What Is Really Holding You Back From Sales Success?

What Is Holding You Back From More Insurance Sales Success?

07/16/2020… Dear fellow advisors; Today with all that has happened in our world, in the past 3 months, we all tend to procrastinate. We want to wait to see what happens before we take action. Even when we know that we have to take action right now. Because our insurance sales success in this changing world will be determined by whether or not we adapt to those changes. And also by how quickly we adapt.

Our friend Sandy Schussell has written this to help you… So that you will have more success in insurance sales… And in life too! You will want to read the whole article because you need to understand what is holding you back! And then how you fix it.


In most of my conversations with advisors, there’s a point when they freely admit that what’s holding them back from more insurance sales success is…THEM! This is always true. More success in insurance sales and life comes from the inside.

Most of the time, they believe that challenges like procrastination, perfectionism and endless distractions are the culprits to their lack of insurance sales success. But these are symptoms of the real challenge, not their actual roadblocks. The real challenges to their insurance sales success generally fall into three categories:

1. Fear

Healthy fear isn’t a bad thing. It’s kept you alive to this point. But, as I point out in my first book, The High Diving Board, the paralyzing fears that stop us from taking action in a world where the only real danger is some imagined loss of face or financial loss aren’t healthy. For most of us, this kind of fear falls into three categories:

(i) Fear of what people will think or say. What if you fail? What if you become too visible and too controversial? How will you be able to face people? And, on the other side, what if you become too successful and friends and family start to treat you differently?

(ii) Fear of wasting time or energy. You’re afraid you’ll put a lot of time in and then it will end up not working. You’re also afraid that you’ll work impossibly long hours or that you’ll be overwhelmed or exhausted or that you won’t be able to follow through.

(iii) Money fear. You’re afraid to invest in the help you need… an assistant, a coach, technology. Because you’re afraid you’ll waste or lose your money. So that you will end up earning less. You’re afraid you won’t be able to keep up the momentum and you’ll have a lot more to lose. And then, on the flip side, you’re afraid of the changes more money will bring to your life.

2. Not knowing what to do

We’re bombarded every day with new prospecting methods, new financial and insurance products and services, new approaches to wealth management and protection, etc., and it can be overwhelming. So, we either act on everything with disastrous effects or we don’t act on anything.

3. Believing that you’re “not enough”

This thinking is more pervasive than people know or will admit to. Feeling out of your element. Feeling like an impostor. And feeling like you’re not smart enough or brave enough or aggressive enough or old enough or young enough, etc. This affects everything you do. Because you’re an impostor, someone will surely figure it out… And then they will call you out on it.

Fear is a mask of desire

My colleague, Rich Litvin, who inspired this article, tells us:

“Fear is a mask for desire. Not knowing what to do is a clever cover for fear. Not feeling ‘enough’ is your unconscious keeping you safe.”

While there are a lot of ways to address the 3 big roadblocks to your insurance sales success, there’s one single solution that often helps you overcome all of them:

Be on a mission. Find something so important for you to accomplish that nothing will stop you… not fear, not lack of knowledge… nothing. Being on a mission to which you’re 100% committed, can make challenges like procrastination, perfectionism, distraction, and time management issues simply disappear.

Sandy Schussel

So what is your mission? When will you reach out and let us help you find and refine your mission? So that you can make your roadblocks to insurance sales success disappear!

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Our Philosophy… If you help enough people to get what they want, then you will get what you want… A lot more success in insurance sales!

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