Success Tip... Where Can You Find The Best Annuity Leads... to set The best annuity sales appointments?

Where Can You Find More And Better Annuity Leads… To Set The Best Annuity Sales Appointments?

Where Can You Find The Best Annuity Leads... to set the best annuity sales appointments?Dear Friends… One of the most searched items on the internet by advisors… is how to find more and better annuity leads! Most agents and advisors want to know how they can find people who have money to invest. So, they will buy a list of people who have money in CDs. Or they may buy a list of people that have a net income of over $200,000… and/or over a million in assets! Or they will use some other source for annuity leads! Then they will call all of those annuity leads to try to set a sales appointment. But they cannot set enough sales appointments from those annuity leads. Or close enough sales from those annuity sales appointments. So, they are always looking for more and better annuity leads. Or find an annuity lead and sales system that works!

Most of the advisors who find us on the internet will tell us that they do not have a problem setting annuity sales appointments with leads… if they can get them on the phone. And they will close an annuity sale with almost everyone they get to meet with them. So, they just need to find a lot more and better annuity leads!

But do they need to buy more annuity leads? Or do they need a better way to set sales appointments with those annuity leads? And then do they need to get a lot better at fact-finding so they close more and much larger annuity sales appointments?

However, the main reason advisors have trouble getting annuity leads on the phone… Is the same reason that they have trouble setting annuity sales appointments and closing sales! The people that they call have never heard of them!

“People prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust.”

Every day we get 10 or more sales calls on our home phone and cell phone! And if my wife does not recognize the number or name, then she will answer the phone and immediately hang up! So that they can’t even leave a message.

How To Set More Annuity Sales Appointments!

If you buy annuity leads, then you will want to find a way for them to get to know you and the services that you offer BEFORE YOU CALL THEM! It is what will set you apart from all of the other advisors out there!

Before you make the annuity sales call to set an appointment. You should send people a letter to introduce yourself and to explain what you do to help retirees. You might even include a recent newsletter that you sent to your clients to help them see you as an expert. Then a few days later you should follow up with a phone call. Ask permission to ask them a few questions! So that you get them to talk about the problems they face. Then, anyone who doesn’t agree to set a sales appointment… should be invited to your free annuity educational workshop online or in person. (5-10 couples)

Sample questions that you might ask them…

If you don’t mind me asking, are you retired? Are you concerned that you might run out of money in retirement? How do you feel about that? What would happen?

To set an annuity sales appointment, you will want to have a conversation with them about how they feel… and then what they want!

Then you might say… If I could show you how to guarantee that you don’t run outlive your money, with complete safety? Then would it be worth a few minutes to sit down and talk about it?

There Are Better Ways To Find Annuity Leads!

We are not big believers in you buying annuity leads… or any other leads! Because those annuity leads will not know who you are! People prefer to do business with people that they know, like, and trust!

One of the ways in our annuity sales system to find annuity leads is to offer a free information booklet or report on your website and Facebook page. Or you can run an ad for your free information booklet in the newspaper or on Facebook. You should offer your free information booklet on everything that you send out of your office, including your client newsletter. It is one of the best ways for you to help retirees get to know you and see what you do to help them!

However, the best way for you to find annuity leads and set sales appointments (besides with the people you know) is to form a joint venture with a business that caters to your ideal annuity prospects (leads). The idea is for you to get them to recommend your services to all of their clients, using one of the sales letters that we have in our annuity marketing and sales system. Then you can follow up with a phone call to set an annuity sales appointment, send them your monthly newsletter, and invite them to your free educational workshop!

Here is what this agent had to say about our annuity marketing, lead, appointment setting, and sales system with our training!  

“I have represented many fine insurance companies over the years, but all of them share a glaring flaw. That flaw is a lack of a committed marketing program. The insurance companies I represented talked endlessly about how great their product was, or how many years the company was in existence, which seemed to matter very little to my clients. Then I came across your excellent materials and programs and I realized that your programs were the best material for new agents, as well as veteran producers like me.

One of the great results of your complete program, in my case the annuity program, was the newfound confidence I felt while going through your material. Since I began the annuity training course, in the past three months, I have closed two cases for total premium of $220,000 which has generated almost 14,000 in commission. Before I was lucky to do that in the course of a year!” Raymond Naclerio – FL (41 years in business)

“Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.” Earl Nightingale

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What This Agent Had To Say About Our Annuity Marketing, Leads, Appointment Setting, And Sales System To Help Retirees and Boomers!

Shawn Borden - Annuity Sales Articles, Tips, Ideas and Strategies!“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help. I took your systems in life insurance and annuities and achieved top producer status. My agency was appointed as a premier financial services office for Allstate. And we also led the region in IPS and Production Credit and qualified for Century Club. Thank you for all you do and for being so sharing and kind. It’s so rare in these times to find people of your caliber, who put ethics ahead of profits. You have my deepest gratitude.” Shaun C. Borden, Allstate Agency Owner – FL (10 years in this business)

When will read our annuity marketing and sales articles, tips, ideas, and strategies for helping retirees and boomers? Then put the annuity marketing, leads, appointment setting, and sales articles, strategies, ideas, and tips to work for you to double and triple your annuity sales… in the next 60 days!

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