Success Tips - Logic makes people think, but emotion gets people buy insurance In the Insurance Sales Process!

Logic Makes People Think… But Emotion Gets People To Buy Insurance!

03/11/2021… Do you want to sell a lot more insurance, and annuities, along with your services? Then stop trying to convince people logically why they should buy your insurance products and services. People buy based on emotions! So you use emotion throughout your sales process to get people to buy insurance?

“People buy based on their emotions… And then they justify their decisions based on logic!”

The problem we all have is that most of the training we get is based on learning the facts and numbers of our products (the logic). It is how our companies convinced us how great their products are. So, we tend to think that we need to convince people to buy the same way.

However, you must understand that people buy based on their emotions… NOT on logic!

For example, by only telling people about your product features and growth potential… you will get poor results selling insurance! And those poor results selling insurance are because you have completely missed the emotional side of the decision process.

We are all driven by our feelings. So, if you want your prospects to remember you, your products, and your services, then you must get them emotionally engaged in every part of the insurance sales process!

Emotion is what will get people to buy your ideas and insurance products!

Good Marketers Know that Emotion Gets People To Buy Insurance!

Help Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy... Help People To Increase Their Savings! Get people to buy insuranceExamples of emotion-based sales campaigns are everywhere. Think for a moment, about what is being sold in most marketing campaigns?

Luxury goods target our feelings of self-worth, acceptance, and status in the world. Communication devices excite us by offering a connection to friends, family, and a broader network of people. Athletic brands inspire us by offering adventure and glory through the act of competition. And many other products, such as perfume, cologne, and lingerie, target emotions related to love, relationships, and sexual desires.

As marketers selling insurance, we should focus on the features of the product. But we must also sell the lifestyle and the feeling! The key is to highlight the emotional response your client will have by using the product. Emotions are what will get people to buy what they want!

As the old saying for sell insurance goes – Sell the sizzle, not the steak!

And if you want to achieve the highest emotional response, then you should target your prospects through many different senses. For example, think about the colors and shapes on your logo, homepage, or product packaging. How do they make prospects feel? Consider the words and messaging carefully. Are they emotional and engaging? Do your face-to-face interactions give prospects a good feeling about you and your services.

A lot of what drives prospects to act is their emotions. And, this is a good thing. There is nothing manipulative about you helping your prospects to get emotionally involved in the insurance sales process. Your products and services are designed to satisfy your prospect’s desires or wants. And like it or not, those desires will always be based largely on their emotions. So if you want to sell more insurance you must use emotions!

Use Emotions To Get People To Buy Insurance!

As salespeople, we must also work to get our clients emotionally engaged… so they will want to set an appointment with us. And we must use emotions so they will want to set better priorities and get them to buy the insurance we recommend! Need is logical! Want is emotional and sells insurance!

That is why you need to ask them questions throughout the entire insurance sales process! Ask them questions in your marketing, appointment setting, and fact-finding phase to get people to think about the problems they face now and in the future. And then ask them more questions to get them to think about what will happen… if they don’t take action right now to solve those problems.

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