The Critical Keys To Your Long-Term Success Selling Insurance… Great Customer Service!

Coaches Corner - The Critical Keys To More And Long-Term Success Selling Insurance... Great Customer Service!

6/23/2023… There are a lot of critical keys to your long-term success selling insurance. A huge key to your long-term success selling insurance as Sandy Schussel points out… is great customer service! Are you one of those agents who makes a quick insurance sale and your client never hears from you again? Is it the reason why you do not get referrals and repeat sales? Do you want to know the keys to long-term success in selling insurance? Then learn and practice the keys to great customer service!

Keys To Great Customer Service: take advantage of moments of truth… By Sandy Schussel

Sandy Schussel - The Critical Keys To More And Long-Term Success Selling Insurance... Great Customer Service!Several years ago, I appeared as a guest on the BlogTalkRadio program “Greenpath to Wealth,” hosted by Coretta Fraser. I shared seven strategies to turn yourself into a client magnet. At least one listener, Barbara, had questions that never made it onto the program. But I’d like to share one of her thoughts with you here:

“Sandy, you noted the importance of building relationships. One of my pet peeves is customer service. What would you consider to be some key best practices for providing excellent service to existing customers while maintaining profitability?”

For as long as I’ve been doing this work, I’ve maintained that how you treat existing clients or customers is critical to your growth. This is particularly true if your service allows you to work continuously with the same clients, either repeating what you do with them or offering different services to them as time passes.

But, it’s also true even if yours is a “one-time” service. The people who have experienced working with you even once are an important source of referrals, recommendations, testimonials, and introductions! And you are responsible for staying in touch with them, and in the front of their minds, after the job has been done.

Best practices keys start with an understanding of what great customer service actually means. It’s not just how well you perform the technical aspects of the service you provide. Doing that will satisfy your clients, but it won’t make them loyal, proactive advocates. They won’t go out of their way to use you again and they won’t tell stories about how amazing you are.

The keys to great customer service involve the feelings that customers or clients experience when they work with you. Certainly, if there is no technical proficiency, they will have some bad feelings. But you can also make a lot of mistakes and still leave them feeling great about you.

Their feelings, ultimately, depend upon two elements:

  • How much contact you have with them.
  • How magical your contacts are.

The more contact, the better. The more magical the contact, the more clients will remember you and want to share this magic with their friends and loved ones.

When I was practicing law, if I handled a real estate or business closing, I always brought a bottle of champagne to give to my clients — whether they were buyers or sellers — when the deal was consummated. It produced smiles and a sense of gratitude that instantly put all of the emotional ups and downs of the previous weeks or months behind us. Realtors who came to my closings to pick up their checks were envious. “I should have thought to do something like that!” one of them once confessed to me. My small, relatively inexpensive gesture helped to ensure that those same clients would come back to me for additional services, And they would recommend me to their friends in the meantime. On a few occasions, the clients of the other attorney would call me to handle their next transaction.

The Keys To Great Customer Service!

Build the following list with every client, and you’ll watch your business thrive:

  • Respect: Every client wants to feel like he or she is your only client and the most important person in the world to you.
  • Empathy: Every client needs to feel you have truly listened to him or her. As the saying goes, “Be impressed, not impressive.”
  • Action: Do what you say you will do. The smallest action on your part is far more powerful than the greatest intention.
  • Communication: Be proactive. Don’t make the client call you to find out something you could have told him/her first.
  • Trust: Trust comes out of doing all these other parts correctly.

As too often happens, however, you have great empathy and communication skills, but these traits have not fully assimilated into the culture of your company or office. Your associates and every member of your staff need to be in this with you.

Everything you do — and don’t do — with a client should be thought of in terms of moments of truth — opportunities to make an impression. Every moment of truth should be as special, unusual, and as magical as you can make it. That’s the best customer service that Barbara could possibly implement.

The Keys To Great Customer Service Summary!

  • Respect: Show every client they are special and you care about them and their family. Do a full fact-find with everyone!
  • Empathy: Truly listen to every client to find out what is most important to them and their family!
  • Action: Do more than just sell products. Help people find the money so you can tailor your solutions to meet their exact needs.
  • Communication: Stay in touch with monthly Client Newsletters and conduct Annual Reviews.
  • Trust: You will gain their trust by building a long-term relationship with all your clients!

Great Customer Service Is Doing Everything You Can To Help People… Is the critical key to your long-term success selling insurance!

The Keys To Long-Term Success Selling Life Insurance!

Great customer service is about helping people to get what they want… not what you want to sell them! It is making people feel good about working with you!

The key to your long-term success selling insurance is and always will be great customer service. Doing more than what is expected. Being a Trusted Advisor helping people find the money to get what they need and want for their family!

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When Will You Provide Great Customer Service? Being A Truster Advisor Is The Key To Long-Term Success in Selling Insurance! 

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