Revealed… 11 Habits Of The Most Successful Insurance Agents

Revealed… 11 Habits Of The Most Successful Insurance Agents

IPS Weekly Sales Success Tips - 11 Habits Of The Most Successful Insurance Agents - Dennis Postema

8/24/22 – Have you ever wondered what it takes to earn $250K or more per year selling life insurance and annuities? What will it take for you to be among the most successful insurance agents in the industry? It all boils down to your success habits – Successful people (insurance agents) do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do!

11 Habits Of The Most Successful Insurance Agents – Dennis Postema

The most successful insurance agents all tend to have a few habits in common. Read on to discover a few insurance industry secrets on how you can become a better version of yourself as a successful insurance agent.

  1. Focus

I recently watched a video from Brendon Burchard stating that you are 30% less productive throughout the day if you check your inbox and/or social media accounts within the first hour of your morning. Make it a point to focus on what you need to do throughout the day. Instead of reacting to your inbox or social media notifications. And you will be a more successful insurance agent!

  1. Take Action

Most unsuccessful insurance agents have issues with producing or getting things done. They have paralysis analysis. Don’t overthink things. Once you have a plan, start on it immediately. And you will be on your way to being a more successful insurance agent!

  1. Put Yourself in the Public’s Eye, and Develop Thick Skin

This is tough, but if you want to be an extremely successful insurance agent, you have no choice other than to become a public figure. It is great for business. But it also comes with critics and haters. Prepare for competitors and naysayers to openly share their feelings about whatever you are doing, blogging, or promoting. However, no matter how scary it is, you have to meet people in public – in order to make your insurance agent career successful.

  1. Keep It in Perspective

This is something I always have trouble with. No matter how much you research and prepare, your plan will not always go as planned. Be flexible and adjust your goals and strategies on the fly.

  1. Face Fear Head On

You have no choice! If you’re afraid of something, the fastest and easiest way to get passed it is to take it on immediately with action toward facing your fear!

  1. Exercise and Eat Well

Another MUST! Regardless of your opinion, if you want a successful insurance agent practice to provide for yourself and your family, you must stay healthy. I always ask those who are struggling that I coach, “Would you give up an hour a day, starting today, to gain an extra 20 or 30 years on earth?” That usually helps get the point across.

  1. Sleep

I don’t need to preach about this. We know all of the studies that have been done. And the problems that have been proven due to sleep deprivation. So please just start making it a habit to get adequate sleep.

  1. Assess Your Strengths and Outsource Your Weaknesses

If you’re truly looking to take that next step to become a successful millionaire insurance agent, you need to figure out what you’re good at and stick to it. Then, staff yourself to cover your weaknesses. Trust me when I say, “If you are trying to spend your time learning QuickBooks when you should be visiting with clients, you ARE losing money and production because of it.”

  1. Consistency is Key

If you promote yourself or your business on a blog or social media, develop a schedule and stay consistent. Start slow until you get the hang of it. If you over-commit, you will become overwhelmed and unable to keep up with what you started. This will also help you build trust with your clientele and momentum in your successful insurance agent practice.

  1. Persist … Even When You Are Frustrated

Building your successful insurance agent practice takes time. Most great firms are at least a 5- or 10-year overnight success. That means right now you are as successful as you decided to be five years ago. No matter how hard it gets you can’t give up. There is no magic pill for you to be a successful insurance agent and make it happen overnight.

  1. Acknowledge Your Progress

Celebrate victories with your spouse or significant other and your team. Sometimes it’s easy to brush the achievement of minor goals to the side like it’s not a big deal. However, when your team gains momentum achieving bigger goals will follow.

Now you know 11 habits I have learned from the most successful insurance agents in our industry. What habits have helped you become a successful insurance agent?

And there is one more habit of the most successful insurance agents… “They are continually studying their profession!”

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