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How I Started In Life Insurance Sales… And Led My Office In Only 6 Months!

Lew Nason - How To Get Started In Life Insurance Sales!After last week’s article, agents asked me how I started in life insurance sales. And why I was so successful in life insurance sales. Here is my story.

In the spring of 1982, I was fed up with the corporate culture. So, early on a Friday morning, I quit my job as a quality control general foreman. It was not one of my best decisions!

After several months of no job, no income, and then spending $5,000 for career counseling, our family finances were running low. So, in July of 1982, I decided to take a temporary job as an agent with Met Life. Because they offered me a minimal training salary for the first three months. I decided to start in life insurance sales, even though my career counselor told me that I would not be successful in any type of sales.

I Started In Life Insurance Sales In The Middle Of A Bad Recession!

Most of you may not know or remember, but in 1981 and 1982, the U.S. was in its worst recession since the Great Depression. It was a major recession with huge job losses, run-away inflation, and mortgage rates of more than 15%.  Yes, you read that correctly… 15%! By November 1982, unemployment reached nine million, the highest rate since the Great Depression. As a result, 17,000 businesses failed – the second-highest number since 1933. Farmers lost their land and many sick, elderly, and poor people became homeless.

It was a difficult time for many families. And it was not a good time for me to start in life insurance sales! However, being new to life insurance sales, I was not aware that there was a problem selling cash-value life insurance in a recession.

And, in 1982, I led my district sales office… with only six months in life insurance sales! (Out of 50-plus agents!) Then every year, from 1983 to 1988, I was either the first or second leading agent in my office – and the top 10 for the region. (Out of 400 plus agents!)

My Keys To A Successful Start In Life Insurance Sales!

How was I so successful when I was just starting in life insurance sales? When the economy was so bad? It was because just getting started in life insurance sales I was very focused on learning and then practicing successful insurance marketing and sales basics.

Also note that before joining Met Life, I had made more than $40,000 per year. Which was a lot of money back then – in 1982. So, to make that same money, I needed to listen to everything my managers told me. As they suggested, I started by reading everything that I could about insurance marketing, sales, income taxes, and personal finance. I also started attending life insurance sales classes through the NALU (now NAIFA), and Life Underwriting Training Council (LUTC)! Next, I spent thousands on and attended all of the courses Met Life offered: Personal Insurance Planning, Business Insurance Planning, Estate Conservation, Wealth Accumulation Planning, and Retirement Planning. I was a sponge and started attending every course I could find on successful life insurance sales to soak up as much information as I could.

I even sought out the most successful life insurance sales agents. And asked what made them so successful when they started in life insurance sales. And, I asked successful salespeople outside of the life insurance industry about their start and success in sales. I listened to everyone about their problems, concerns, successes, and their failures.

What I quickly learned is that if you want to be successful in life insurance sales… then the focus cannot be on selling your products. To be successful in life insurance sales, you must find the best ways to help families improve their situation. It’s about you becoming a respected and trusted advisor… instead of just a salesperson. I learned how to help families to find the money to live debt-free and truly wealthy!

Do You Want To Be Successful In Life Insurance Sales?

Help Families To Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy... Help People To Increase Their Savings!Whether you are just starting in life insurance sales… Or you have been selling life insurance for 40 years. If you want to make more money, then consider… are there many families out there that struggle right now? Do they need and want real help with their finances? Yes!

Whether you are just starting in life insurance sales, or you are struggling to make the money you want. If you want to be successful and stay successful in life insurance sales, then decide to start learning how to really help families. Do Not listen to “naysayers!” Stop looking for shortcuts! Become the trusted advisor people want to see.

Start today, to learn everything you can about life insurance marketing, sales, taxes, and personal finance. Become a true student of your life insurance sales career.

As a new agent starting in life insurance sales in 1982, I was successful in one of the worst times in US history! And you can do it too!

“You can get everything in life you want… if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

We Have Made It Much Easier And Less Expensive For You To Learn How To Help Families! 

Starting and being successful in life insurance sales is much easier when you get the training, coaching, and sales support you need to help families!

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Revealed… The Only 90-day Life Insurance Agent Training, Coaching, And Sales Support Program To Start Learning How To Help People! So You Will Be Successful And Sell Life Insurance And Annuities Like The Sales Legends!

Trusted Advisor Success ProgramOur Trusted Advisor Success Program is about you helping middle-income families find the money to Live Debt-Free And Truly Wealthy! So you will help families to get all the life insurance they need to protect their families. While you help them save for a tax-free retirement, save for college, create a family bank, etc. (Using cash value life insurance!)

Using our life insurance marketing and sales program… You will get 90 days of personal insurance agent training and coaching… with back-office sales support! All from a team of coaches for over 40 years have been training agents and advisors… to be Trusted Advisors! Helping families find the money to secure their future. It is the best agent training to guarantee you will start earning $250k or more per year and be successful in life insurance sales like the Legends! 

First, you will get the best agent marketing training… to find and attract your best life insurance sales leads/prospects. Then you will get our proven scripts and the right questions to ask your insurance prospects… to set great life insurance sales appointments.

Next, you will get the best insurance agent fact-finding training. You will learn to ask prospects the right questions. We will show you how to help families see and want to solve their money problems. We will also show you how to help families (people) find the money… So they can buy the life insurance they need right now!

Then you will learn how to help families (people) find the money to take immediate action!

Finally, you will learn the best sales presentations… To successfully close 9 out of 10 IUL, whole life insurance, and annuity sales. So you will earn $100K, $200K, or more per year selling life insurance like the Top Agents.

Discover The Best Life Insurance Marketing Strategies To Get Started In Life Insurance Sales! And Be Successful In life Insurance Sales! 

Inside our agent training program, you will find the best marketing plans and strategies to start and be successful in insurance sales! You will learn the best ways to use… Joint Ventures; Educational Workshops and Seminars; Booklets and Free Reports; Referred Leads; Social Media; Client Newsletters; Annual Reviews;  and more… With all the sales tools, appointment scripts, and more. Now you can find and attract your best life insurance prospects, set your best sales appointments, close more sales, and be successful! Because your ‘specialized marketing message’ to everyone is… How you help families (people) find the money to Live Debt-Free and Truly Wealthy!

INCLUDES… The best life insurance marketing, agent sales training, coaching, and support! It is everything you need to start Helping People find the money to use all the HOT Life Insurance Sales Concepts… Infinite Banking. Missed Fortune, Circle Of Wealth, Tax-Free Retirement, and more… To sell IUL, whole life, and annuities! Because they are all a part of our Trusted Advisor Success Program. Now you can help every family (people) find the money to secure their future – not just the wealthy!

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When will you decide to invest in the best system and training to start helping families and be successful in life insurance sales?

Spencer Childs - NV  (31 years in the business)“Dear Lew, Jeremy, and Alex, I have been in the financial industry since 1988. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on training, motivation, and coaching. The total over the last three decades may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have been a client of IPS for over 3 years. I have never seen the breadth and depth of material that IPS has. They have the right recipe for success. All you have to do is follow it.

If you are going to invest in your career, I know of no better investment in yourself, than establishing a relationship with IPS. Do yourself a favor, and develop the courage to change and grow. IPS has incredible information available, but more importantly, they care. They will emotionally invest in you and your career. Most importantly they are good people! All The Best, R. Spencer Childs” Spencer Childs – NV  (31 years in the business)

Phil Calandra, RFC“Do you always get what you pay for? Sometimes NOT. Lew, I have to tell you I have purchased thousands of dollars of training, development materials, and seminars, and yours is by far the greatest value I have seen. All your programs have a firm foundation of sales and marketing basics. In addition, you deliver so much detailed, turn-key, real-world ideas, things that I can start using today. The Found Money Management™ Concept program is incredible. I put down the big money to attend the other training out west, it was good, but your material is “over the top”. Thank you! Sometimes you get more than what you pay for, thanks for giving us that.” (Phil has been in this business for less than a year and is already generating over $40,000 per month in commissions) Phil Calandra, RFC – GA  (2 years in the business)

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Insurance Marketing and Sales Webinars!Join… Marketing and Sales Coaches Jeremy Nason, RFC & Alex Villa, RFC explains in detail the 3 steps you need to master to be successful in life insurance sales.

By default, most businesses, focus solely on increasing the number of customers. Finding more people to give you money is the most logical place to start when you need to bring in more life insurance sales business. While there are hundreds of tactics and strategies you can try, they’re only going to help grow your life insurance sales business if they can successfully do these 3 things!

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Asking Your Insurance Clients Enough Questions, To Set The Best Sales Appointments, To Close More Sales

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One of the recurring topics we write about each week… and talk about every day is asking your insurance clients the right sales questions. And then ask your insurance clients enough sales questions! That is because asking your clients questions is one of, if not the biggest key to your success in insurance sales. Accordingly, agents have been asking us for a complete list of probing sales questions to use with their insurance clients! As a result, we have compiled a list of all of our favorite insurance sales questions. And we put them all into our limited edition e-book… Are You Asking Enough Insurance Sales Questions?  In this 24-page guide, you will find our goldmine of sales questions that you should start asking your life insurance clients to set appointments and close sales.  More Details! Immediate Download…  Order Now!

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Important Question… Are you in this insurance business just to make sales? Or are you really interested in helping families? Who do you think insurance prospects want to see? Do they want to meet with an insurance salesperson – or a Trusted Advisor who is doing their best to help them? When will you decide to make a real difference in people’s lives? The more personal insurance agent training, coaching, and sales support you get to learn how to help families… Then the more you will learn how to help yourself and your family! Nothing will change until you decide to take action to make it change! 

It Is Up To You To Learn How To Help Families… So Right From The Start, You Will Be Successful In Life Insurance Sales!

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How I Learned To Set Great Life Insurance Sales Appointments

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