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Learn The Six Fundamentals Of Insurance Marketing To Increase Your Sales and Income!

01/12/2021 – Learn the best and fastest marketing for you to increase your insurance sales and income! Take the time to learn how you can become a better marketer. It starts when you understand and follow these six fundamentals of insurance marketing.

  1. People prefer to work with people they already know and trust. Or they prefer to work with a referral from someone they know and trust. Most people do not trust strangers, someone they have never heard of before. And, why should they? One of the best fundamental insurance marketing ideas for you not to be a stranger is for you to set up a referral program!
  2. People Buy for Their Reasons, Not Your Reasons. They want to know how they will benefit from working with you. People want real help with their financial problems. They want an advisor… not a salesperson. And, remember… “People don’t buy what they need! They buy what they want!”  Accordingly, you will want to learn as much as you can about how you can help people find the money to spend, save, invest, insure, and plan wisely for the future! So that they can… Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!Then you will want to get that marketing message out to everyone you know!
  3. Repeat Business is a lot More Profitable than New Business. Finding and attracting new prospects costs 5-10 times more money than getting your clients to buy more from you. The longer a person remains your client, then the more likely they are to buy more from you. You must pay special attention (Keep in touch with a monthly client newsletter) to make sure that your new clients become repeat customers. It is a big fundamental of insurance marketing!
  4. Some Clients and Prospects are More Profitable than Others. “You will get 80 percent of your business from 20 percent of your clients.” So, you need to spend the time to analyze what the top 20 percent of your clients have in common with each other! So that you can determine the fundamental insurance marketing you need so you can find and attract more people like them.
  5. Differentiation is Your Key Competitive Advantage. You have to be able to help your clients and prospects to see and understand why they should buy from you instead of from your competition. So, if you act like a salesperson, and you always push products, then you are a salesperson in the prospect’s mind. And, you are the same as every other agent and advisor out there. If you want to let people know how you are different, then use a client information booklet that explains how and why you help people! And deliver that fundamental insurance marketing message in everything you do.
  6. Perceived Value is Your Key to Increasing Your Profitability. You must define your target market carefully. Work on delivering high-value services to that market, and then keep telling your clients and prospects about it. That’s why you need to… Send out your client newsletters every month. Be a guest speaker on a local radio or television show. Offer your free client booklet in everything that leaves your office. Get your articles published in the local newspaper.

These six insurance marketing fundamentals are your keys to increasing your sales and income! And they will work a lot better than when you spend your money to buy leads.

When you apply these six insurance marketing fundamentals, you will decrease your lead expenses. While you attract a lot more of the right prospects to your business. So now you will close a lot more sales. While you quickly increase your insurance sales and income!

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