers are missing, that's keeping them from having all of the IDEAL prospects they can handle... 

Tip 6.  Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip – Identify your best customers! One of the biggest money and time wasters is chasing poor-quality life insurance prospects. Accordingly, you will want to create a perfect prospect profile… based on your best clients. So, you only target great potential buyers. You will spend much less energy, time, and money when you contact people who are the most likely to buy. Find out what problems they struggle with… and then how you can help them!

The Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to deliver a special message that addresses the needs and wants… of your best life insurance prospects.

Note: Buying life insurance leads or getting free leads is NOT putting you in front of your best prospects… the people who know, like, and trust you! Consequently, buying leads does nothing to help you build your reputation in your local community!

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Tip 7.  Establish and understand your primary geographical market area! Identify your geographic area by zip code, county, neighborhood, or other parameters, and understand the life insurance prospects that live there. Then, develop life insurance marketing campaigns and tools to promote relevant offerings based on life triggers and other events in your community. Including new home buyers, births, and marriages within this market area. The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to target your products and services to those events.

Tip 8.  Get known in your local community! Be active in your church or a civic group and get to know the members. Write articles about the group and what they are doing for the community. Also, include your by-line on the article, with your contact info. Then offer a Free Booklet or Report about the problems they face, and how you can help them. Remember, the better known you are, the more cost-effective, and less time-consuming your life insurance marketing will be. The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to… Get known in your local community!

Tip 9.  Stay In Touch! One of the most overlooked successful life insurance marketing tips and tools is to send a monthly client newsletter. Your newsletter, when done right, is your primary life insurance marketing tool! It will create instant credibility and stimulate interest in your services of how you are helping people. (This is not about your products or investment returns.) So, send a monthly newsletter to your friends, family, neighbors, clients, prospects… and everyone you know! By sending a newsletter to everyone, you are constantly reminding them of what you do in a very non-threatening way. It’s non-threatening because there is no pressure for them to buy anything. The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to always be in front of your best life insurance prospects.

Note: You can get a FREE monthly client newsletter once you become a member of IPS.

. You must stay in from of your family, friends, clients and prospects...

Tip 10.  Ask your clients and friends for the names of people who would like to get your newsletter! Then make sure your newsletter is not boring insurance and financial stuff. Put some personality into it. Talk about the problems people face. When you do… You will find your newsletter to be a very important lead generation and referral life insurance marketing tip and tool for successfully marketing life insurance. But as I said, it has to be fun, interesting, and helpful. The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to always be looking for your best life insurance prospects.

Tip 11.  Send a thank-you note to someone every day! Have you said thank you to someone to show how grateful you are for them today? Yes, it’s such a small thing! But, it can have a huge impact on your life, and the life of that person! So, send a thank you note for referrals, appointments, and meetings. Now, find little ways to incorporate gratitude into your life, and you will be much happier! In addition, you will make the people around you much happier as well! The result is you will stand out from the crowd. And you will create a ripple effect that will make your world a better place! The Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip is to stand out from the crowd!

Sample Thank You Letter

Tip 12.  Make yourself referable! This is one of the best and most Critical insider secret life insurance marketing tips… You must do more than what’s expected of you! Because you want your clients to talk about you to their friends and family. And about how you have helped them! How you made a difference in their lives!

‘Dynamite’ Referred Lead System

Tip 13.  Be Active In Your Community! Starting today, make yourself known, either through local organizations or just by being an active member of your community! Remember, people tend to ask, “What is it that you do?” From there you will receive not only clients but an endless supply of referrals! Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip… people prefer to do business with someone local they already know.

Tip 14.  Pick up the phone! I have yet to find a better way of ‘marketing oneself, than speaking with a prospect on the phone. It is better than direct mailing and much cheaper too. Looking for folks to call? Insider’s Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip try and do a search on neighborhoods, it is free.

Tip 15.  Develop a “drip” list! Create a list of your best life insurance prospects and then make sure you contact them on a monthly (even weekly) basis with key information. (newsletters) Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip – If you want to market life insurance successfully, then you must keep your name in front of your target audience.

Tip 16.  Get published or speak! Be the author of an article in a local publication or newspaper, or participate in a speaking engagement – Do It! Because nothing creates credibility faster than getting published or speaking. We have FREE articles that you can use in the Insurance Marketing and Sales Resource Center. Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip The more people see you as an expert the easier it will be to set appointments and close sales.

Tip 17.  Join the local Chamber of Commerce! Networking in these organizations offers great opportunities for us, as financial professionals, to meet more people and promote our services. Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip The more people get to know you and see you as an expert the easier it will be to set appointments and close sales.

Insurance Marketing Tips... To Succeed You Must Become The Respected Trusted Advisor People Want To See... How to Market Life Insurance Successfully

Tip 18.  Be Creative! Your clients will remember the little things that you do. But only if they are original and creative. So for example, a monthly calendar of local events is a good way to stay in touch because it can be mailed or emailed with your newsletter, depending on the client. Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip – 

Tip 19.  Plan to prospect! Set aside time regularly to attend to your life insurance marketing. Do not wait until you run out of life insurance prospects, or suddenly need more. Discipline your marketing, so it is something you do every day, every week. Schedule time for prospecting each day! And then have specific goals for the number of calls you make and the letters you send. So at the end of the week, you can look back and assess how well you kept your activity on track. Pick a time each week when you schedule your appointments. Do not accept incoming phone calls during that time and you cannot be interrupted. Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip – Be Disciplined.

Tip 20.  Be Persistent… Because Statistics show that 80% of sales happen after the 5th contact!

80% of all sales are made after 5 or more client contacts

48% of all producers give up after the initial sales call

25% more give up after the 2nd sales call

12% more give up after the 3rd sales call

5% more give up after the 4th sales call

Only 10% of all producers continue past the 4th contact! As a result, it means the persistent 10% makes 80% of the life insurance sales! Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip – Be Persistent.

Insurance Marketing Tips... People Buy When...

Tip 21.  Use Door Openers! Many agents use health insurance, Medicare supplements, dental programs, mortgage insurance, trusts, etc. to get in the prospect’s door. When done right these life insurance marketing tips and tools can be very effective. Want to know more…

Critical Insider Secret Tip and Tool To Successfully Market Life Insurance: If you are going to use a ‘door opener’, then you must only use it in your target market. You also must have a way to transition into the insurance sale you really want to make! Insider secret – The easiest way to transition is to do a complete Fact-Find with everyone. Too many salespeople end up selling only the door opener.

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Tip 22.  Join or Form A Lead Group! Another great way to get high-quality life insurance prospects… is by joining or forming a lead exchange group with a local business! Find the local businesses that cater to your ideal life insurance prospects! Local businesses that have already built strong relationships with your ideal life insurance prospects! Then meet every week, or every two weeks for breakfast or lunch, to exchange leads. Let them know what you are doing to help people! Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip Build Relationships with successful businesses.

Tip 23. A great follow-up sequence is key to improving your life insurance marketing results! The very best agents and advisors have a systematic approach in place. This means the life insurance marketing system has been designed to deal with fresh prospects. Even an agent with the worst life insurance prospecting letter and telephone skills will have better and more consistent results… than the guy or gal who doesn’t have a life insurance marketing system in place. You will also need to follow up with your prospects once your life insurance prospecting letters have been sent. Call them, or have another piece of direct mail sent. Consider using scarcity to entice the prospect to buy with some urgency. Insider Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tip Have a Follow-up plan.

Tip 24.  Take Action! Successful people do not procrastinate. They do not spend their lives waiting for the ‘right time’. They are busy, productive, and proactive. Most people lie on the couch, planning, overthinking, sitting on their hands, and generally going around in circles. Successful people are out there getting the job done.

Critical Insider Secret Tip To Marketing Life Insurance Successfully:  You can try to learn and master all these life insurance marketing tips, tools, and secrets by yourself!  And, be just like most of the other agents and advisors that struggle out there today. And, you will waste a lot of your valuable time and hard-earned money re-inventing the wheel. Or, you can have over three decades of life insurance marketing and sales expertise at your fingertips… In just a few minutes! Now, what makes more sense to you?

Insurance Marketing Tips... No One Lives Long Enough To Learn Everything From Scratch....

Once You Have Applied The First 24 Critical Secret Life Insurance Marketing Tips And Tools…
Then Apply These Advanced Secret Life
Insurance Marketing Tips And Tools…

Here are a few more simple tips, tools, and secrets to help you learn how to market life insurance successfully!

25. Assemble A Media Kit. Develop a strong biography and fact sheet that describes your accomplishments and experience. Then use it to get speaking engagements, guest appearances, and your articles published.

26. Be a guest on a local television or radio show. This will establish credibility and define you as a financial resource. So, you can advertise your educational workshops or offer a free report.

27. Host and produce a live, weekly financial radio program. This will establish credibility and define you as a financial resource. So, you can advertise your educational workshops or offer a free report. In addition, this will provide a forum for people to ask questions and for listeners to call and arrange for individual consultations.

28. Consider selling to ethnic-specific markets. Become an ‘insider’ and you will find a tight-knit community that will follow recommendations from their friends and family.

29. Knock on business doors. Visit local businesses. Or, send a sales letter that is focused on the magic of tax deferral with current rates or a tax-free retirement. Then follow up with a phone call to inquire if they received the letter. This life insurance marketing tip and tool is a great way to get daytime appointments.

30. Write and distribute a press release at least four times a year. One of the most valuable single sheets of paper you can create in life insurance marketing is a press release. The media, particularly your local media, is always on the lookout for a great story, so write one for them. Then use these stories to tell customers why you are different, and why that difference is a benefit to them. This must be done in every aspect of your life insurance marketing.

31. Offer the Council On Aging or Senior Center a workshop. If you offer educational workshops or would like to start doing so… Then offer to stage a workshop at a local Council on Aging or Senior Center. If you can convince the council director that you are sincere and knowledgeable, then he or she will be very grateful to allow you to offer a valuable informational service to their senior community. The only cost is for refreshments.

32. Offer a Lunch and Learn, to get to know the large-scale employers in your area. Obtaining a favorable appointment with a handful of employees nearing retirement can yield big dividends. Also, obtaining referrals from co-workers will not require much effort and will provide an ongoing stream of prospects.

33. Use what you know best to become the local expert on that subject. Use that knowledge to write a column in at least one local publication. Many of the free newspapers that are available outside discount and grocery stores will let you write an article if you purchase a small advertisement. But, don’t forget to make copies of the articles to send to other life insurance prospects.

34. Offer An Income Tax Review. Ask each client to review their Form 1040 with you, so you can uncover if they are needlessly paying taxes on money they are not using.

Tom Peters Regardless of age...

35. Run A Newspaper Advertisement Offering Your Free Information Booklets and Reports. Place a proven, INEXPENSIVE, Compelling Ad or Insert (in the right publications) that hits the hot button of a targeted group of prospects. The idea is to find and attract people who have money and recognize they need help. As we are now in the “information age”, giving away a free report or a free booklet is a great way to make your target market come to you. Because it’s the “try-before-you-buy” approach. When done right, the people who come forward, have been indirectly screened and are qualified prospects for your products and services.

36. Critical Tip and Tool To Successfully Market Life Insurance:  Marketing works on repetition. The more people see your ad, the greater the chance they will buy your products or services. So, you need to understand that advertising is salesmanship. When you create an advertisement, it must sell just as a salesperson would. So, use conversational language and words.

37. Offer Your Free Information Booklets and Reports In Everything You Do. Always offer your Free Booklet or Free Report in anything you do… your seminar invitations, sales letters, newsletters, business cards, by-lines on your articles, when you speak, etc.

38. Use Your Free Information Booklets and Reports To Get Powerful Endorsements From Local Attorneys, Accountants, P&C Agencies, and Other Professionals… Imagine how much credibility you will have with prospects when their advisor recommends your services.

39. Teach An Adult Education Class On Finances. The college will advertise your class. If you do it right, then most if not all of the students will become your clients.

40. Use The Business Briefs Section of the Sunday Newspaper. A free way of getting your name noticed is to send in your picture, along with a short letter about what you do to the business briefs section of the Sunday newspaper. Most papers have this and most are free.

41. Offer A Free Educational Workshop For Everyone You Know. Invite your barber, mechanic, friends, family, clients, and prospects with whom you are having trouble getting an appointment. Help your clients, friends, relatives, prospects, and everyone you know to see that you can help them solve their financial problems so that they can have a brighter financial future. How valuable are your services to them? Won’t they all want to set an appointment with you?

42. Critical Tip To Marketing Life Insurance Successfully: Form A Joint Venture. Joint venture marketing is the ultimate life insurance marketing tip… an ‘insider secret’ to generating literally thousands of new life insurance prospects, in your area, rapidly and with the utmost credibility. Are you looking for a quick low-cost way to be in front of more prospects? Are you looking for ways to find and attract high-quality insurance prospects to you? Then, consider sharing your clients and prospects with other successful business people in return for them sharing their clients and prospects with you. When done right, with the right businesses, it can make your search for new and better life insurance prospects much easier!

But, to make a joint venture work, you must set up an active contact system that gets people to call you looking for help, or more information, or gets them to come to your free educational workshop.

43. Share Clients. There are plenty of Property and Casualty agencies, LTCI agents, investment brokers, etc. who do not offer the same products and services you offer. So, why not serve each other’s clients?

44. Sponsor or organize high-profile events. Invite your first and second-tier prospects to speaking engagements, which highlight industry leaders. Often organizations sponsor quarterly or bi-annual speaking engagements with industry leaders from your organization. By inviting your best life insurance prospects, you establish credibility and show them that you appreciate them.

45. Buy a list of people turning 65 to 66. Many people are confused because even though the age for full retirement benefits under Social Security has risen to 66, the age to join Medicare A & B is still 65. So, a lot of people are continuing to work and pay higher-than-necessary costs for health coverage. A quick call to offer to mail info regarding the real deal, and then a follow-up call to explain. This has proved invaluable in gaining access to people’s lives at a time when so many needs are changing.

46. Use the waiting room and bulletin boards. Make up some flyers with pull tabs on them with your name and phone number. Then ask every 7-11, convenience store, gas station, etc., or anyone with a waiting room, for permission to hang the flyer on their bulletin board. Most will let you. Do as many of these as you can and you will start getting calls. Offer a free booklet or a free educational workshop.

47. Offer a Finder’s Fee. Pay others in complementary businesses a finder’s fee to give you business.

48. Use Dinner Seminars… While dinner seminars are somewhat expensive, ($4,500 – $5,000 with the mailing and dinners) they are still one of the best and quickest ways to generate lots of new life insurance prospects each month. When done right, you can be in front of 50 or more high-quality prospects in less than 6 weeks from now.

49. Make your own confirmation calls for seminars. Although most direct mail marketing firms provide a confirmation call service, you will also want to call them yourself.

50. Critical Tip and Tool To Successfully Market Life Insurance: Set appointments at your seminars. Sign up people while the information and desire are fresh; a cooling-off period will leave you with fewer appointments set and kept.

51. Maintain a database of the people attending your seminars or requesting your free report. Drip on these people with a monthly newsletter. Remember just because they didn’t immediately set an appointment with you, doesn’t mean they are not interested in your services.

52. Send birthday cards & anniversary cards to existing clients. Show people that you care about them, so you strengthen the relationship.

53. Stay current on the issues affecting your clients. Follow trends in the industry by faithfully reading leading industry publications. So you learn what others are doing in the market. And then send important changes to your clients. Send an email blast regarding recent tax changes, etc.

54. Up-sell your clients. When an applicant is approved at the top rate, suggest that he take advantage of increasing the amount. Because he has qualified for the very best rate. Point out that he may not be able to qualify again for this rate, in the future, and that the premium for a greater amount is quite a bit less on an overall basis because there is no additional policy fee, and higher amounts are banded resulting in a lower cost per $1,000.

55. Put Articles in Association Newsletters and on your Social Media… Get yourself published in every local media source and on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. If you need ideas, then you can rewrite articles from the web. Be sure to include your ‘BYLINE’ and then offer a free report, in everything you do! An article gives you much more credibility than running an ad for your services. And, it’s free advertising! Also remember to make reprints of the articles to send to your clients, friends, family, referrals, and prospects.

Lew Nason... A huge Reason Agents struggle is...

56. Be a Guest Speaker for Local Associations and Religious Groups… As a financial expert, you have a lot of knowledge on how to help people better manage their money. Many groups are looking for a qualified authority to share their knowledge with their members. So, let them know you are available. (Don’t forget to send a press release before and after the event)

57. Sponsor Golf or Tennis Tournaments. During the summer months host or organize a golf or tennis tournament and give a short seminar before the event. (Don’t forget to send a press release before and after the event)

58. Stop prospecting for clients! Spend your time prospecting with people who associate with the type of client you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for clients who are transitioning into long-term healthcare environments, then network with people in that field. Because they are dealing with hundreds of your ideal life insurance prospects every year.

59. Offer Brown Bag Lunches. One of the best life insurance marketing tips and ideas is a monthly program called Women and Investing, Brown Bag Lunches. So one day each month hold a free, no-sales meeting for women only, who want to learn more about investing, in your office conference room. They bring their own lunches and you meet for an hour on a specific topic that you briefly “teach” and then you all discuss. It’s very interactive. They bring their real-life examples and questions. It’s easy to put together, it’s low-cost and helps the public view you as an expert. The women bring their friends and help with spreading the word.

60. Get Posted On Community Calendars. Make sure you get all your events listed on the local community calendars. Almost every town, Chamber of Commerce, local library, church, and civic groups have a website. So, get your seminar, workshop, adult education class, tournament, etc. listed on their calendar.

61. Critical Tip To Marketing Life Insurance Successfully:  Do not stress about finding new life insurance prospects. Because according to LIMRA you are already leaving thousands of dollars on the table from your existing clients. The average family buys life insurance seven times throughout their lives and that does not count Disability Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Annuities, and more. Then, think about how much of your income comes from renewals and residuals. Therefore, it pays to ensure that your clients stay with you year after year, instead of getting swept away by a competitor or direct seller. Accordingly, you need to keep in touch continually throughout the year — not just at renewal time… if you want to successfully market life insurance!

62. Critical Tip To  Marketing Life Insurance Successfully:  Conduct Regular Annual Reviews. In today’s economic climate, even experienced financial advisors are finding it difficult to find and attract new insurance clients. So successful firms are growing their businesses at the expense of less successful firms. Successful advisors are courting and winning over clients who are dissatisfied with their current advisors. That’s why, if you want to be successful in selling life insurance, then you must focus on cultivating client loyalty. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, you’ll never be able to increase your life insurance sales if you lose clients.

63. Offer A “Don’t Miss the Boat” event. One of the most successful life insurance marketing strategies I’ve seen for raising the awareness of referrals and bringing in a stream of new business is called the “Don’t Miss the Boat” event. Yes, it may be a little gimmicky, but this is an event we’ve never seen fail, it has consistently produced referrals and results. This event is similar to a client appreciation event. However, the only people who are invited to this event are clients who have referred others to your firm.

64. Schedule Client Appreciation Dinners. A life insurance marketing idea that works extremely well is taking your best clients at least once a year for dinner along with their spouses. The clients meet your wife and this will take your relationship to a new level. Now when you speak to these clients, their first comment is usually, “How is Linda?” Furthermore, this process of involving the spouse will open up new sources of referrals.

65. Schedule Client Appreciation Events. A general rule of thumb states that it costs five times as much to find and attract a new life insurance client as it does to keep an existing one. Though we inherently know this rule of thumb to be true, most firms spend significantly more resources on new life insurance prospects than on existing clients. With a limited budget available, the marketing priorities are set on bringing in new prospects. But, this can be a costly mistake if existing clients are slipping out the back door.

A client marketing and communication strategy is an integral part of a comprehensive life insurance marketing plan. Successfully executing campaigns targeted to your clients will deepen relationships, increase the percentage of wealth you manage for clients, generate referrals, and defend against your competitors’ marketing efforts. Client appreciation events are one of the most common campaigns advisors use to market to their clients.

66. Critical Tip To Marketing Life Insurance Successfully: Practice, practice, practice! Because after years in this business, it is easy to become complacent. Practice your presentation, practice your close, and practice your follow-up.

67. Be Persistent and Patient! Successful people don’t give up when the going gets tough. While the majority of people look for the quickest, easiest way (the shortcut), successful people look for the course of action that will produce the best results over the long term. So, learn how to market life insurance successfully!

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Direct Mail – Tips On How to Market Life Insurance Successfully…

68. Using Direct Mail. The most valuable single sheet of paper, in all of direct marketing… is still a strong life insurance prospecting letter. Sending a well-written, benefit-laden, sales letter, to a well-defined niche market… can warm the coldest of customers. While paving the way for an easy entrance to a tough-to-get-a-hold-of prospect. Furthermore, it will soften the hardest entrance barriers… to allow you the opportunity to make a sale. The message you want to get across is that you know and understand their problems and that you can provide a solution. It’s not about you, your company, or your products. It’s all about them and how they will benefit from meeting with you. Because an effective sales letter will warm up lots of cool prospects for your phone call. While the best ad, or even the best brochure, will still leave most prospects cold.

The primary objective of a sales letter is to generate a direct response from prospects who have a problem, rather than selling a product or service. Because it is difficult for a single letter to sell directly without involving further contact or human intervention.

69. If you would like a response from a personal letter, then include a return envelope with a live stamp on it. It will either increase your response or it will drive them nuts.

70. In a direct mail solicitation, do not be afraid to ask them to take action several times. If the recipient does not take action (reply), then the piece fails. For best results, be very explicit and tell the reader exactly what you want them to do twice in the body copy, and then again in the PS.

71. Critical Tip To Marketing Life Insurance Successfully:  “People will buy when they’re ready to buy… not when YOU need to make a Sale!” Marketing experts like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Al Ries, Jack Trout, and Jeff Paul all suggest a MINIMUM of 6 follow-up mailings, with a desired 12-step process, mixed with phone calls, faxes, letters, and emails to maximize your life insurance marketing dollars spent!

72. There are two basic ways to use direct mail. You can send out 30 to 100 letters each week and follow up each letter with phone calls. Or, you can send out 5,000 to 10,000 sales letters or postcards per month and follow up on each response you get with phone calls. Which of these two ways works best? It depends on the agent or advisor. However, with either of these two ways, you need to have a well-rehearsed telephone script. Because you won’t get appointments by winging it.

73. Always offer your free information booklet or report at the end of your sales letter. Because it gives them another reason to respond.

74. Criss-Cross Directories. If you want a list of people to send your sales letters to, then all you need to do is find the streets they live on… And then go to your local library. In the library, you will want to look for the ‘Criss-Cross’ directories. Three common ones are the Hill Donnelly, Cole’s, and Polk Directories. They have every street listed, with everyone on the street, with their telephone numbers. In addition, they will provide you with lots of other good information and they generally will tell you if they are on the “No Call” list. Make a copy of those pages and you have a FREE LIST of your ideal prospects.

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Using Technology – Tips On How to Market Life Insurance Successfully…

75. Learn to use the computer. I may sound trite, but using the technology available to you is important. Research and communication are the two primary areas to focus on. However, being computer-savvy may just save you a case or two, because of your ability to quickly get the information the client needs.

76. The magic of the Web. The future of your practice relies on you placing your electronic business card, photo, information, and ideas in front of people on the web… so the people who are searching for help… can find you!

77. To Market Insurance Successfully you can no longer push products on people. They have to think like journalists and create a dialogue with their audience to earn a prospect’s trust. Free or low-cost applications such as blogs and podcasts, in addition to social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have changed the old rules.

In addition, free social networking applications can be used for managing your company’s reputation, conducting market research, monitoring your competitors’ efforts, and collaborating with your colleagues. Twitter can also serve as a platform for your company’s customer service. Your ideal clients can now be reached with targeted messages that cost a fraction of the old expensive advertising campaigns. In addition, social media marketing and PR efforts often allow instant feedback and measurable results. So now businesses can immediately see which insurance marketing tips, tools, and strategies are working for them and which ones are not.

78. Develop an integrated insurance marketing strategy. Contact your prospects through several marketing channels including direct marketing, Website information, email, telemarketing, and of course, personal meetings. For example, you can use direct mail to drive traffic online to your Web site for product information, rate calculators, and financial goals worksheets. So, promote your online resources with direct mail and in other print media.

79. Your Electronic database. It’s very important to get email addresses from all your clients, with their permission to accept your information from time to time. Then use this information to send them tips and solutions, up to twice per month. The info can be directly related to a product or service you wish to offer, or unrelated. This serves both to keep your name in front of them and also to maintain a “trusted insurance advisor” status.

80. Critical Tip and Tools To Successfully Market Life Insurance:  Put the accent on visitor experience, not traffic. Traffic is useless if you can not convert it into paying customers. A visitor experience-optimized Website with 500 visits per day can bring you twice the income as an un-optimized one with 10,000 visits per day.

81. Critical Tip and Tool To Successfully Market Life Insurance: Collect Their Email Address. When people visit your web, you want to know the people who are interested in your services, so you can drip your message onto them. So, get them to sign up for your free report or newsletter. Remember the “money is on the list“! A great list combined with email marketing should be the backbone of every marketing campaign!

Lew Nason Quote - "Prospecting is a series of continuous planned actions." Insurance Marketing Tips and Tools For agents and advisors.

82. Use Videos On Your Web Site. Recent surveys have shown that 5 in 6 people prefer to watch videos, rather than read pages of text, listen to a sales pitch, or click through PowerPoint slides. This makes sense. Because a video is a faster, easier way for our brains to process information. Videos are sales tools, not website content. If you do not use sales videos in your current selling process (including your website, your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and your email correspondence) then you are not communicating the need for the products you sell, as effectively or efficiently as you could be. Take a look at WebPrez Videos.

83. Suggest related Web sites in your own Web Site’s information area. Hence, it will make your website more relevant to the search engines and bring some traffic.

84. Use sitemap services on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Not only will it provide you with invaluable server and Web site data, but it will get your pages in their index faster.

85. Social media is an important tool today to market insurance successfully. For today’s financial advisors, social media is becoming an important tool as they search for newer ways to generate leads and build personal relationships with clients and prospects. Their objective is to grow a reputation as a trusted advisor in their community. Don’t be overwhelmed, with Facebook, Linked In, Google+, and Twitter! There are plenty of social media platforms out there to choose from.

However, do not feel like you have to use them all. Take the time to step back and consider your social media goals, as well as who your target audience is. Do you want to connect with other advisors? Try LinkedIn. Or, do you want to reach out to customers and prospects? Then maybe Facebook is for you. Whatever you choose, remember three things: listen, engage, and share.

86. Facebook Profile. Remember, people buy from people, not companies. Your Facebook Profile allows you to connect with customers on a more personal level. So, if used properly, it can provide a unique channel to connect with clients in a new and exciting way.

87. Facebook Fan Page. You really need to set up a fan page or else you risk being left behind as more businesses shift to social networks. Facebook fan pages are different than profiles. You have a profile for you, John Smith, but your business can not have a profile; it can have a page. A page is a place to house all the pertinent information about your company. They are so useful because you can include everything that relates to your business in one place with a built-in potential audience, as well as include links to your website and blog to expand your network.

88. Show Up In Google Search Results – Claim Your Google Business Listing. Fortunately, there is an easy way for you to increase your chances of showing up in Google search results. Even better it is FREE! Google allows you to claim your business. Essentially, what you are doing is notifying Google that your business exists and where it is located. You will be asked to answer a few questions about your business like the name of the business, your address, telephone number, etc. After you submit this information, Google will then verify the information you provided to ensure you are who you say you are. The entire process should not take you more than 5 minutes. The following link will take you to the appropriate Google site to claim your business listing. Claim your business listing now!

89. Integrate Fundraising and community service into your social media strategy. Create an annual community service event that the entire office/clients can contribute to such as a community walk, bake sale, or other event giving back to the community.

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Life Insurance Marketing and Prospecting Tips and Tools… How To Market Life Insurance Successfully

90. Critical Tip and Tool To Successfully Market Life Insurance: The more you sweat in training, the less you’ll bleed in battle. Too many salespeople are not only bleeding in the “battle” to sell to their customers, but they’re also hemorrhaging. Refine your skills in private and you’ll have more victories in public. There are no shortcuts. Training is not glamorous or overly exciting. It doesn’t work overnight. But it does work. Choose the “pain” of daily training and skill development or the “pain” of losing more deals. Pick one or the other. There is no third choice.” by Dave Anderson, author of “Selling Above The Crowd”.

91. The most common mistake newcomers make is to think that by expanding their portfolio they will “secure” more business. And, nothing can be further from the truth. However, the truth is that specializing and narrowing your focus as much as possible will increase the likelihood of you getting more business.

Consider, that an accountant specializing in car dealerships will get more business than a general accountant will. An advertising consultant specializing in print media for home furnishing stores will get more business than a typical advertising agent will. A photographer specializing in weddings will get more business than a regular photographer will. And the list goes on and on.” – Dr. Michel Fortin

92. In insurance marketing, I’ve seen only one strategy that does not miss – and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last. – John Romero

93. For a business not to advertise is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but no one else does – Stuart H. Britt, US advertising consultant

94. You can have brilliant ideas, but if you cannot get them across! Then your ideas will not get you anywhere. – Lee Iacocca, former Chrysler CEO

95. A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn a reputation by trying to do hard things well. – Jeff Bezos,

96. Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business. – Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway

97. Early to bed, early to rise, advertise, advertise, advertise. – Ray Kroc, McDonald’s

98. Marketing aims to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. – Peter Drucker, US Businessman

99. The purest treasure mortal times can afford is a spotless reputation. – William Shakespeare, an English dramatist

100. Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing. – John Rockefeller

101. Critical Tip and Tools To Successfully Market Life Insurance: It is time for advisors to stop focusing on making money for themselves and start focusing on helping the client. Selling is simple if you do the right thing for all of your clients. If you focus completely on helping a client without worrying about the commissions, then you will build your practice better. – John Gotschall, CLU, Coaching Financial Concepts, Inc.

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