Success Tips - How To Close 90% Of Your Life Insurance Sales Calls!

How To Close 90% Of Your Life Insurance Sales Calls!

01/14/2021 – What would it mean to you… if you could close all of your life insurance sales calls (appointments)! And what if you could also turn them into much larger life insurance sales? Does it seem impossible to you?

Well, we know that you can close 90% of your life insurance sales calls. Because we did it when we were full-time in life insurance sales! And many of the agents we work with do it. They are the agents and advisers who came to us closing 50% of their life insurance sales calls… and within just a few weeks they were closing 70% to 90% of their life insurance sales calls. Not only do they close more of their life insurance sales calls… they are also closing much larger life insurance sales!

But, the best part is they have gone from earning $3,000 to $6,000 per month… to now earning $10,000 to $20,000 per month!  And they did it in only a few weeks!

No, these agents and advisors did not change how they prospect! They do NOT see more prospects! They have NOT gone to a more affluent market. And, No, they are not offering a hot, new product or service.

So, what has made a big difference?

These agents and advisors have learned a set sales procedure and questions that they use and follow for their life insurance sales calls. They now do two sales appointments with each prospect. They have a series of questions they ask each prospect. So they are prepared and they are well-rehearsed!

In the initial fact-finding interview they are:

  • Focused on Asking The Right Questions to Help the Prospect Identify Their Problems!
  • Asking The Right Questions to Help Them To Understand What the Prospects Really Wants!
  • Really Listening to What the Prospect Is Saying!

They understand that the ‘Initial Fact-finding Interview’ is where the life insurance sale is actually made.

The reality is that by asking the right questions and really listening to your prospects, you will ultimately get them to sell themselves on why they should do business with you. So they now they will see you as someone who really cares about them and really wants to help them.

Then these agents and advisors take all the information they got from the client, back to their office. So that they can review it all. Then they design a plan that is tailored to meet their client’s exact needs and wants.

Until you internalize these sales concepts and stop winging them, you will find it is very difficult to consistently close 90% of your life insurance sales calls… or increase the size of your sale!

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