10 Of Our Best Insurance Sales Tips Every Agent Ought To Know… For A Successful Insurance Sales Career!

IPS Success Tips... 10 Of Our Best Insurance Sales Tips Every Agent Ought To Know... For A Successful Insurance Sales Career!

Dear Friends, No matter what you sell. Whether it is life insurance, disability insurance, annuities, or investments. Is it your ultimate goal to make a good income that will grow every year? Then follow 10 of our Best Insurance Sales Tips, Ideas, And Strategies that every agent ought to know! If you want to have a successful insurance sales career!

The reason so many agents and advisors struggle and make a mediocre living… is that they miss many of the basics and tips, for a successful insurance marketing and sales career.

The Best Insurance Marketing And Sales Tips…

Here are 10 insurance sales tips, ideas, and strategies every agent and advisor should know… if you want to have a successful insurance sales career.

  1. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Listen More, and Talk Less…
    How much time do you talk when you do your sales call? And then how much do you listen? I mean really listening so you fully understand what the other person is saying. Or are you thinking about what you say next when it is your turn to talk? Most agents, the minute they sit with a prospect, will explain all the futures of their products. And then why it will help them. Instead of pitching your product, sit down and ask your prospect about their family and their concerns for their future. Let the prospect tell you what it is they need and want. And WHY! Because if you want to be successful… Then your role is to help people so you become their advisor, not just another insurance salesperson.
  2. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Don’t Sell Products, Provide Solutions…
    Instead of you jumping into a sales pitch about how great and inexpensive your products are. And the money they will save. Provide them with a solution to their problems. If you listen to your prospects, then you will be able to explain to the prospect how what you offer will help solve their problems. When you have helped people to identify and understand their problems, people will buy your products.
  3. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Highlight Benefits, Not Features…
    Most agents focus on the technical aspects of an insurance policy… premiums, cash values, loan provisions, riders, etc.! Instead, focus on how the product will help people resolve their problems and concerns. For example; Explain how the policy will help establish an emergency fund, pay the bills if they become disabled, pay for a college education for their children, provide a tax-free retirement, etc. Be sure to keep their needs and more importantly their wants at the center of the conversation.
  4. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Leave Something to Remember You By…
    Most of your sales calls will require a least two sales appointments! But only if you really want to help people and not just make a quick sale. The first call is the initial fact-find where you uncover the prospect’s problems. The second call is where you present your well-thought-out solution to their problems. So, you will want to have a booklet or report, a bio sheet, and a business card that you can leave with them at the first appointment. So, they will see YOU as a true professional. (Not a company or product brochure)
  5. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Set up a system for getting referrals…
    Word-of-mouth is still the best way to grow your sales. If you follow the first 4 insurance sales tips, then people will see you as someone who wants to really help them. And they will gladly refer their friends and family to you… if you ask! But more importantly, they will talk about how you have helped them with their friends and family! Which, as a result, will make it easier to set an appointment and close the sale with the referrals.
  6. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Set Goals and Deadlines…
    Make sure that your goals are specific. How much do you want to make this year, next year, and 5 years from now? What is the average size of your sale? How many insurance sales appointments will you set this week – 3 – 5 – 10? Then how many of those appointments will result in a sale? But, be sure your goals are realistic and achievable. Don’t leave your goals open-ended. Because it’s not enough to say “I will increase sales by 10%.” Instead, give yourself a set deadline. “I will increase sales by 10% every month.” If you really listen and help people, then you should need only 3-5 new sales appointments per week. If you follow our training and insurance sales tips will initially generate 2-3 sales. The average case size, when we help you design the case, will be $3,000 to $7,000 in commissions. (Based on a 90% commission)
  7. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Work to become well-known in your local community…
    Next, you will want to be active in your community and offer educational workshops to groups and associations. Get your workshops listed on your community’s calendar. Form joint ventures with local businesses. Teach a night course at the local college. Publish articles in the local newspaper. Be a guest on a local radio show. Then send a newsletter to everyone you meet. Remember, you are in the people business! The more people get to know you, and how you help people, then the easier it will be to set appointments and close sales.
  8. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Learn Something New Each Day…
    Spend some time each day to improve your sales and marketing knowledge. Read a book, attend a webinar, or listen to an audiobook. Try to learn something new about your field every day.
  9. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Associate with Successful Professionals…
    Surround yourself with people who want to see you win. People who will share your vision of a brighter future both personally and professionally. Because we are an average of the 5 people we associate with daily. So choose your team wisely. It is a major tip to you reaching your insurance sales goals, dreams, and ambitions.
  10. Best Insurance Sales Tips… Love Your Job…
    This quote from Steve Jobs says it all… “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” So, you have to love your job and believe in the products you sell.

One More Insurance Marketing And Sales Tip

One of the most important insurance sales tips I learned from listening to sales tapes, by Joel Weldon is… “Preparation compensates for a lack of talent.” In other words, you do not have to be talented or be born with a “silver tongue” to have a successful insurance sales career. It is largely a matter of preparation. You need to understand your market, and what their needs, wants and desires are. Specifically how you can help people solve, satisfy, minimize, or eliminate their problems, challenges, or frustrations. Then how you can most effectively present your solutions to them. So they will not only “get it”… But that they will actually want to take action on what you have recommended to them.

If you have done adequate preparation, then finding prospects, setting appointments, and closing sales is easy! So, just apply our 10 best insurance sales tips. ideas, and strategies if you want a highly successful insurance sales career.

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Asking Your Insurance Clients Enough Questions, To Set The Best Sales Appointments, To Close More Sales

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Recommended By The Members Of The IARFC -10 Of Our Best Insurance Sales Tips Every Agent Ought To Know... For A Successful Insurance Sales Career!

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