Success Tips... Don't Stop Your Insurance Marketing and Lead Generation Efforts... Just Tweak Them!

Learn The Best Insurance Marketing And Lead Generation Strategies!

Don’t throw in the towel! Now is the time to ramp up your insurance marketing efforts. So, do NOT stop your insurance lead generation efforts, just tweak them!

Right now, so many agents and advisors are GIVING UP, SURRENDERING, and THROWING IN THE TOWEL...

You get my point. Now is not the time for you to give up! Push forward. It’s time for you to rise to the challenge and adapt your insurance marketing, lead generation, and sales strategies to the changes happening in our industry.

The fact is Covid-19 is going to be here for a bit. I have heard dates from April to December… No one knows for sure when or if it’s going to end!

Our prospects, clients, friends, and families need us more than ever! (Our People)

Because our people are losing jobs, being furloughed, and suffering reduced wages, it’s only going to get worse. And we haven’t hit rock bottom yet.

So what can you do?

  1. You can help your people to tighten their financial belts… Create better priorities, budgets, etc! We have a lot of money management strategies that you can use to help families stay afloat. Our Found Money Management principles are designed to help families thrive through the rough times! We need to get this message out to everyone!
  2. You can also help your people protect and keep what they have… Put coverages (Life, DI, Annuities) in place to safeguard their families, businesses, investments, etc…

Now that we covered why… let’s talk about how…

Just Tweak Your Insurance Marketing and Lead Generation Efforts!

Let’s cover the obvious first…

Buying leads doesn’t work, and they’re very costly. You can’t door knock! Cold calling is okay, but everyone is home and still won’t answer the phone! You can still buy preset appointments or appointment services, again super costly – one company charging 3K for 5 appointments. Ouch!

We can’t see people face to face… Workshop, seminar, lunch, and learns – are all out. Or are they????

The fact is with small tweaks to your insurance marketing and lead generation efforts you can still do your event. Those that attended my class on how to Leverage Technology To Sell Life Insurance, know what I am going to say next…

It’s time to tweak your insurance marketing and lead generation…

  1. Stop Direct Mail, Cold Calls, Door knocking – all these costly, time-wasting practices.  Instead, implement Strategic digital marketing strategies. Like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Email Drip Campaigns, Social & Video Marketing
  2. Replace them with Digital Insurance Marketing… Facebook, Linkedin… Drip campaigns, website marketing… Learn Attraction Marketing Techniques
  3. It’s time to learn how to effectively use technology to see your people, prospects, and clients. Leverage Video Conferencing.
  4. It’s time to learn how to sell… Not hard pushing sales, but how to use Consultative Selling Strategies.

We can help you! While things are slowing down for most agents and advisors, you don’t have to be one of them. You can Learn, Adapt, and Conquer the changes happening in our industry… Schedule your 15-minute Strategy Session Today. Call or Email Jeremy @ 770-445-0479 or to get your spot on Jeremy’s Calendar.

What Top Producers Had To Say About Their Success With Our Life Insurance Marketing, Lead Generation, And Sales Systems!

Audrey Sendrowski - About Success With Our Life Insurance Marketing, Lead Generation, And Sales Systems!“I just got off the phone with my CPA – I increased my bottom line 2 and half times over last year! So, he wanted to know what I was doing differently. He’s impressed, and wants to do a joint venture with me. You guys are right on the money. Your system absolutely works! My clients are happier and better off and so am I. I’ve said the same before, but this is real proof… the bottom line doesn’t lie!”
Audrey Sendrowski – MA (10 years in business)

Randy Delph - About Success With Our Life Insurance Marketing, Lead Generation, And Sales Systems!Thanks for everything, I’ve written over $270,000 of life premiums in the past two months since attending the boot camp in December. ($190,000 in commissions) Freedom Equity Group has asked me to do a teleconference to explain how I’ve accomplished this dramatic increase in my business. I’ll be recommending your Found Money Management™ system and your boot camp to everyone on the call.”
Randy Delph, RFC, LUTCF, FMM – IN (35 years in Sales)

John Stewart - About Success With Our Life Insurance Marketing, Lead Generation, And Sales Systems!“In the past three months, I’ve sold more life insurance premiums, than I did in the previous 8 years. I’ve placed 12 policies with annual premiums ranging from $800 – $30,000. Their systems and training work. Lew Nason has the marvelous ability to make the complicated, simple. Lew gives small practical tips that can only help to make your agency grow. What a mentor!”
John Stewart
, FMM – GA, Allstate Agency Owner (16 years in Sales)

We Have Made It Much Easier And Also Less Expensive For You to Find insurance Leads and Set Sales Appointments…

Trusted Advisor Success Program™

Trusted Advisor Success Program - The Best Insurance Marketing and Lead Generation!Our Trusted Advisor Success Program is about you helping middle-income families to find the money to Live Debt Free And Truly Wealthy! So you will help families to get all the life insurance they need to protect their families. While they save for a tax-free income, save for college, create a family bank, etc. (Using cash value life insurance!)

Check out our Trusted Advisor Success Program! Because you will get 90 days of personal insurance training, coaching, and mentoring… with back-office sales support! All from a team that has helped agents and advisors to succeed for over 40 years! First, we will show you how to find and attract your best life insurance leads/prospects. So you set great sales appointments. Then we will show you how to do a complete client fact-find to help families to identify and want to solve their financial problems. We will also show you how you can help families find the money! So that they can take action right now! Next, we will show you the best ways for you to present your ideas. So you will take your life insurance and annuity sales career to extraordinary heights like the legends!

Discover The Best Life Insurance Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies!

Inside our Trusted Advisor Success Program, you will find all the best life insurance marketing and lead generation strategies laid out for you… in a step-by-step process! Using booklets, free reports, joint ventures, educational workshops, seminars, and more – with all the tools, scripts, invitations, PowerPoints, and more. So you can find and set your best life insurance sales appointments with qualified prospects! Because your ‘special message’ to everyone will be all about how you help middle-income families to find the money to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future! So they can Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy!

You will also learn how to use all the HOT Sales Concepts… Wealth In Motion, Infinite Banking. Missed Fortune, Circle Of Wealth, Wealth Beyond Wall Street, Tax-Free Retirement, etc… All combined into Our Superior Found Money Management Strategy designed to help average people, not just the wealthy!

When will you get the insurance marketing and sales systems, tools, training, coaching, and support you need to make your insurance lead generation easier? So you will guarantee your insurance marketing, lead generation, and sales success?

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Living Debt Free And Truly Wealthy

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. So It Is Up To You To Learn The Best Life Insurance Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies! To Make It Change!

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