Ben Feldman’s Secret To Earning A Million Dollars Or More Per Year Selling Life Insurance!

Ben Feldman's Secret To Earn A Million Dollars Or More Per Year Selling Life Insurance!

As many of you know, the late, great Ben Feldman was one of the greatest salesmen in the history of the world. He was written up in the Guinness Book of World Records for his outstanding accomplishments. He went from a $10-a-week butter-and-egg salesman to becoming one of the world’s greatest salesmen ever. Strangely enough, Ben made the record books by selling life insurance! For 52 years, from 1941, until he died in 1993, he sold life insurance for New York Life. His lifetime sales volume exceeded $1.5 billion… with 1/3 of his life insurance sales coming after he reached the age of 65. But, the truly amazing part is that he did it all in Liverpool, Ohio, a small town of only 13,000 people! So what was Ben Feldman’s Secret to Success Selling Life Insurance to earn a million dollars per year?

Do you want to learn Ben Feldman’s secrets so you earn a million dollars per year selling life insurance?

Ben Feldman’s Secret To Success Selling Life Insurance!

There have been a lot of books and articles written by and about Ben Feldman… that have tried to explain how and why he was able to achieve his extraordinary level of success. To earn a million dollars per year selling life insurance. Ultimately, it boils down to Ben Feldman’s secret to success in selling life insurance was he mastered the basics. So, he was a master at helping clients to get what they needed and wanted! And then he did it better than anyone else!

Nothing has really changed in our business, only our perceptions. So, if you want to be a success selling life insurance… (or anything else)! Then you need to master the basics, so you really help your clients!

Another secret to Ben Feldman’s success selling life insurance is that for most of his career, he spent two hours every night, from 10:00 P.M. to midnight, studying the field of life insurance. He not only studied life insurance. He also studied selling methods, persuasion skills, financial planning, actuarial tables, and marketing! Then he studied every other subject he could think of that would make him more knowledgeable. Therefore, making him more capable of ‘serving’ and HELPING his clients.

Accordingly, in Ben’s words, “Read! The study never stops because publications never stop coming in. It’s read and study. And think about what you’re studying. Take it apart and put it together. Ask ‘why?’ And know the answers.”

Do you have the will to study every night to learn how to help people?

Would it help and be easier – if you had a team of dedicated experts behind you to guide you every step of the way? A team you can call on whenever you have questions or need help! Then check us out! Because we have been training and supporting agents and advisors for over 39 years To help people! So they are a success in selling life insurance. (We are NOT recruiters!)

The top agents and advisors that we work with, earn over a million dollars per year selling life insurance. While thousands of the agents who earned $30,000 – $50,000 per year… within a year now earn $100,000 – $200,000!  And each year their incomes are growing as they get better and better at helping people! Why! Because when you learn how to help people to find the money to get what they need and want. Then the average case is $3,000 – $7,000 in commissions!

Ben Feldman’s Message To Life Insurance Agents! 

As Ben Feldman stated many times to his fellow agents in his articles, books, and talks; “The biggest asset you have is your earning capacity, and that depends entirely on your attitude.”

“You haven’t done anything wrong. You just haven’t done anything, and that’s what’s wrong.”

“If you’ve got a problem then make it a procedure and it won’t be a problem anymore.”

“Fundamentals are right down to earth. And one fundamental is: You have to make calls. Nothing happens until you make a call. It’s that fundamental!”

Ben Feldman’s Secret To Success Selling Life Insurance – Design A Plan Specifically For Them!

Ben Feldman was respected far and wide for his ability to tailor a life insurance plan to help clients achieve and maintain the estates that would live on after them. So, he became the walking embodiment of ‘expert power!’ And because of that power, he had a tremendous ability to influence others. As a result, he became a very wealthy and respected businessman.

Ben never allowed himself to be perceived as “selling life insurance“. Because he would always position himself in the prospect’s mind as selling custom packages of solutions. For example, he would say, “I have here a special educational package for your children’s children.”

This worked so well, and continues to work today because people always want something that is specifically designed for them! Or they want anything they “perceive” to be created specifically for them. All people feel more comfortable buying a product that seems to be tailored to their problem! Instead of a solution that is identical to the ones that everyone else uses.

Here are two more important quotes from Ben Feldman about your success selling Life Insurance…

“The key to a sale in an interview, and the key to an interview is a disturbing question.”

“Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.”

Randy Delph Highly Recommends Our Mentoring, Training, Coaching and Support! Learn Ben Feldman's Secret To Earning A Million Or More Selling Life Insurance!“Thanks for everything, I’ve written over $270,000 of life premiums in the past two months since attending the boot camp in December. ($190,000 in commissions) Freedom Equity Group has asked me to do a teleconference to explain how I’ve accomplished this dramatic increase in my business. I’ll be recommending your Found Money Management™ system and your boot camp to everyone on the call.” Randy Delph, RFC, LUTCF – IN (35 years in Insurance Sales)

Ben Feldman’s Next Secret To Success Selling Life Insurance Use Simple Power Phrases and Explanations!

Ben Feldman was famous for his ‘power phrases’ so that he could get his prospects to take action. One of his most important ‘power phases’ was: “Doing something costs something. Doing nothing costs something. And, quite often, doing nothing costs a lot more!”

The above quote applies to everyone in this business who is selling life insurance! Because there is a price to pay in time and money if you want to be successful. There is also a price you will pay by doing nothing, and that price is… ‘Lost Sales!

What follows are some of the ‘power phrases’ Mr. Feldman used to explain the importance of life insurance to his clients, to get them to take action:

“Life insurance is time. The time a man might not have. If he needs time, then he needs life insurance.”

“The basic purpose of life insurance is to create cash… nothing more or nothing less. Everything else confuses and complicates.”

“Life Insurance is the only tool that takes pennies and guarantees dollars.”

“Every man has problems that only life insurance can solve. In the young man’s case, the problem is to create cash; for the older man, to conserve it.”

Mr. Feldman would also say; “You’ll have the same problems when I walk out, as you had when I walked in. Unless you let me take your problems with me.”

When will you get the tools, training, and support you need to Help Your Clients? So you too can earn a million dollars per year selling insurance?

Richard M. Highly Recommends Our Life Insurance and Annuity Agent Training Programs, Our Sales Skills and Advanced Fact-finding Training and Our specialized Insurance Marketing and Sales Systems“Dear Lew; As you are aware I have been in the industry for 39 years and am a consistent MDRT ‘Top of the Table’ qualifier. I have spoken at MDRT, and at several major companies’ top producer meetings. In 2000, I went from being an Agency Development General Agent to a Personal Producer. The transition was challenging, but it worked. The one thing I lost along the way was the focus on life insurance sales.”

“I tried several refresher programs and was able to modestly upgrade life production. Then I found your company. Eventually, I purchased several of your programs, including Found Money Management™ and How to Close 9 out of 10 ™. The material is excellent and I have spent many hours reviewing it. This year our life production is up almost 100% over last year and I believe it will double again. Thanks for your personal consulting time and the programs and most of all your sincere belief in the good work you and your company are doing.” Richard M. CLU, ChFC, RFC, CEP (39 years in business)

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You Too Can Earn A Million Dollars Per Year Like The Great Ben Feldman! When You Follow Ben Feldman’s Secrets To Success Selling Life Insurance!

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When will you get the systems, tools, training, coaching, and support you need to learn Ben Feldman’s Secret To Earning A Million Dollars Selling Life Insurance?

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