Best Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) – Insurance Agent Recruiters!

Help Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy... Help People To Increase Their Savings! We Are Not Insurance Agent Recruiters! We are an independent insurance marketing training organization,Do You Want To Learn How To Really Help Families? Instead of just making a quick product sale? Do you want to work with the best Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) and Insurance Agent Recruiters? So you will quickly increase your life insurance and annuity sales?

Do you want to earn a six or even a seven-figure income?

These are the Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) – Insurance Agent Recruiters, we think you will find helpful!

We are not insurance agent recruiters. The Insurance Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) listed below do not pay us a fee to list them or give us any other compensation.

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Trusted Independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs) – Insurance Agent Recruiters!

Below are the independent marketing organizations (IMOs) – insurance agent recruiters who we have come to know well and trust!

However, if you want to quickly increase your leads, appointments, life insurance, and annuity sales, and really help families, then check us out! Because the Insurance Pro Shop is the first and only full-service independent marketing and sales training and support organization for insurance agents and financial advisors! We are NOT insurance agent recruiters! 

Insurance Designers of America (KC Office)
Bryan Milberger is the “one guy to call” when you have an annuity or life insurance case. Because it is literally impossible for you to stay current with all the… “What’s New” and “What’s Changing” these days. And that’s where Bryan comes in. Because he charges himself with simplifying and streamlining the sales process for his agents in every way possible. He knows the insurance products inside and out! And because he does… You can finally get all your questions answered by making just one call. He also knows the internal processes of insurance carriers. And then what it takes to get a case issued quickly.

Our IDA Kansas City office has a reputation for being “the biggest and the badest” insurance independent marketing organization! Because we know our stuff. We look into the details. And we deliver the same solid service in every case. Our advisors will tell you they want no one else as an insurance partner. Especially when it comes to tackling very large or very difficult cases. Or, when they are in a competitive situation.

Postema Marketing Group LLC
IS AN (IMO) WITH A TWIST… Welcome to Postema Marketing Group. If you are a new or newer agent, then take a look around our site. As you’ll quickly see we’re not like most Independent Marketing Organizations – Insurance Agent Recruites. Because we like to have fun. We are also VERY good at what we do… While providing endless opportunities for our clients.

Wealth Financial Life
We are an IMO (Independent Marketing Organization) offering you a comprehensive insurance product portfolio. But, first and foremost, we are your partner in bringing your clients the planning they need… For the security they desire!

United Underwriters
Independent Marketing Organization – we give you same-day insurance sales illustrations, 24-hour service on impaired risk illustrations, and competitive product analysis.

What Agents Say About Our Systems, Training, Coaching, And Support To Quickly Increase Your Life Insurance And Annuity Sales!

“I think anyone who has experienced Insurance Pro Shop in any capacity knows the first-class training that Lew and Jeremy Nason offer agents, both new and experienced. But the one thing that makes the Nasons special is how much they care about not only us, as THEIR clients, but OUR clients as well. The Nasons will not only help you increase your income, but if you apply what they teach you, you will truly become a trusted advisor of your community. You will learn to sell the RIGHT way. The Nasons are wonderful people and I am very fortunate to have met them!” Oliver Chamberlain PA (12 years in the business)

“I want to thank Jeremy Nason and Lew Nason for their coaching on life insurance strategies.  They helped me to further my understanding of how to communicate the importance of life insurance policies to my customers more effectively.  My life insurance policy count has increased (into high double digits) by over 200% through August 2020.”

“The coaching that I have received from Lew and Jeremy at Insurance Pro Shop has been such a help and very effective.  This has resulted in me helping many more families to be insured with life insurance.  If you are new to the business or you are a seasoned veteran, Lew and Jeremy can help in these challenging times.  After all, the need for life insurance is at an all-time high.  Agents simply need to remember that success is found by using a process and system that finds solutions for families and individuals using life insurance.” Christopher Antonopoulos – NV, Managing VP, Appreciation Insurance & Financial Services (12 yrs in financial sales)

“My business is exploding! I wished I followed the IPS stuff sooner. What is amazing to me is that I was making this way too hard. I have taught 3 library classes so far this week and have a 4th class on Saturday. I have been getting about 10-15 (5-6 couples and a few singles) attendees per class and everyone is booking appointments with me. To rephrase that….after the class they are asking me for the appointment.” Raymond J. Kozicki – IL (12 years in the business)

Brian Tracy - Highly Recommends and Endorses The Life Insurance And Annuity Sales Training From Insurance Pro Shop, Lew Nason, Jeremy Nason
The Only Independent Insurance Marketing Training & Support Organization Recommended By Over 40 Industry Leaders and Experts!

Independent Life Insurance Marketing, Leads, And Sales Support Organization To Quickly Increase Your Insurance Sales!

Trusted Advisor Success Program™

Revealed… The Only 90-day Insurance Agent Training, Coaching, And Sales Support Program (independent organization) To Learn How To Help Families! So You Sell Life Insurance And Annuities Like The Legends!

Trusted Advisor Success ProgramOur Trusted Advisor Success Program (Life insurance marketing, exclusive (organic) leads, and sales tools system)! This insurance agent sales training and coaching is about you learning how to help middle-income families (people) find the money to Live Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy! It is about you helping families (people) find the money… To get all the cash-value life insurance they need to protect their families. While you help them find the money… To save for a tax-free retirement, save for college, create a family bank, and more! Using your cash-value IUL, whole life insurance, and annuities!

Using our life insurance marketing, exclusive (organic) leads, and sales program… You will get 90 days of personal insurance agent training and coaching… with back-office sales support! All from a team of insurance coaches who have been training agents and advisors for over 40 years … to be Trusted Advisors just like the Industry Legends Ben Feldman, Tom Wolf, John Savage, Van Meuller, and Medhi Fakharzadeh! Helping families (people) find the money to secure their future. It is the best agent sales training to attract exclusive (organic) life insurance leads. So you guarantee you will earn $250k or more per year… Selling IUL, whole life insurance, and annuities!

First, you will get the best agent marketing training… to find and attract your best exclusive (organic) life insurance sales leads/prospects. Then you will get our proven scripts and the right questions to ask your insurance prospects… to set great life insurance sales appointments.

Next, you will get the best insurance agent fact-finding and sales training. You will learn to ask prospects the right questions. We will show you how to help families see and want to solve their money problems. We will also show you how to help families (people) find the money… So they can buy the life insurance they need right now!

Then you will get the insurance agent sales training you need to learn how to help families (people) find the money to take immediate action to buy life insurance!

Finally, you will get insurance agent sales training to learn the best sales presentations… So you will successfully close 9 out of 10 IUL, whole life insurance, and annuity sales. So you will earn $100K, $200K, or more per year selling life insurance like the Legends.

Learn the best life insurance marketing, exclusive (organic) leads, appointment setting, sales system, and training for agents and advisors. It is how you will find and attract exclusive (organic) life insurance leads. It is how you will learn to help people find the money… To start closing more and larger life insurance sales today! 

When You Will Master The Best MARKETING To Find And Attract Your Best And Exclusive (Organic) Life Insurance Leads/Prospects?

Inside our agent training program, you will find the best insurance marketing plans and sales strategies! You will learn the best ways to use… Joint Ventures; Educational Workshops and Seminars; Booklets and Free Reports; Referred Leads; Social Media; Client Newsletters; Annual Reviews; and more to find and attract exclusive (organic) life insurance leads… With all the sales tools, appointment scripts, and more. Now you can find and attract your exclusive (organic) life insurance Leads, set your best sales appointments, and close more sales! Because your ‘specialized marketing message’ to everyone is… How you help families (people) find the money to Live Debt-Free and Truly Wealthy!

INCLUDES… The best life insurance marketing, agent sales training, coaching, and support! It is everything you need to Help People find the money to use all the HOT Sales Concepts… Infinite Banking. Missed Fortune, Circle Of Wealth, Tax-Free Retirement, and more… To sell IUL, whole life, and annuities! Because they are all a part of our Trusted Advisor Success Program. Now you can help every family (people) find the money to secure their future – not just the wealthy!

Includes… 90 Days of Personal Insurance Agent Training, Coaching, and Back-office Sales Support… Worth $2,097,
Our Found Money Management™ Tool KitLife insurance marketing, exclusive (organic) leads, appointment setting, and agent sales success tools system,
With Our How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Sales – Life Insurance Appointment, Sales System, And Agent Training Videos,
Also membership to our IPS Private Site With weekly agent training and coaching webinars – at $39.95 per month after the first month!

Middle American Family's Guide To Living Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy!When Will You Read Our Full-Length Book? So You Will Learn How To Help Families!

Middle American Family’s Guide To – Living Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy!
By Lew Nason, LUTCF, CTA, RFC Retired, And Jeremy Nason RFC, CTA

We urge you to take the time to read our 20-chapter book… ‘Middle American Family’s Guide To Living Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy“! Because we give you complete strategies, on how you can help middle-income families find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for a secure future! So that you can help middle-income families to “Live Debt-Free and Truly Wealthy”! As a result, you will understand our philosophies, concepts, and techniques by the end of the book. And finally, you will know how you can make a real difference… By helping your family, friends, clients, and neighbors get rid of their debt. So they can save for retirement. So that they will have a secure financial future! Book Outline – Get A Digital Copy of Our 20 Chapter Book! Only $18.97, Immediate Download, ORDER Now!

Important Question… Are you in this insurance business just to make sales? Or are you really interested in helping families? Who do you think insurance prospects want to see? Do they want to meet with an insurance salesperson – or a Trusted Advisor who does their best to help them? When will you decide to make a real difference in people’s lives? The more personal insurance agent training, coaching, and sales support you get to learn how to help families… Then the more you will learn how to help yourself and your family! Nothing will change until you decide to take action to make it change!

The Best Marketing And Sales Training Systems To Help Families – The Best Independent Organization To Quickly Increase Your Life Insurance And Annuity Sales!

We Want To Help You Get The Life Insurance and Annuity Sales Training And Find The Best Insurance Marketing Organizations (IMOs) - Recruiters!

Recommended By The Members Of The IARFC - Best Insurance independent Marketing Organizations (IMOs)... agent Recruiters! Learn To Help Families So You Quickly Increase Your Insurance Sales!