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Your Habits Determine Your Insurance Sales Success!

03/26/2020… Dear Friends: Here is an article from our friend Paul Mallet about success habits selling insurance. No matter how much you want something, the things you do consistently will end up determining your insurance sales success. It is a subtle but powerful impact. The best habits can bring us a life of goal-crushing insurance sales success. But the bad habits can keep us stagnant and unfulfilled… and will kill your success selling insurance!

So, it is up to you to take control of your destiny by building the best habits to guarantee your insurance sales success … no matter what is happening out there.

Five Habits That Can Be Killing Your Insurance Sales Success!

Your Habits Will Determine Your Insurance Sales SuccessMake an honest assessment of your routine. Do any of these bad habits sound familiar to you? If so, pinpoint the root causes behind that habit and then go on the attack.

Your habits, good or bad, have incredible power over the success in your life. Worst case, they can drive you to a life of disappointment and failure. Best case, you can harness them and use them as a tool to achieve your insurance sales success. Here are a few bad habits that could be standing between you and the successful insurance sales career of your dreams:

1. Wasting precious time – Time is the one commodity we can’t make more of. It’s precious. Are you treating it that way? What time is your first client meeting today? How much of your precious time each day is spent in front of a client or prospect? Chances are, it’s not enough. So, track your activities for a week. Then take an honest look at the actual percentage of your time that you spent on the things that drive your insurance sales. Set a goal to increase that by a minimum of 25 percent. Plan your day to meet that goal, and then check again after 30 days. There is a direct correlation between what you spend your time on, and how successful you are with your insurance sales!

2. Allowing negative thoughts to rule – Negative thoughts surround us every day. News accounts of terrorism, the weak economy, wars, and yes, political ads come at us from every direction. We all have a downer friend or two that sees the negative in everything. They tell us things like, “The deck is stacked against the little guy.” “You can’t win in this economy.” Enough already! Don’t buy it, and more importantly, don’t perpetuate this junk. Because no one controls your destiny… But you! So, find creative ways to eliminate negative influences from your environment. Develop your ability to recognize negative energy immediately and then replace it with positive affirmations. The world is not a horrible place and you can succeed. Decide today to drive negativity out of the space around you. Your life and your insurance sales success will immediately improve.

3. Giving up too soon – Persistence is a critical factor in your insurance sales success. You never really lose until you give up trying. Recent studies have shown most producers give up on a sales lead after one try. One try… are you kidding? Then they complain the leads are no good. If you’re going to invest in a lead, then at least put some effort into converting it into a sales appointment. The same studies show the chances for a sale go up dramatically with each contact. So, be persistent. Don’t quit. You could be three feet from gold and not even know it. If you want to increase your insurance sales, then pick a number (greater than one), and commit to contacting a prospect at least that many times before giving up.

4. Not taking care of your health – No list of keys to success is complete without a reference to your health because it’s critical. Get seven or eight hours of sleep per night. Drink more water. Maintain a healthy weight. Renowned brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen tells us the fatter we get, then the smaller our brains are. Yikes! That should scare all of us out of obesity. As an insurance sales professional, your brain is the tool of your trade. So, treat it and the rest of your body like it is your most valuable business asset… Because it is.

5. Getting complacent – This is the worst of the list. Business expert Jim Collins famously said, “Good is the enemy of great.” It’s true. Many people achieve a certain level of success in insurance sales and then they stop trying. They get too comfortable. They reach a self-created ceiling of success and then they stop doing the things that got them there. Don’t do that to yourself. You deserve better. Your insurance sales success in selling insurance is limited only by you. You may be living a good life, but you could be living a great life.

What To Do If You Want More Insurance Sales Success!

Make an honest assessment of your routine. Do any of those bad habits sound familiar to you? If so, pinpoint the root causes behind that habit. And then go on the attack. The best way for you to drop a bad habit is to replace it with a good one.

Are you wasting time? Then set aside 15 minutes a day to plan and prioritize your day. Because over 50% of your time, each week should be spent working with your prospects and clients selling insurance!

Make it a goal to contact your leads/prospects a minimum of 4 times. Send them a letter letting them how you are helping people! Then follow up with your monthly newsletter. Now when you call them it will be much easier to set a sales appointment. Because now you are not a stranger!

Stay away from negative people at work and outside of work. Listen to motivational speakers on YouTube, from people like Zig Ziglar, Eart Nightingale, and Brian Tracy! And also read their books!

Don’t give up on trying to set a sales appointment. If your prospect will not set an appointment with you when you call them. Then you should invite them to your free educational workshop! And keep on inviting them until they come!

Have you gotten a little too complacent? Then make it a habit to get ongoing training and coaching that will improve your insurance sales skills. Get better at asking questions so that you can set better sales appointments and close more sales. It is how you will guarantee your insurance sales success!

Another tip to guaranteeing your insurance sales success! You will also want to learn how to ask for and receive referrals from everyone you know… Dynamite Referred Lead System™!

Whatever it is, you must just do something. Because you are capable of so much more than you think selling insurance.

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Nothing Will Change Until You Make it Change. It Is Up To You To Practice The Habits That Will Guarantee Your Insurance Sales Success!

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