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How to Improve Your Insurance Sales Performance To Dramatically Increase Your Sales!

9/21/2021… Two advisors start their insurance sales careers with similar backgrounds. They have the same education, training, similar connections, and people skills. Within two years, one of them is highly successful, and the other is struggling. Why is one advisor’s insurance sales performance so much higher than the other? What can the other advisor do to improve his sales performance to dramatically increase his insurance sales?

Maybe “the other advisor” is not bringing in enough clients. Or is not bringing in the right kinds of clients? Maybe he is working so hard that he has no life. Maybe he is just unhappy.

The struggling advisor sees that he has fallen behind. So he seeks out more insurance marketing and sales training, more advice, more strategies… But his world does not get better.

Too many advisors seek descriptions of someone else’s successful behaviors and strategies that they can apply to their businesses. But descriptions of someone else’s successful behaviors and insurance sales performance don’t usually give you access to that same level of insurance sales performance.

Improve Your Insurance Sales Performance To Dramatically Increase Your Sales!

There is only one thing that accounts for the difference in the level of insurance sales performance of these two advisors. And it is not because he has more ideas and strategies. Access to higher insurance sales performance is based on the action! The successful advisor is taking action to create what he needs! But the struggling advisor is not.

Study any top professional and you will see the same thing. What distinguishes his or her insurance sales performance is his or her level of action!

But why doesn’t the weaker-performing advisor display the same level of action? He has the same information and strategies. His insurance sales performance level is lower because the way the world occurs to him – and the way he is occurring to himself – is perfect for the level of sales he has attained. So, his level of action perfectly matches how the world occurs to him.

Here is how the world might occur to the successful advisor:

I am the best advisor in the state. The prospects I meet are godsends. They are people I can serve who will appreciate what I do for them and want me to help everyone they care about. I can be who I want to be because the world is a safe place and the people that matter will respond to me positively.

Here is how the less successful advisor might view the world:

I’m good at what I do, but sometimes, I just feel I don’t know enough. Prospecting is so difficult. Nobody ever answers the phone and they never call back. When they do, they are already working with someone or they have no money. It is a tough world out there. If I just told some of the people who are “thinking about” what I’ve recommended what I really think, they’d probably back away. And then there would be no business at all.

If you’re not happy with your insurance sales performance, it is because of how prospecting, sales, dealing with prospects and clients, and your role as a professional occur to you! Not because you need more ideas. All the training in the world from the best people in the business will not substantially improve your insurance sales and performance. Until there is a huge shift in your view of the world. It’s really about your “inner stance,” not what activities you are doing.

How your world is occurring for you shapes every action you take. So trying to change your level or type of action to improve your overall insurance sales performance without first addressing and shifting how the world occurs to you is futile. You don’t need more information, either. You need a better view of the world and your place in it to dramatically increase your insurance sales.

Listen to the words you use when you talk about yourself, your family, your business, your prospects, and your clients. If you’re not where you want to be, then what you say about all of these things will tell you why. Your words are the window into how your world occurs to you. Catch the negative, weak words that are holding you back and replace them with powerful words, words that show the world is occurring to you in a better way.

You don’t need more training to dramatically increase your insurance sales! You need an alteration in occurrence. Only then can you change your actions to improve your insurance sales performance? And become the success you know you ought to be in insurance sales. Move forward with confidence, and keep REACHING…

How to Improve Your Insurance Sales Performance!

Tony Filippone, RFC - IL,“I have bought just about every system under the sun, I consider myself a system junkie. You may think I am foolish but I have learned valuable lessons from each system I bought, although they seldom work as well as they say. I bought, Dean Cipriano’s, I bought Brian Kay’s College Planning, Larry Klein’s Annuity System, Annual Review Millions, and I am sure a few more. But the one that actually helped me double my income twice was the Found Money Management System from Lew Nason of the Insurance Pro Shop.

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Antonio Filippone, RFC, FMM – IL (19 years in the business)

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