10 Step Buying Process To Close More Life Insurance Sales With Your Prospects!

Coaches Corner - 10 Step Buying Process To Make More Life Insurance Sales With Your Prospects!

6/10/2022 – If you want to close more and larger life insurance sales, then you need to follow your prospect’s buying process. It starts by piquing (stimulating) their interest and curiosity in your services. It is about your overall marketing message! How are you different? How are you going to help them? Can they trust you? Do you really care about them and their family?

Dennis Postema is one of our highly successful long-term clients in life insurance sales! He wrote the following about the life insurance buying process…

10-Step Buying Process Leading Your Life Insurance Sales Prospect To Say Yes (or No)By Dennis Postema

As you know, your life insurance prospect’s character and personality are linked. Did you also know there is a defined buying process to close life insurance sales?

Whether it is a small one-dollar purchase or a million-dollar purchase, research has shown the human brain goes through a 10-step buying process before making every purchase. A greater understanding of each step of the buying process will help you better serve your prospects – and ultimately you will now close a lot more and larger life insurance sales.

“You hit home runs not by chance, but by preparation.” Roger Maris

10-Step Life Insurance Sales/Buying Process For Your Prospects

I promise it’s worth your time to really contemplate each of the ten steps! And evaluate how you enable your life insurance prospects to buy during each phase of the sales process.

  1. Involuntary Attention: Before a prospect ever considers buying a life insurance policy, their attention must be piqued. This is often done by subtle messages they do not even recognize.
  2. The First Impression: Yes, first impressions do count! If their first impression of either you, your service, or the product isn’t satisfactory, the prospect will move on.
  3. Curiosity: Humans have an instinctual need to explore the unknown. Once their interest is piqued, they tend to look for how else the product can benefit them. Or what else you can offer?
  4. Interest: If you have done your job well thus far, the prospect’s curiosity will turn to interest. This is the stage of the life insurance buying process when they begin asking questions and need solid answers.
  5. Consideration: Having had their initial questions answered, your prospects will begin considering buying life insurance. But only if they see any real value in it.
  6. Imagination: All too often agents and advisors disregard the prospect’s need to imagine themselves using and owning the product. Without this important link, they might not think the policy is worth purchasing.
  7. Desire: Seeing themselves use the policy and “wanting” it are two different emotions. If you can elicit the “want” feeling in your prospect and you have nearly completed the sale.
  8. Deliberation: This is part of the life insurance sales/buying process when your prospect begins trying to either talk themselves into or out of the purchase.
  9. Decision: Once he or she has all of the facts and can sort through their options, they will make a decision; to buy or not to buy. ​
  10. Action: After the decision is made, action is necessary. This is what we know as “the close.”

Keep in mind that some prospects and clients move very quickly through these life insurance sales/buying process steps, only taking a few minutes. Other prospects will take hours or even days to work their way through each of the 10 life insurance buying process steps necessary to make a final sales decision.

“Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas A. Edison

It is your job as a life insurance agent or advisor to understand all of the buying process sales steps. And then help your life insurance prospects work through any roadblocks they may encounter along the way. However, it is vital that you not push prospects through the life insurance sales/buying process as each and every step is very important. Instead, be a guide in their decision-making process. Mastering this skill will help you to close a lot more life insurance sales and dramatically increase your income to earn $250K or more per year selling insurance and annuities!

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