Success Tips - Best Way To Sell Life Insurance Today With Covid-19! Get Back To Insurance Sales Basics and Really Help People!

Best Ideas To Sell Life Insurance Today – Learn The Insurance Sales Basics To Help More People

02/18/2021… Do you struggle to sell life insurance today? Do you want the best ideas to make it a lot easier for you to sell life insurance today? Then is it time for you to get back to the insurance sales basics? And learn the best life insurance sales ideas on how to really help people!

We have hundreds of agents and advisors that thrive today selling life insurance… even with covid-19! Here are what these agents recently told us…

Christopher Antonopoulos, NV,“I want to thank Jeremy Nason and Lew Nason for their coaching on life insurance strategies.  They helped me to further my understanding of how to communicate the importance of life insurance policies to my customers more effectively.  My life insurance policy count has increased (into high double digits) by over 200% through August 2020.”

“The coaching that I have received from Lew and Jeremy at Insurance Pro Shop has been such a help and very effective.  This has resulted in me helping many more families to be insured with life insurance.  If you are new to the business or you are a seasoned veteran, Lew and Jeremy can help in these challenging times.  After all, the need for life insurance is at an all time high.  Agents simply need to remember that success is found by using a process and system that finds solutions for families and individuals using life insurance.” Christopher Antonopoulos, NV, Managing VP, Appreciation Insurance & Financial Services (12 years in financial sales)

“Hey Jeremy, Hope you are having a great weekend. Just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on. I closed 3 whole life plans yesterday for a total of $3,045 Annual Premium. And still have a 78k rollover that I’m going to help her with. This is the second month that I bonus. Also I was number 13 on the company zapp leader board last month.” Corey Greene, FIC, FICF, LUTCF, SC (17 years in financial sales)

It is time to get back to insurance sales basics to help more people!

Why are these and the hundreds of agents we work with able to sell lots of life insurance today… even with covid-19? Is it because they have learned the best way to set sales appointments! They know that most people are not actively looking to buy life insurance! But, most people do want help with their problems. So if you want them to set a sales appointment with you… Then you need to ask questions to help them to see if they have a problem!  

You need to ask questions like…  “If your family lost your income… then what would happen?” “How do you feel about that?” “If I could show you how to protect your family without you spending any additional money, then would it be worth sitting down and talking about it?”

Learning to ask the right questions, is the key to you getting a lot of great sales appointments!

But it doesn’t stop there! If you want them to take action, then you must do a full fact-find with everyone. You must ask them questions, so you get them to talk about their problems. Only then will they want to solve their problems!

The final idea for you selling them life insurance today is for you to help people to find the money! Which is about you showing them the best ways to reallocate where they spend their money! It is about you helping people to set their priorities!

When you help people to find the money, then the average case is $3,000 to $7,000 in commissions. If you close just one case per week for $3,000, then you will earn over $150,000 per year. Yes, it is that simple when you learn how to help people to find the money to take action.

Learn The Best Ideas On How We Help You To Sell Life Insurance Today!

Unfortunately, most of the sales training and ideas out there today to sell life insurance are just about you pushing your products. Again most people are not looking for products. People want real help to solve their problems. Then they need help to find the money so they can take action. And that is what we teach agents and advisors! These ideas are why the agents and advisors we work with are thriving today selling life insurance… even with covid-19.

Our Specialized Life Insurance Marketing, Leads, Sales System, and Ideas To Sell More Insurance Today…
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Trusted Advisor Success ProgramOur Trusted Advisor Success Program is about you helping middle-income families to find the money to Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy! So you will help families to get all the life insurance they need to protect their families. While they save for a tax-free income, save for college, create a family bank, etc. (Using cash value life insurance!)

Check out our Trusted Advisor Success Program! Because you will get 90 days of personal insurance training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support! All from a team that has helped agents and advisors to sell more insurance for over 40 years! First, we will show you how to find and attract your best life insurance leads/prospects. So you set great sales appointments. Then we will show you how to do a complete client fact-find to help families to identify and want to solve their financial problems. We will also show you how you can help families find the money! So that they can take action right now! Next, we will show you the best ways for you to present your ideas… so you sell life insurance and annuities like the legends!

Discover The Best Marketing Strategies, Ideas, And Sales Basics To Sell Life Insurance!

Inside our Trusted Advisor Success Program, you will find all the best marketing plans, strategies, and ideas laid out for you! You will learn the best ways for you to use Joint Ventures; Educational Workshops and Seminars; Booklets and Free Reports; Referred Leads; Social Media; Client Newsletters; Annual Reviews;  and more – with all the tools, scripts, and more. Now you can find your best prospects and set your best sales appointments! Because your ‘special message’ to everyone will be all about how you help middle-income families to find the money to Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!

You will also learn how to use all the HOT Sales Concepts… Wealth In Motion, Infinite Banking. Missed Fortune, Circle Of Wealth, Wealth Beyond Wall Street, Tax-Free Retirement, etc… All combined into Our Superior Found Money Management Strategy designed to help average people, not just the wealthy!

When Will You Get The Best Ideas and Training To Sell Life Insurance Today

When Will You Learn How To Help People? So you increase your sales and referrals from your existing clients!

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