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Successful Sales Career Selling Life Insurance – Backend Sales!

03/16/2021 – Unfortunately, if you are like 95% of the agent and advisors out there, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You are missing one of the easiest and most profitable ways for you to have a very successful sales career selling life insurance – Backend Sales! But, do not feel too bad, because 95% of all the agents and businesses out there miss this one too!

Consider, if someone has already done some business with you, then haven’t they already shown they have some trust in you? Aren’t they in effect saying that you have some credibility with them? Have you just overcome two of the primary obstacles to you closing a sale? Does that give you a huge advantage over your competition?

Why aren’t you using this huge advantage?

Who would you prefer to do business with, a stranger, or someone that you have already done business with?

Are your clients any different than you are?

The real future of your successful sales career selling life insurance lies in you working with your clients to generate ‘Backend Sales!’ 

What Can You Offer As A Backend Insurance Sale?

If you think about it, no matter what you are selling, there is always an associated product that you could offer to your clients.

If you sold them homeowners insurance… Then you could offer them… auto insurance… liability insurance… mortgage insurance… business insurance… and the list goes on and on!

If you sold them health insurance… Then you could offer them disability insurance… LTC insurance…  etc.!

If you sold them an investment or advice… Then you could help your clients with transferring wealth… Roth IRA conversions… tax reduction strategies… and more!

If you are selling Medicare supplements… Then you could offer your clients a final expense policy, brokered CDs, annuities, etc.!

Are a lot of your clients buying these products from your competition? Shouldn’t they be getting them from you?

Remember, you have already built your credibility and trust with them. So, if you do it right, then it should be a lot easier (and cost you a lot less) to get a sales appointment with them.

Do you want to have a very successful sales career selling life insurance? Then it is time for you to work on getting more backend insurance sales from your clients!

How To Get The Sales Appointment For Backend Insurance Sales…

Now, I am not saying for you to send all of your clients a letter or brochure offering them a laundry list of products and services to choose from. Just in hopes that they will call you. They won’t call you!

What I am saying is that you should choose one of the associated products (services) that you offer. And then call each of your clients to see if they have an interest.

To get the sales appointment you could say something like this…

Hi Mrs. Smith, this is Lew Nason from Retirement Resource Management. I am the one who helped you find your Medicare Supplement Policy last year. How are you today? (wait for a response and then you answer) Great!

The reason I’m calling is twofold. First, I’d like to ask how you feel about your Medicare supplement policy. (wait for a response and then answer)

Any problems? (wait for a response and then answer)

Any questions? (wait for a response and then answer)

Is there anything I can do to help you? (wait for a response and then answer)

The second reason I’m calling is I’m surveying all my clients who have money invested in CDs and I’d like to ask you a few questions if that’s Ok. (wait for a response and then answer)

Do you currently have money invested in CDs? (wait for a response and then answer)

How are they doing for you? (wait for a response and then answer)

How do you feel about that? (wait for a response and then answer)

Is that causing you a problem? (wait for a response and then answer)

What would you like to see happen? (wait for a response and then answer)

If I could show you how to get a better return, with the same safety and guarantees as to your CD… then would it be worth sitting down and talking about it?

Make Your Successful life Insurance Sales Career A Lot Easier – Get Referrals!

The more that you help people get what they need, then the more trust and confidence they will place in you. By making more Backend Insurance Sales with your clients, you will be building a stronger, long-term relationship. As that relationship builds, they will feel better and better about you. And then they will tell all their friends and family about you!

Backend Sales Will Build Your Insurance Renewal Commissions!

Property and Casualty agencies have found that their client retention increases dramatically with multiple sales in the household. The more business (backend insurance sales) you have in the home, then the fewer lapses or cancellations you will have each year. This means you will have fewer chargebacks and more annual renewal commissions. That is a lot more money in your pocket… instead of your competition’s pocket!

Remember, people are not really your clients until they buy from you two or more times.

Do you want to build your successful sales career selling life insurance for the long term? Then start right now to go after the real money in the Backend Insurance Sales!

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