Learn The Success Formula of the Top Advisors To Earn $250K Selling Insurance!

Coaches Corner - Learn The Success Formula of the Top Advisors To Earn $250K Selling Insurance!

6/3/2022 – The formula for success in everything you do is to “Never Give UP!’ Besides Never Give UP what is the success formula of the top advisors? What are top advisors doing differently than most of the other agents and advisors? Here is what our friend and coach Sandy Schussel had to say! Please take a few minutes to read about the success formula for top advisors. That’s if you are ready and want to earn $250K or more this year selling insurance and annuities!

You cannot fail unless you quit. Abraham Lincoln


23 years ago,  I stopped practicing law after a prolonged illness and started working in financial services at First Investors. I was excited to be learning the differences between how I had marketed my six-figure law practice. And how Financial Representatives were marketing themselves.

My first discovery was that the reps in this company weren’t doing seminars. There was only one rep in the entire salesforce doing them—and there was just one approved seminar. Over the next two years, our team developed 8 new seminars. We had them approved and made them available to all reps. This was a game-changer for them.

Another thing I discovered was that very few of the reps had a target market. This was true even for the veteran reps. A typical week for them might be sitting in the school cafeteria to talk with teachers about their 403(b) program. Or attending a BNI breakfast, dropping in on local businesses, or manning a table at a Home Show. Others were calling their ‘warm market’, using a referral sheet to ask for referrals, and making cold phone calls.

It was painful to watch reps who couldn’t hack all that struggle and leave.

But I noticed that the reps at the very top, the Chairman’s Council, were not marketing themselves in this way. They were targeting niches and building relationships, just as I did as an attorney.

Some were 403(b) specialists. One of these had narrowed his niche to focus on university professors. Some focused on “Middle America,” choosing how they dressed and what car they drove to appeal to their client base. One was focused entirely on the coaching staff of the Miami Dolphins.

It became clear to me that top advisors generally specialized, and cultivated relationships with clients! While the rest kept doing what they had been taught.

Top Advisor Success Formula

Over the next 17 years, as reps became advisors, I transitioned from sales training to coaching and consulting. I spent thousands of hours studying two things:

  • What makes top advisors different and a success?
  • What marketing gets top advisors the best sales results?

A phenomenon I discovered was that once advisors got past the early growth years – somewhere above the $100,000 gross revenue mark, they would often plateau, ending up with very little growth year-to-year.

If they’re not satisfied with that, they start buying programs from industry “gurus”, wasting thousands of dollars on shiny new sales systems and strategies that don’t work for them.

What they often fail to understand is that they may not need new sales systems or strategies. They need to tune up what they’ve been doing: get targeted, build better relationships, and maximize sales strategies that are already working for them.

My work over the past decade has been to help advisors think, act, and market like top advisors. Including how to manage a growing business and put sales systems in place to make their lives much easier.

If you’ve passed the $100,000 mark and are having difficulty growing your income to the mid-six figures and beyond, let’s chat about whether one of these openings makes sense for you.

Whatever you do, KEEP REACHING…

Sandy Schussel

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First, deliver a special unique marketing message to target a specific group of people about how you are helping those people to solve specific problems.

Then do your best to get to know your clients on a personal level. Your connection with them does not end after the sale. You stay in touch with your clients and meet with them regularly!

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