Simplest Way To Find Your Best Insurance Leads/Prospects – The Heartfelt Letter!

Heartfelt Letter... The Quickest Way To Find The Best Insurance Leads! Set more insurance appointments and close more salesDear Friends… Do you want the simplest and best way to find your best insurance leads/prospects? So you set more insurance appointments and close more sales? Then send everyone you know a heartfelt letter!

Do you honestly feel and believe that you really help people? Are you focused on how to make a positive difference in people’s lives? Instead of just closing a life insurance or annuity sale?

Then who are the first people you should help? Who are your best insurance leads/prospects?

Do you want your friends, family, neighbors, clients, and prospects to call you when they have a problem, or need your help, or advice? Or, do you want them to call your competition down the street?

Who will take better care of them, you or a stranger?

Why would your friends, family, neighbors, clients, and insurance prospects/leads call you, if they do not know what you do? Or how you can help them?

Would you like a simple, quick, non-threatening way to let people know about what you do? And the services that you provide so they will call you? So you set more insurance appointments and close more sales?

Then how about you send them a simple, one-page, Heart Felt Letter!’ NOT a sales letter?

Send your friends, family, neighbors, clients, and insurance prospects/leads a letter that tells them you are in financial services… And what your specialties are!  Then the heartfelt letter tells them how you help families improve their financial lives. The letter says to call you, if and when they need help, have questions, or want a second opinion.

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Here is a quick example of the Heartfelt Letter…

Dear Chris:

A while ago, one of my dear friends got very upset with me… Because I had never let them know that I was available and could help him and his family with all of their insurance and financial matters. It dawned upon me, at that moment, that I had failed to let the people I care about most, know about the work I do, and then the services I provide.

Accordingly, here are a few ideas that many of my clients have found of value:

  • How you can reap the upside potential of the stock market, without the downside risk!
  • The secret to maximizing your tax-free retirement income – With NO government limits on how much you can contribute right now.
  • How to pay off your home 5-10 years early, without taking any additional money out of your pockets.
  • The secret to maximizing your retirement benefits – What your accountant isn’t telling you!

I want you to know, that if you have any questions, want a second opinion, or if I can be of assistance to you in any way, then please do not hesitate to give me a call. 

Yours truly,

Your Name

P.S. With your permission… I will send you my monthly ‘Living Debt Free and Truly Wealthy’ newsletter.

Summary Of How To Find Your Best Insurance Leads/Prospects Using The Heartfelt Letter.

You will notice that this is not a sales letter. It does not say that you will call them for a free consultation! Or say you will invite them to your upcoming free educational workshop. It does not ask them to do anything. It just tells them a little bit about what you do. And that you are there if and when they need or want your help.

Now the key is to follow up… Because you have to remind them that you are there, what you do, and how you can help them.

The best way to do that is with your monthly newsletter.

“Lew convinced me to use newsletters only three months into my career. I fought him every month for six months, until he had me look at their actual results. After only six months I was getting new clients from referrals. Two cases I thought I had lost, called me back to follow through on my recommendations. And, many of the people I knew, that I didn’t feel comfortable approaching initially (friends, family and church members), were calling me to find out more about what I was doing.”

You will be amazed at your results!

Starting right now! Do you want to attract your best insurance leads/prospects? Then send everyone you know a ‘Heart Felt Letter’! Then follow up with your newsletter. (to your friends, family, neighbors, clients, and insurance prospects/leads! It is an important key to your short-term insurance sales success. But, what is even more important, it is the critical key to your long-term insurance sales success.

Do you want to find your best insurance prospects/leads? Do you want to set more insurance appointments and close more sales? Then send your best insurance prospects/leads a heartfelt letter! And do it now! Send 5-10 heartfelt letters a week and then follow up with a phone call a week later to set an insurance appointment.

How To Find Your Best Insurance Leads/Prospects – The Heartfelt Letter!

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