Meet Our Insurance Pro Shop Team & Our Family

Our Goal… The Insurance Pro Shop team is to help bring about a positive change in the insurance industry! So that we can help make it the respected and trusted profession that it should be! While we help you to earn the great living you want and deserve.

Note: We are the first and only ‘Full Service’ sales training and sales support team for advisors… We are NOT recruiters! 

Our Mission… Is To Help You… To Help Families To Live Debt Free & Truly Wealthy!

Meet Stacey And Jeremy!

Coach Jeremy B. Nason, RFC® (Book A Time)
Jeremy is the co-founder of the Insurance Pro Shop and the Found Money Management strategies. Jeremy’s mission is to impart sound and proven strategies that enable professionals to identify, secure appointments with, and successfully close sales with their ideal prospects. Jeremy entered the Insurance Industry in 1994 (age 17), now entering his mid-40s.  He has 29 years of experience in the financial services industry as a Regional General Agent, Recruiter, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach, and Mentor.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has been instrumental in helping thousands of agents achieve remarkable income growth, consistently doubling or even tripling their earnings. His unique perspectives provide valuable insights into how professionals can genuinely assist their clients. With Jeremy’s guidance, Insurance Industry Professionals can enhance their practices, deepen client relationships, and truly make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

As a Regional General Agent, he has qualified for numerous sales conventions and awards… From Aviva Life.

Of Agents Jeremy Coached in 2023 – 3 Top of the Table Producers, 1 Court Of Table, and 10+ MDRT Members/Qualifiers. Do you want to make MDRT in 2024? (Book A Time)

 Stacey K. Nason 
Stacey has been with the Pro Shop since 2002. Though Disabled Now, she supports the Pro Shop when able. So, you may see her speaking at some of the live events, videos, or contributing articles on marketing in the IPS Blog!

Stacey and Jeremy have been linked at the hip since age 19! Happily married since 2004.  Stacey and Jeremy have 3 children& 3 granddaughters(Tapanga, Skye, and Autumn), and 1 Adopted Grandson (Blake).


Meet Rosemary And Lew!

Lew Nason,,, Insurance Sales Trainer, coach and Mentor... "The 9 Out of 10 Guy"Lewis B. Nason, LUTCF®, RFC®-Retired
Lew is the co-founder of the Insurance Pro Shop and the Found Money Management strategies. He is a college graduate in business administration. While having 40+ years of experience in the insurance industry as an Account Representative, Business and Estate Planning Liaison, Branch Manager, Regional General Agent, Recruiter, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach, and Mentor.

As an Agent, Branch Manager, and Regional General Agent he has qualified for numerous sales conventions and awards… From Met Life, Jefferson Pilot Life, and Aviva Life.

Rosemary J. Nason
Rosemary is a former senior corporate accountant for a Fortune 500 Company. While semi-retired, she still helps out the Insurance Pro Shop Team where and when she is needed! She also works as a volunteer ‘Court Appointed Special Advocate’ for abused children.

Happily married since 1968… Yes, that’s over 50 years! And they have 3 children, 10 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren!

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Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy

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