The Top 7 Strategies To Market Life Insurance!

The Top 7 Strategies To Market Life Insurance! Help Families To Live Debt Free And Truly WealthyDo you want to know the 7 best strategies to market life insurance? Do you want to get off to a quick start selling life insurance? Would you like to guarantee that you will earn $100k, $250k, or much more within a year selling life insurance? While you work 40 hours or less per week!

Then let’s get started!

How To Market Life Insurance So You Get Off To A Fast Start?

1 – Family and friends – Yes, your family and friends are still the best marketing strategies for you to get started selling life insurance. However, most agents are taught the wrong way to do it! Because they are just taught to push their products. Which will turn people off! If you want to work with your family and friends, then first send them a letter about what you do to HELP PEOPLE! Then follow up a week later with a phone call. Ask questions to get them to talk about a problem they have. So, they will want to set an appointment with you!  

2 – Booklets and Free ReportsMost agents make the mistake of trying to sell life insurance in all of their contacts with their prospects. As a result, they will contact a lot of people which will lead to little or no business. They end up dealing with a lot of people who are just curious but are not serious.

As we are now in the “information age“, one of the best marketing strategies to sell life insurance, is to give away a free report or booklet to make your best prospects come to you. It is the “try-before-you-buy” sales approach. When done right, the people who come forward, have been screened and are qualified prospects for your products and services. You should offer your free report or booklet in everything that you do… on your website, Facebook, sales letters, etc. (Even on your business card)

3 – Joint Ventures – The Joint venture marketing strategy is the ultimate ‘insider secret’ for you to get thousands of new life insurance prospects, in your area! And, you can do it fast, with the utmost credibility!

Do you want the best marketing strategies for you to be in front of more life insurance prospects? Do you want the best marketing strategy to attract high-quality life insurance prospects to you? Then, consider sharing your clients and prospects with other successful business people, in return for them sharing their clients and prospects with you.  When you do it right, with the right businesses, it can make your search for new and better prospects much easier! If you are thinking; “I’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work!” The reason it did not work is that most agents go about it the wrong way!

The Joint venture marketing strategy is one of the best ways for you to guarantee that you will earn $100k, $250k, or much more within a year selling life insurance!

“To Succeed Today, You Must Become The Respected, Trusted Advisor People Want To See, Instead Of The Dreaded Insurance Agent People Want To Avoid!” Lew Nason

The Next Strategy To Market Life Insurance Is To Follow-up With Your Prospects And Clients!

4 – Educational Workshops – One of the most overlooked and best strategies for you to market life insurance is to invite everyone who did not set an appointment with you…. to a free educational workshop. Note: The workshop must be about the problems they face today… NOT about your products!

The beauty of an educational workshop for your prospects is that there is safety in numbers. People feel much safer when they go to a workshop… than they do when they meet face-to-face with an insurance agent.  It is a non-threatening way for them to get to know you… see the type of work that you do… and the help you provide!

The beauty of the educational workshop for you is that you can offer them in small groups. They cost very little to hold! Generally less than $200 per event! And, you can hold them almost anywhere – in your home, local library, association rooms, conference rooms, etc.

5 – Monthly Client Newsletters  – One of the most overlooked strategies for you to market life insurance is to stay in regular contact with your Clients, Family, Friends, and Prospects!  “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” Is A Deadly Mistake, especially for anyone in Sales!!!

Selling life insurance is tough enough without you giving away your easy sales! Consider, that every day your friends, family, and even some of your clients will buy the same products and services you sell. But, they are not buying them from you! Why are those people going to your competition? Is it because they do not know you are in the business, or if you are still in the business? Is it because they never hear from you? You must stay in front of them with your monthly client newsletter! That’s If you want to guarantee that you will earn $100k, $250k, or much more this year selling life insurance!

People Buy When They Are Ready To Buy, Not When You Are Ready To Sell. So, If You Want To Make A Sale When They Are Ready, You Must Be Constantly In Front Of Them.” Lew Nason

The Life Insurance Marketing Strategies… For Long-Term Success!

6 – Annual Reviews  – Ask “million-dollar” producers where they get most of their new sales from each year! They will tell you it is from annual reviews with their clients.

For example: Do you know that, according to LIMRA, the average person will buy life insurance seven times in their life? And, that is not counting the other sales that you will get… such as Long Term Care, Disability, Annuities, and Investments. Most agents are so focused and busy bringing in new clients that they neglect their existing clients. And, then they wonder why they do not get calls from their clients… or referrals!

7 – Referred Lead Programs – If you ask those same “million-dollar” producers where they get most of their new prospects from, then they will tell you it is from referrals! However, most of the agents that we talk to are frustrated with trying to get referrals, so they do not ask for them. Why?

The main reason most agents have a problem with referrals is that they have not made themselves referable! And that is because they are pushing their products. When they should be helping people to get what they need and want. Most people will not refer their family, friends, or associates to just another salesperson.

How To Market Life Insurance... To Guarantee You Earn $100K Selling Life Insurance!

Summary Of Life Insurance Marketing Strategies To Guarantee You Earn A $100k, $250K, Or More Selling Life Insurance!

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