Social Media And Selling Insurance! How to use social media properly to generate new sale, to increase your life insurance sales!

What follows is part of an article that was written 6 years ago about using social media for selling insurance. While social media is a great way for you to stay in front of your clients, prospects, and family to let them know what you do! And how you help people. Social media is not even close to being the best way for you to generate new prospects to sell more life insurance. The old-school sales techniques still work best.

Old School Sales Techniques Still Work Best – For Selling Insurance!

Jacqui Calder… Although technology continues to change the (insurance) sales game, you may not want to ditch that landline just yet. The underlying assumption is that social media will give you greater exposure and awareness… which will immediately translate into more sales (to sell more life insurance). But that assumption comes primarily from statistics that measure mouse clicks, “shares” and comments… Not actual sales figures. To get a clearer view of the link between so-called computer-mediated communication and real-world results… we went to the people who know best.

Behavior Science Research surveyed nearly 4,800 salespeople, from a variety of industries, with an average age of 40. In addition to assessing their general attitudes toward prospecting, we asked them to name which specific client communication medium they found to be the most effective.

In response, almost 70% indicated that traditional methods of contact… face-to-face and telephone prospecting… are the most effective means of generating new sales. Only 10% claimed that email was the most effective. And even fewer preferred social media platforms (to sell more insurance).

Interestingly, there was no correlation between sellers’ ages and the contact methods they preferred. Seasoned sales veterans who remember rotary phones are just as likely as wired-in Gen X sellers to see conventional prospecting as the more effective driver of sales.

Bottom line: Social media can be great for keeping tabs on old friends; supporting your political party of choice, or sharing pictures of cats doing funny things. But, most salespeople believe that to get their job done, old-school prospecting beats the “Like” button. Even in the 21st century, conventional person-to-person contact (not social media) is still the best way to generate new sales (and increase your life insurance sales).

Our Bottom Line About Using Social Media To Sell Insurance:

Do not use social media to sell insurance! Do not use social media to push your insurance products! Use social media to build stronger relationships with your friends, family, prospects, and insurance clients. Use social media to inform your insurance prospects about the problems they face and other things that they need to know. In addition, use social media to let insurance prospects know that you are there to help them!

Use social media to educate your insurance prospect about the problems they face and how you can help them… offer them your booklets, newsletters, and articles. You can also use social media to let insurance prospects know about your upcoming educational workshop.

Then you can call them to ask questions and talk about their concerns for their future to set up an insurance sales appointment. You can also invite them to your free educational workshop about the problems they face.

Stop thinking of yourself as an insurance agent or financial advisor. Your job is to build relationships with people and help them to get what they need and want for themselves and their families. It just so happens that a part of the service you provide is selling insurance!

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Learn The Right Way To Use Social Media To Help You Sell Insurance!

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