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How To Sell Mortgage Life Insurance… The Easy Way!

Mortgage Life Insurance Agent Sales TrainingDear Friends… Are you here because you want to find an easy and more affordable way for you to sell mortgage life insurance? Do you want an easy way for you to find the best mortgage insurance leads/prospects? Do you want to know an easy way to set more mortgage life insurance sales appointments? Or, are you here because you just want more and better… Mortgage life Insurance sales training and support to make $100k, $250k, or more?

Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars each week trying to find the best mortgage life insurance leads/prospects? Are you tired of working long hours and driving all over creation to sell mortgage life insurance?

Now, how good would you feel… if you had a ‘foolproof’ mortgage life insurance lead, appointment setting, and selling system? A selling system that would allow you to find and attract all the mortgage life insurance leads/prospects and sales appointments you need… right in your community! So, in the next 30-90 days, you could double and triple your mortgage life insurance sales and commissions. While you dramatically cut your mortgage life insurance leads costs and travel expenses?

Now you have come to the right place. Because we offer proven mortgage life insurance leads, appointment setting, and selling techniques that my family and I have learned over the past 4 decades working with the legends in this industry.

As a result, we have used them for over 40 years… to help thousands of agents earn $100,000, $250,000, or much more annually selling mortgage life insurance! And you can do it too!

And here is the proof…

Mark Kanakaris -“I have been looking for a “magic” system for selling insurance and leads. It doesn’t exist! However, within about 30 days the Insurance Pro Shop’s Mortgage Protection Sales System and training has changed my practice! This is a complete system that if applied can turn anyone’s practice around in 30 days. The simple facts are… from Jan 1/2011 – Mar 31/2011, I sold $30k in life premium. From April 1-18th I sold $14K in life premium and 2 annuities for $57k. I also had a client call me and we are working on a $300k annuity which will be the largest I have ever moved.”

“I have looked everywhere for a system that works, and bought a lot systems. But, this is the only one that really works. There are some simple truths to this business and you cannot work around them. The key to the selling Mortgage Protection is in showing people how to pay for the coverage the want. I think this is a must have for any agent. It changed my life.” Mark Kanakaris – GA, (4 years in business)

David Trusler - “Lew, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for recommending the Mortgage Protection Tool Kit. It has definitely helped me increase my average case size from $600 annual premium to well over $2000 annual premium per case. Also, prior to purchasing the tool kit, I was spending over $2,000 per month on leads. I am proud to say that I have not purchased a single lead in over two months and my production is still climbing. What a life changer. I cannot thank you enough. You are truly making a difference.” David Trusler, MBA, IL, Trusler Financial Group, (6 years in business)

Now Make Selling Mortgage Life Insurance… Easier And More Profitable!

First of all, there are two basic approaches to selling Mortgage Life Insurance. However, if you want to learn how to sell mortgage life insurance the ‘Easy Way’… Then you must understand why the ‘Old Fashioned’ approach to selling mortgage life insurance… Does not work for 90% of the agents today!

The first approach is the ‘Old Fashioned’ way most insurance trainers, recruiters, and managers teach their agents to sell mortgage life insurance. This starts with the ‘outdated’ belief that selling mortgage life insurance is just a numbers game. Accordingly, they will tell you that everyone who has just bought a new home needs mortgage life insurance. So, if you talk to enough new home buyers, then you will find enough prospects/leads who say they want mortgage life insurance. And you will sell all the mortgage life insurance you need for a great living. Their approach is based on the principle of 10-3-1! So if you call ten (10) new mortgage life insurance leads… Then you’ll set three (3) mortgage insurance sales appointments… And you will close one (1) sale.

The main problem with this ‘Outdated’ 10-3-1 logic is that if you want to earn a minimum of $50,000 per year, then you will need a minimum of thirty (30) new mortgage insurance leads per week. So you can schedule nine (9) sales appointments, and close three (3) mortgage insurance sales per week. Which doesn’t allow for any canceled mortgage insurance appointments, not-taken policies, declined applications, lapsed policies, etc.

The second problem with this ‘Outdated’ 10-3-1 logic is the cost! If you use a direct mail campaign, based on a 2% average response rate, (which is higher than normal) then you will need to send out a minimum of 2,000 direct mail pieces per week, to receive 30 mortgage insurance leads per week. (30 prospects that say they will consider buying mortgage life insurance) This means with postage, paper, envelopes, printing, the list, etc. you will need to spend about $600 – $800 per week. ($31,000 to $40,000 per year) The facts are, whether you buy 30 qualified mortgage life insurance leads a week from a lead company, or run enough newspaper Ads to generate 30 qualified mortgage insurance leads you will spend about the same $600 – $800 per week/ $31,000 to $40,000 per year.

However, for you to have a net income of $50,000 per year, your gross insurance commissions for the year will need to be about $90,000. This means you must close three mortgage life insurance sales for $1,731 of gross commissions per week. Or an average commission per mortgage life insurance sale of about $600.

If you want to earn a net income of $100,000 per year, then all the above numbers double! So you’ll need sixty (60) insurance leads, to schedule eighteen (18) sales appointments per week, to close six (6) Mortgage life insurance sales per week. So you earn gross commissions of about $3,462 per week.

As you can see there are several major problems with this ‘Old Fashioned’ approach to selling mortgage life insurance… As many agents have already found out!

  • Spend Too Much Money… To find the best mortgage insurance leads.
  • Long Hours… How many hours a week would you have to work to set mortgage insurance sales appointments and then see 18 people per week – 50, 60, or more hours?
  • Wasted Driving Time… And, to do a 2,000-piece mailing per week to new homeowners, you will need to gather names from all over your county and possibly state!
  • Agent Burn Out… Plus, if you consistently work 50, 60, or more hours per week, then how long would it take for you to get burned out?
  • Poor Return On Investment… Whether you use direct mail, newspaper ads, buy leads, or take a reduction in commissions, isn’t spending $30,000 to $40,000 per year a poor return on your investment, if you only net $50,000 of income per year?
  • Poor Quality Mortgage Insurance Prospects and Appointments… Additionally, when you send out sales letters, run newspaper ads, or use Internet leads, who are the people who will most likely respond to the offer for mortgage life protection? Will it be the people who know they need mortgage life insurance because they have a health problem? Plus the people who are just shopping and looking for the lowest-priced products! Are these really your best Mortgage Insurance Prospects for Sales Appointment?

Now There Is An EASIER, More Cost-Effective Approach To Find The Best Mortgage Insurance Prospects!

To begin with, the proven, time-tested approach we take (in all of our systems, programs, and training) is to make sure that you attract, contact, and meet with your ‘IDEAL’ mortgage life insurance prospects! So, instead of playing the numbers game, we want you to focus on finding and attracting the best mortgage life insurance prospects that are in your local community! So you work with the mortgage insurance prospects that you have the best chance of setting an appointment and selling! Our strategy is based on 5-4-3! So, if you talk to five (5) of the ‘Right Mortgage Insurance Prospects’, you will set four (4) sales appointments and close three (3) sales.

The logic is that if you focus on finding and contacting the right mortgage insurance leads/prospects, then it is much easier for you to set sales appointments… and sell mortgage insurance! Plus you will make sell larger mortgage life insurance policies. When you work with the right mortgage insurance prospects (your best leads), you will have fewer canceled appointments… fewer not-taken policies… fewer declined applications… fewer lapsed policies, etc.

When do you want to learn how to sell mortgage life insurance… Easy Way?

Would you like to spend less time and money, to find and then attract your best mortgage life insurance leads/prospects?

What would it mean to you to earn $100k, $250k, or more per year selling mortgage life insurance? While you work 40 hours or less per week?

Do you really want to learn how to sell mortgage life insurance the easy way? Then the questions you should ask are…

  • Who are your ‘Ideal’ prospects (leads) for selling mortgage life insurance?
  • Where Do You Find Your Best Mortgage Insurance Prospects/Leads?
  • What are the most cost-effective ways to get them to contact you?
  • What do you say to get the mortgage insurance sales appointment?
  • How do you get them emotionally involved in the sales process?
  • Where do you find the money to fund the policies?

Would you make a lot more money, if most of those mortgage life insurance sales were traditional life insurance sales, instead of small guaranteed issue insurance sales?

Now it is up to you. You can try to find a mortgage life insurance leads/prospects and selling system that answers all of those questions… Or you can get all of the answers to these and many more questions. In addition to all the tools and personal coaching, you will need in our New Agents Fast Start Program!

The Mortgage Insurance marketing and sales information, tips, and strategies in this New Agents Fast Start Program are NOT some magical theories we have just dreamed up. Or read somewhere in a book. This is a complete, affordable system based upon proven mortgage life insurance selling success strategies that we have used with new and experienced insurance agents for over four decades. (Career and Independent agents)

For example, as a Branch Manager for Met Life, from 1989 to 1994, I brought in 23 brand new agents to this business. Each of those new agents started their career by learning how to sell mortgage life insurance. They used mortgage life insurance as the easiest and quickest way to find leads and set sales appointments. Then over 10 years later, 18 of those agents were still in the business. Consider, according to LIMRA, (Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association) the failure rate for a new agent in this business is over 90% in the first 5 years. I was able to achieve an 80% success rate.

Then over 10 years later, all 18 of those agents made more than $100,000 per year! While many of them make $200,000, $300,000, and much more. Again, according to LIMRA, the average net income per agent (or advisor) is less than $40,000 per year. All of these people have net incomes well above $100,000 per year.

When will you learn how to sell mortgage life insurance the easy way? So now you can double or triple your mortgage life insurance appointments, sales, and commissions… In as little as the next 30 days!

Why Do The Agents We Train To Sell Mortgage Life Insurance… Do So Well?

First of all, they get off to a quick start using ‘Cutting-Edge’ Mortgage Life Insurance Leads Generation, Prospecting, and Appointment Setting Strategies. Because they have learned the secrets of how to find the best mortgage insurance leads and be in front of their best prospects every day!

Second, they now close three cash-value life insurance sales each week. Because they help their mortgage insurance prospects (leads) to see and understand the problems they face. So they want to take action today. People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want!

Third, they help their mortgage insurance prospects/leads ‘Find the Money’ to get the cash-value life insurance they need and want to protect their family. While they help families to pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early… Without them spending any additional money… Or changing their current lifestyle!

As a direct result, the top producers, we worked with last year, earned over $1,000,000. While many others who earned $40,000-$60,000 per year, within a year, now earn $150,000-$350,000 per year. And with our mortgage life insurance selling system, you can do it too!

But, only if you will take the time to carefully study and apply the information and tools in the New Agents Fast Start Program!

When are you going to get… the tools, training, coaching, and support you need to… actually help middle-income familiesfind the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for the future… So they can “Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy?”

When Will You Learn How To Sell Mortgage Life Insurance The Easy Way?

Paul Leonard -“I know I am not the first person to say or think this, but I wish I would have met Lew and Jeremy Nason… When I started in the business 4 yrs ago. ‘Where have you guys been?’ The Mortgage Protection Tool Kit is absolutely one of the most amazing, ‘for real’ products I have ever used. And, just when I thought it I couldn’t be blown away anymore, I picked up the Fact Finding DVDs. Holy @&*/?* Batman?” 

“Unbelievable! Interestingly enough, I started by implementing the system with my existing clients on annual reviews. However, instead of doing the talking, I started doing the listening and questioning. I noticed I didn’t have to deal with objections like price and affordability. It is amazing how these techniques work in such a simple fashion and it allows me to help the client get what they want by helping them find the money they need to do it. Now, that I have passed the ‘Wow, this really works!’ phase – the future seems brighter than ever. Again, I can’t thank you guys enough.Paul Leonard – CA (4 Years in business)

“Thanks. Further to my interesting conversation with Lew I would like to say how great your site is. I purchased the Mortgage Life Insurance Sales System, which my sales guys have used and their production rose an average 40%. This is my 36th year in the Life Assurance Business and I’ve not come across better. With the help of your site, people can achieve goals. I look forward to receiving the (FMM) Advanced Life Insurance Sales Kit. I will keep you posted.” Silvano Deblasi – United Kingdom 

Learn How To Sell Mortgage Life Insurance… The Easy Way!

Don’t wait to get started, take action now! Because you will get everything we have promised, and much more! So, go ahead and hold our feet to the fire to provide you with cost-effective mortgage life insurance leads/prospects and a selling system that really works, Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Click Here For The Complete Details!

New Agents Fast Start Program

Finally… The Only 90-day Agent Training, Coaching, And Sales Support Program – To Sell More And Larger Mortgage Insurance Policies!

New Agent Fast Start Program - Help families To Buy Mortgage InsuranceOur New Agents Fast Start Program (Mortgage Life insurance marketing, leads, and selling system)! This is about you helping homeowners to find the money… To get all the cash-value life insurance they need to protect their families. While you help them to pay off their mortgage 10-15 years early! (Using cash value life insurance!)

Check out our New Agents Fast Start Program™! Because you will get 90 days of personal insurance agent success training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support! All from a team that has been training new agents and advisors for over 40 years to find the best prospects to sell mortgage protection life insurance. So they will earn $100k or more in their first year in mortgage life insurance sales!

You will get the best agent marketing training to find your best mortgage insurance prospects/leads. So you set great mortgage insurance sales appointments.

Then you will get the best agent sales training to show you how to do a great fact-find. So you can help homeowners to identify and want to solve their problems. You will also get the best agent sales training to show you how you can help homeowners find the money! So that they can buy life insurance right now!

Then you will get the best agent sales training to show you the best ways for you to present your solutions to your clients… To close 9 out of 10 sales. So that you will earn $100K or more in your first year selling mortgage life insurance!

It is the simplest and best mortgage life insurance marketing, leads, appointments, and selling system with training for new agents and advisors… To help homeowners buy mortgage insurance!

Includes… Our Fast Start Mortgage Insurance Sales Tool Kit™! (mortgage life insurance marketing, leads, appointments, and selling success system),
Includes… Our How To Close 9 Out Of 10 Insurance Sales! – Life Insurance Agent Sales Success Training Program And Videos,
And Includes… Membership to Our Private Site at $39.95 per month after the first month,
Includes… 90 Days of Personal Insurance Agent Success Training, Coaching, and Back-office Sales Support… Worth $2,097!

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Fast Track Advisor Guide To... 'Selling Life Insurance In A Recession'

Fast Track Advisor Guide To… ‘Success Selling Life Insurance In A Recession’ Only $9.95
By Lewis Nason And Jeremy Nason

This 39-page insurance marketing and sales agent training E-book is about how you can ‘Depression Proof’ your life insurance sales for more success selling insurance. So that you will earn the income you want and deserve… No matter what happens in the economy! It is about you learning about the value of cash-value life insurance. And then you learn how you can help people to see, understand, and want to solve their immediate money problems. And then how you can get them emotionally involved in the sales cycle. So they will want to meet with you and will buy cash-value life insurance, even in the current economy. This is a must-read for every agent who is struggling with selling cash-value Life Insurance today!  Immediate Download Order Here

Webinar Recording… “Setting Appointments The Easy Way”

Insurance Marketing and Sales Webinars!Are you ready to learn a proven technique that can help you solve your largest problem… Setting Appointments?

So, in the next 30 days, you can have more appointments than you can handle… wouldn’t that be a shame?

Listen and Learn while Lew Nason & Jeremy Nason share the proven questioning techniques they have used for 40+ years to set appointments with almost EVERYONE you meet.

Accordingly, in this insurance selling tips and strategies web class, they will share…

  • Why “problems” are the key to setting appointments.
  • Why canned scripts don’t work?
  • How using Questions, can make the prospect want to meet with you.
  • How to make the appointment stick, so No more no-shows or cancellations!
  • And so much more!

If you want to receive a recording of the Insurance Agent Training Webinar and our 28-page guide… “Setting Appointments The Easy Way“, then order today!

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Asking Your Insurance Clients Enough Questions, To Set The Best Sales Appointments, To Close More Sales

Are You Asking Your Clients Enough Insurance Sales Questions? Only $39.95

One of the recurring topics we write about each week… and talk about every day is asking your insurance clients the right sales questions. And then ask your insurance clients enough sales questions! That is because asking your clients questions is one of, if not the biggest key to your success in insurance sales. Accordingly, agents have been asking us for a complete list of probing sales questions to use with their insurance clients! As a result, we have compiled a list of all of our favorite insurance sales questions. And we put them all into our limited edition e-book… Are You Asking Enough Insurance Sales Questions?  In this 24-page guide, you will find our goldmine of sales questions that you should be asking your insurance clients to set appointments and close sales.  More Details! Immediate Download…  Order Now!

A huge key to insurance agents’ success, finding the right leads (prospects), setting better appointments, closing sales, and increasing your income selling mortgage life insurance is and always will be asking enough questions! Ben Felman Life Insurance Sales Tip…

“The key to a life insurance sale is an interview, and the key to an interview is a disturbing question.”

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Middle American Family’s Guide To Living Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy!

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make It Change! The Best Mortgage Life Insurance Prospects, Appointments, And Selling System!

How We Train New Agents To Get Off To A Fast Start Selling Life Insurance!

7 Ways To Attract More Of Your Best Life Insurance Prospects

We Want To Help You Get The Life Insurance and Annuity Sales Training You Need To Take Your Financial Sales Career To The Top Of The Industry!

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Sell Mortgage Life Insurance The Easy Way! Recommended By Over 40 Industry Experts and Legends!

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