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What Are You Feeding Your Mind… To Improve Your Life Insurance Sales?

08/04/2020… Dear Fellow Advisors; One of the people that was a great mentor and friend in my life was the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones. He is gone now, but his daughter Tracey Jones is keeping his message and his memory alive. Please take a few minutes to read and think about this except her book… Beyond Tremendous! Think about what you are feeding your mind each day! Is it positive or negative? Will, what you read help you to live a better life? Will the people that you listen to… help you to improve your life insurance sales? 

Monkey Read, Monkey Do! …Tracey Jones 

“You’ll be the same person in five years as you are today except for two things… the people you meet and the books you read.” Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

I never get sick of hearing this quote and I’ve probably heard it more than anyone on the planet except for my older siblings. We all had it drilled into our heads throughout our childhoods. Televisions were locked away in the deepest, darkest recesses of the attic to promote reading and writing during our teen years.

Reading was always a required part of my professional life. I had to read books and pass tests to meet promotion opportunities in the military. I had to read Air Force instructions and regulations so I understood the rules covering personnel as well as equipment and operations. Plus I read many contractual documents and technical manuals as well to help me achieve success in other fields.

But while I was busy feeding my brain, was I nourishing my mind? I was certainly meeting plenty of people who were constantly impacting me, but were the books I was reading doing the same thing? We hear so much about reinventing ourselves. The workings of the mind are very simple: trash in, trash out. I’ve spent the last year reading, editing, and publishing material that has completely changed my mindset. Because of my previous careers, many would say I’m book smart as well as street smart. I would agree with that. But that alone doesn’t mean that I have changed positively.

Book smarts are facts that come and go. Street smarts are the events that come and go. But the wisdom gained by spending time feeding your mind lasts a lifetime.

Tracey Jones…

Is it time for you to start feeding your mind to improve your life insurance sales and your life?

What will you read today, so that you will know how to find and then attract the right prospects to you? So that you can set more and better sales appointments! 

Who will you listen to right now, so that you will get a lot better at helping people? So that you will close more and larger sales?

Are you gaining the wisdom that you need to see what you must do today? So that you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

I believe that… If you think you can, or think you can’t, then you are right! You can be anything that you want to be! It just takes your commitment to make it happen!

There are no shortcuts on the road to success! You have to do all the right things! And then learn how to do them right!

You have to build on your strengths! While you work on your weaknesses!

And that is all about what you feed your mind with each day to improve your life insurance sales and your life!

We are here to help you to get to wherever you want to go! You can succeed beyond your wildest dreams in insurance sales… If and when you decide to commit to making it happen!

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